I know, I know, it’s not TECHNICALLY fall yet.

But it sure does feel like it today.  And last year I hardly got to enjoy my festive fall design before it was time to decorate for Christmas.  SO.  Happy Fall, Y’all!

In just a few hours, I’ll be on my way to NYC with some of my favorite local bloggers to meet Jillian Michaels.  Perhaps this is the motivation I need to get back to doing The Shred.  Or more likely not.  But anyway.

What exactly is the point of this trip, you may be wondering.  Well, Ms. Michaels is launching a new workout video for Wii, which answers the burning question: What do I do after I complete the 30-Day Shred? Of course, that question assumes that one actually does complete the 30 days of the Shred.  Ahem.

So what does a fashionable girl wear to NYC to an event where she might actually have to *gasp* work out, and then go out to dinner afterwards?  This topic has been discussed at great length among those of us attending the event, but I think I’m finally ready to go.  Tell me, what would you wear?

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  1. Jo-Lynne, I hope you have a great time in NYC! What fun. What would I wear? Well, black for the work out, lol. And dinner? Jeans, cute shoes and a layered top with bright colors! 🙂 On another note…
    You are my winner! 🙂 You won the measuring cups in my giveaway ~ Congratulations!!! (please send me your mailing address so I can get them out to you!)
    Blessings ~ Kathy C.

  2. I love your fall header!! I haven’t been clicking out of my reader lately but I’m so glad I did – too cute!

    I’m on Day 15 of the Shred and going strong… I can’t believe I’m actually doing it!

    What would I wear?? I have no freaking clue. I’d be the girl who brings a change of clothes, let’s be honest.

  3. We had a big discussion at home last night with the boys re: tough love because of Jillian (we watched The Biggest Loser). You’ll have to tell me what you think of her when you get back!

  4. “Of course, that question assumes that one actually does complete the 30 days of the Shred. Ahem.”
    lol- amen, sister! But I made a promise to myself this morning that I AM going to get back on track and start doing the Shred again. If I do, then I’m treating myself to some new clothes!

  5. Have fun with Ms. Michaels,I have tried a few of here dvd’s and with all respect to the woman…she is a psycho and I agree with Sari I would be brining a body bag because after a workout with her I don’t think I would be making it anwhere much less dinner. =)

    Love the new page colors. YAY Fall is almost here!

  6. Well, THAT was the laugh I needed today – “what do I do when I complete The Shred?” Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Okay, I’ll stop. But seriously? I will cry tears of happiness if I ever get myself through that DVD of torture!!!

  7. Ok, how exciting for you.

    What I’d wear?

    Black slacks…high waist w/ cream coloured silken shirt with a burnt orange belt, colourful yet fall coloured jewels and maybe black or brown shoes.

    basic colours but accessorised with coppery/tur/brown accents.

    That’s just me.

    Have fun

  8. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I have been doing the Shred religiously since May (although I’ve had to alter my schedule since school started so I’m not able to do it as much as I like but I’m still doing it 3-4 times a week.) I have no idea what you should wear but if you get a chance, can you please ask Jillian if she plans on putting out any other Shred DVD’s?? I love the fact that it’s only 22 minutes from start to finish but I have everything she says memorized and would like a little variety. I have tried her other DVDs but I just love the Shred the best.

    So, I’ve been no help to you as far as wardrobe AND I’ve given you a question to ask her! 😉

    Love the new fall colors…they look great!

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