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I’m always shocked when people tell me they hate to read their own writing, that they never go back and read a post once it’s published.

One of my favorite things to do is to scroll back through my blog, perusing old posts and soaking up the photos.  Often I find myself laughing out loud or reminiscing about an event or feelings I’d almost forgotten.

This blog is my life.  I like to call it my memoir.  Looking back through my posts is like flipping pages of a family photo album or reading old dairy entries.  I only wish I had started earlier.  It pains me that I only have an account of our lives dating back to 2006.

Jennifer James wrote a post entitled How Long Will Your Mom Blog Last? in which she described the sadness she feels when she goes to read a blog and discovers it just faded away.  She gives some tips for those who plan to be around for the long haul (well worth a read if that describes you) and then asks us to leave our URLs in the comments if we think we will still be blogging in 2013.  She wants to use her post as a time capsule so she can keep in touch.  What a fun idea.

Do you blog?  Do you plan to be blogging in 2013?  Leave a comment so I can do the same.

(Oh.  And by the way, I have EVERY intention of still being here in 2013. 🙂 )

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  1. What a great idea! I can promise you, my blog isn’t going anywhere! I treat it exactly the way you said, it’s my memoir. Thanks for sharing the link. On my way now!

  2. We live in a different country from our families, so I started blogging when I was pregnant to let them know what is going on with us. I was inspired by a friend who does the same thing for her family in Europe. It saves e-mailing photos and telling the same news to everyone. Though it started being for our parents, it is ready by extended family and our friends all over the world. My son is now one and a half and we are still going strong. It is his baby book. I like the idea of it as the family memoir.
    I will still be blogging in 2013, probably still in 2023.

  3. I started my blog on a whim in late spring 2009. Now it has become a resource for all of our family as we moved across state last fall. I still plan to be going strong at lovingmydomesticlife.blogspot.com far beyond 2013…. 🙂

  4. I started blogging a few months ago about life with my husband in school. I know he’ll still be in school in three years, so I think I’ll still be blogging, too!

  5. I started blogging in 2007 and I’m not going anywhere! I LOVE blogging, even during the dry spells, and I couldn’t give it up if I tried. I totally plan on being round in 2013, barring hell or high water!

  6. Agree on all accounts…especially since I added in that “You May Also Like” widget, I find myself clicking back through years old posts and laughing. Yes of course I expect to be still blogging in 2013!

  7. In 2013 my oldest daughter will have already graduated from High School, so the name of the blog and the original idea behind it won’t really make sense, but I hope I’m still blogging about her! Plus I have 2 other daughters, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of inspiration!

  8. I’m still going to be around! It’s my online journal of the kids and all their crazy antics! I didn’t start blogging until my son was almost 3 and I sure wish I would have earlier!

  9. Oh yes! I, too, have every intention of continuing my blog well beyond 2013. I’m a newbie to the blogging world. In fact I just began this year, and it has been extremely therapeutic. Since I’m a stay at home mom of a three year old and plan on home-schooling him, there’s not a lot of time for “me” anymore. Blogging gives me something of my own to pursue that doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t require that I leave the house, and does not take much of my time. I believe that there is a sort of unspoken “momaraderie” between moms who blog, which is almost necessary for new moms who don’t have family living close by or mommy-friends; it gives us glimpses into each other’s lives and allows us to relate to one another, whether we know each other or not.

  10. Oh gosh, me too. I love reading my old posts. Not because I think they are written all that well, but it is like a walk down memory lane. I write mostly about what is going on in our lives and to me blogging is just like telling the story of us. I plan to be around for a long time.

  11. What a great post! I love going back and reading my posts. Not necessarily because of my great writing but because it takes me back to experiences and encounters in my life.

    I definitely plan to still be blogging in ’13 and hope to have really improved it!

  12. I know what you mean about going back and reading what you had written. I started in 2006 when Zoe was two and I’m always amazed at how little the kids are in the pictures. Our blogs are great memoirs and I’m definitely planning on being around in 2013! Can’t wait to go check out the link. I’m also excited to hear you are planning on being around too cause you know that your blog is one of my faves!!

  13. I too plan to still be around in 2013. I started blogging just before my son was born, and we’re hoping to add to our family soon. My parents (and grandparents, etc) live in another state, so it’s a great way for them to keep up with what’s going on. I think they wouldn’t care if I ever posted a word & just posted pics of my son. LOL I don’t post nearly as often as I “should”. I find myself thinking no one really reads it, so what’s the point. Ya know?

  14. Absolutely I plan to be around in 2013. I came to the blog party kind of late–when my kids were already in high school and one in elementary–so my blog is a bit different from most “Mom” blogs. Yes, I write about them, but I also write about my view of life because of them, and that will never change. Besides, I’m addicted. 🙂

  15. Let’s see, in 2013 my kids will be 8 and 4….and just typing that made my blood pressure go up! So yes, I am going to have a lot to write about! Blogging is completely therapeutic, and as others have said it truly is a memoir. I do like to think of it as a love letter to my kids. My oldest has 4 scrapbooks on the shelf-my youngest only has the first 3 days of his life scrapbooked. There is just no time!

