I know, I know, it’s not TECHNICALLY fall yet.

But it sure does feel like it today.  And last year I hardly got to enjoy my festive fall design before it was time to decorate for Christmas.  SO.  Happy Fall, Y’all!

In just a few hours, I’ll be on my way to NYC with some of my favorite local bloggers to meet Jillian Michaels.  Perhaps this is the motivation I need to get back to doing The Shred.  Or more likely not.  But anyway.

What exactly is the point of this trip, you may be wondering.  Well, Ms. Michaels is launching a new workout video for Wii, which answers the burning question: What do I do after I complete the 30-Day Shred? Of course, that question assumes that one actually does complete the 30 days of the Shred.  Ahem.

So what does a fashionable girl wear to NYC to an event where she might actually have to *gasp* work out, and then go out to dinner afterwards?  This topic has been discussed at great length among those of us attending the event, but I think I’m finally ready to go.  Tell me, what would you wear?