Insta Recap #FashionFriday

I’ve seen the Instagram Recap done by other bloggers, and I thought it was fun. You’ll have to tell me what you think. If you already follow me on Instagram, this may be redundant, but then again, sometimes it’s fun to have a collection of outfit ideas in one place.

insta recap

I try to post different shots on Instagram than I do on the blog. Some are taken with my iPhone, and others are uploaded from our camera, but I like to have something different to keep both channels relevant. Sometimes I do post images from a post that is live on the blog with the goal of directing people over for details, but often the Instagram posts are exactly that — instant. What I’m wearing that day. Oftentimes it’s a selfie sneak peek of an outfit I will post later that week. Or sometimes I don’t get a full photo shoot of the outfit because life gets busy, or because I feel like it’s too similar to something I’ve posted before. At any rate, let me know what you think of a weekly Instagram Recap post here on the blog!

I wore this casual outfit last week to meet girlfriends for lunch. I actually took a really bad fall that day, and I skinned my knee up pretty badly. We were all joking that it was providential that I was wearing torn jeans already — no harm, no foul, right?

You’ve seen this “vintage broken-in tee” from LOFT a lot this season. It’s definitely become one of my go-to wardrobe staples. And this pendant necklace seems to go with EVERYTHING right now. Isn’t it funny how some things are like that? It’s actually an old Stella & Dot piece that I ordered off of eBay before I ever signed on as a stylist for the brand. The leather cord makes it casual and just a bit edgy, and that seems to play well off my more classic wardrobe pieces.

t-shirt | skinnies c/o DL1961 | utility vest (similar) | flats | tote (similar) | bracelet via LeTote

* * *

I wore this outfit on Saturday to meet a friend for lunch. I actually will be doing an entire post on this look because we got some really fun pictures by a farm near our house. My husband was trying to get creative with HDR in this picture.


plaid shirt via Stitch Fix | navy tank | beige skinnies (similar color) | riding boots | rectangle pendantchevron necklace | link bracelet | sunnies

* * *

Here’s another selfie. I clearly have a thing for this necklace. I wore this outfit on Monday when I took my daughter outlet shopping. It was a gorgeous day, and the kids were off from school. This grey tee is SO comfortable and it has such a nice drape to it. Yes, it’s pricey, but I tell you, the quality is head and shoulders above that of my other tops, and the drape is perfection. It never bulges out in front with the front-tuck as my cheaper tops tend to do.

To that, I added skinny cropped jeans and black ankle boots. I wish I’d gotten a full-length shot of this outfit because I really like how it came together. Maybe another time. It’s super simple, but the accessories make it. I wore the LeTote silver cuff bracelet again and the leather cord pendant necklace.

grey and black and silver

grey tee | jeans (similar) | booties | handbag | cuff bracelet via LeTote | ring

* * *

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, but I’m posting it because I love the salmon and grey combo and I never got a photo shoot with this outfit. Again, this is just a simple t-shirt and jeans, but the color combination elevates it from an ordinary outfit to something Instagram-worthy. (I hope! Ha!)

I often get ideas for color combinations just because I happen to see two pieces near each other in my closet. That was the case with this outfit. The color combination struck me as pleasing, so I put them together. I was just carrying my wallet because I was probably running out to pick up my son at band practice or some other mundane errand that didn’t require a handbag.

salmon and grey

tee | grey jeans | flats 

* * *

This is a preview of a post I have in the works — how to style a blanket scarf. Stay tuned for that next week!!


scarf | leather jacket | jeans | booties c/o Marmi Shoes

Finally, I wore this to run errands with the kids one day this week. It’s similar to the outfit I posted on Day 20 of our 26 Days of Fall Fashion. Well, at least the striped top and layered utility jacket are from that outfit. Yes, it is The Necklace again. I sure wish I had a link to it, or something similar. If you know of something, let me know!


Outfit Details: striped tee | layered utility jacket | skinny cropped jeans (similar, not cropped, but ON SALE!) | flats

* * *

I’m going to post my Fashion Friday linkup early this week. I have a sponsored post scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m never sure how a brand will feel about the linkup. Definitely stop back by tomorrow, though. I’ve been sitting on this post for weeks, and I cannot WAIT to share this outfit with you!!! Plus. There’s a GIVEAWAY!

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