Happy Valentines Day — A List!

No time for a real post today.  This will have to do.

1) Look at what my dear husband brought me for Valentine’s Day!  Actually, he brought me Girl Scout Cookies AND this highly cute pink iPod Nano.

Isn’t that the KEY-utest thing EV-ER??  I can’t wait to get my new Treadmill Playlist up and running.

2) I have a new gig!  I’m posting at Parenting Squad today.  Pleeeease come over and say hello and leave a comment.  I don’t want to bomb on my very first post!

3) My question is
featured at Wardrobe 911.  Teresa gives great advice for what to wear
for the mom on the go, particularly the mom shaped like a rectangle —
that’s me!

4) Meet Samaul.

My kids were totally into sponsoring a child from Uganda.  My son chose Samaul because he’s a 10-year-old boy who hopefully will be able to write to us.

As we perused the pictures, my little girl said, "Mom, can we choose all of them?"  There are almost 2,000
children in Uganda
waiting for a sponsor.  Break my heart.  We only picked one,
but when my husband gets home tonight I’m going to hit him up to pick
out one more.  My daughter wants to pick out a little girl her age. 

I showed my son Shannon and Sophie’s blogs and their posts about the children of Uganda.  He really gets it, I think — as much as a privileged little American boy possibly can, anyway.  I hope this is a great learning experience for him, as well as for the rest of us.

5) What did you think of American Idol last night?  Most of my favorites made it, so I’m pleased.  I was totally hyperventilating with Carly.  I’m so psyched for her.  Ramiele was one who has kind of flown under the radar in Hollywood, but I loved in her initial audition.  I was glad to see her in the top 24.  I was BLOWN AWAY when they told Josiah no.  Who was crying?  Admit it!  I know I was.  At the end, although I like Cardin, I was rooting for JoAnne.  I’m so glad she made it.  That chick rocks.

6) I get my wisdom teeth out today at 11am.  Joy.

7) Join me tomorrow as I Fight the Frump with Fussy!  AND I’ll have a new review up at Chic Critique.  You’ll want to be sure to check it out — I’ll be dishing on my favorite mascara.

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23 Responses

  1. 1. We too have been following all the Compassion Bloggers….I’m addicted.

    We are proud new sponsors of:
    Kyakusimire Shivan our new 9 year old from Uganda sweetie. So thrilled to be part of it.
    Can’t fix the world, but we can help ONE!

    2. Idol…so good.
    All my fav. peeps made it (except Josiah, but I was proud of him for holding it together, at least in the chair)

    My fav is CARLY! I love her!
    What a great season it will be, this is our first season to watch (gasp)

    Kelly in Michigan

  2. You are a busy woman!

    I hope you get to blog your thoughts on AI sometime today (she said sheepishly as a comment to your post about sponsoring a child). Josiah! Gone! I’m bummed. But the feedback made sense.

    Good luck with all your new endeavors!

  3. Wow, your husband is a keeper. I’m totally jealous. My husband ate my LAST 3 girl scout cookies when he got home last night. Gah!! And I don’t know what happened with the last 2 girls on American Idol last night. My DVR cut off the recording right before they announced whether the singer or the model was going home. Double Gah!!

  4. That there little pink Nano might be the cutest thing EVER! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    I hope your wisdom teeth event goes well. Here’s to enjoying plenty of shakes or smoothies!

  5. LOVE the iPod ! I have it on my list for my birthday next week. Have a great Vday and enjoy!

    Whose idea was it to do your wisdom teeth on Valentines Day?UGH.

  6. Hmmmm. Josiah. He was never my favorite. I just didn’t get him! My heart did go out to him last night though – I was afraid he would park his car in front of a train or something. I’m not being facetious, I was really worried about him!

    You’re probably in the dentist’s chair right now. Hope it goes well and is as painless as possible! My hubby still remembers when I got mine out – I had chipmunk cheeks for a week!

  7. Yay for Samuel! And yay for you. You will be blessed, I’m sure. 🙂

    I was sad Josiah went home last night. He seems to have more talent than some others that were put through last night, but maybe he needed to eat some humble pie. I think he’s still got a career ahead of him, Idol aside.

  8. Goodness, gracious, girl, you’ve got yourself some long fingers! You should be playing the piano, not me!

    Happy V Day, my dear friend.

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