It’s My Life…

I’m always shocked when people tell me they hate to read their own writing, that they never go back and read a post once it’s published.

One of my favorite things to do is to scroll back through my blog, perusing old posts and soaking up the photos.  Often I find myself laughing out loud or reminiscing about an event or feelings I’d almost forgotten.

This blog is my life.  I like to call it my memoir.  Looking back through my posts is like flipping pages of a family photo album or reading old dairy entries.  I only wish I had started earlier.  It pains me that I only have an account of our lives dating back to 2006.

Jennifer James wrote a post entitled How Long Will Your Mom Blog Last? in which she described the sadness she feels when she goes to read a blog and discovers it just faded away.  She gives some tips for those who plan to be around for the long haul (well worth a read if that describes you) and then asks us to leave our URLs in the comments if we think we will still be blogging in 2013.  She wants to use her post as a time capsule so she can keep in touch.  What a fun idea.

Do you blog?  Do you plan to be blogging in 2013?  Leave a comment so I can do the same.

(Oh.  And by the way, I have EVERY intention of still being here in 2013. 🙂 )