  16. I was just thinking today about why I blog… I lost a dear friend to cancer in April and another is fighting for her life right now — I often wish they blogged so that I could feel that deeper ‘I know almost everything you’re feeling’ connection with them. I blog because I want to be known — primarily by my friends and family, but if others come to know us through the blog, that’s awesome too! Being that I don’t have a birth family (due to a cruelly abusive childhood), I don’t have well-known family members who could tell my children who their mother was….in case something should happen to me while my boys are still young. I think a lot. I love pictures. I love journaling. I love sharing it all on my blog. My husband prints it for me in book form for Christmas each year, so my family literally has a record of each year in their hands! I love it. I will be blogging in 2013.

  17. I wrote my very first blog post on Blogger back in 2004, at the beginning of the blogging scene. I’m happy to say that now, six years later, I’m still blogging! I made the switch to Livejournal in 2006 when Blogger was getting a bit mundane, but am now running double sites on both LJ and Blogger since the latter had a major overhaul last month. But I am considering WordPress if I could ever make heads or tails of it.

    Six years strong and still going. I can’t imagine my life without my blog. Living in Alaska, the majority of my family and friends are 3,000 miles away and the blog is how they keep in touch with my life, see pictures, read updates about my little boy.

    Talking about journeys, when I first started blogging, I was a wide-eyed teenager with big dreams… then I met a guy… feel in love… got married… moved across country… got pregnant… had a baby… all of which has been shared straight from my heart, to my blog.

    I don’t know what I’d do without a blog… probably drive my husband crazy!


  18. Like you said, I wish I had started blogging sooner than two years ago. This little blog captures so much of our life. I was just re-reading through some old posts today and so much of the “little things” had been forgotten. I definitely plan to still be here in 2013!

  19. Mine is on the verge of fading, but I don’t want it to!! It is my memoir as well and I love going back and reading old posts. I hope in the fall when the kids are in school I can get back in the habit of posting at minimum every other day. Hope I’m still around in 2013!

  20. I’m a very new blogger (a little over a month) – I actually came across your blog as I was trying to figure out how to do a blog button (now done successfully) – so I found this an interesting post. As of now, I have no idea if I’ll still be doing this in a year. I hope so and I intend to, but I’m not ready to commit, if that makes sense. Like anything else I try, I’m trying this. So far, I’m getting something out of it for me, so if that continues, I’ll continue blogging.

    Nice post!

  21. I will be blogging in 2013 for sure! I started in Feb 2004, so I’m almost at the 7 year mark and I am overwhelmingly thankful for every back-post I’ve written and photo I’ve uploaded for the same reasons you are. I’ve kept up with the writing as best I can all this time, but really my fondest hope is that as my kids get a tiny bit older and don’t need me ALLLLL the time I’ll even be able to dig in a little deeper and reconnect with all of the wonderful women (like you) who have inspired and entertained and encouraged me along the way. That’s the “better half” of blogging, and the part that I feel like I’ve had to let go of during this part of motherhood.

  22. I plan on being around, this has been such a wonderful outlet for me and a memory maker too. Look at everyone I have gotten to meet!

  23. I am planning on being around in 2013 and hoping life doesn’t get in the way. My blog has been my scrapbook! I wanted so bad to be the mom that does all the cutting and pasting and writing (on actual paper), but I found I had ZERO patience for it. Blogging has been great because I’ve been able to connect with other Moms, share opinions, memories, pictures. I really don’t want to lose that ever!

  24. Despite my recent inability to post regularly, I do plan to continue blogging. I definitely go through phases where I don’t have much to say, and my blog reflects that, but if I can get something up once a week I feel like I’m still hanging in there. I would write a lot more, but my family (including in-laws that would inspire some posts) reads the blog and so I have to censor some of it, which I hate. But it is not worth the ensuing drama. So that stuff gets shared with IRL friends who don’t know my in-laws. 😉

    1. Yes, I have to censor a lot. It does kind of ruin the fun. I liked it better when my blog was anonymous. Oh well.

  25. I love to go back and look at old posts too. Especially the pictures and the cute things my kids said/did. I’ve been blogging since 2006, though I’m very sporadic at times. I’ve gone months without blogging because life just gets too busy. But I always come back to it. So I sure hope I’m still blogging in 2013!

  26. this is interesting in light of the end of sv moms as well. i hope to still be around in 2013, even if i am unable to follow most of her suggestions due to financial issues!

  27. I started blogging December of 2005 while a missionary in Romania. I started on Yahoo 360, then noticed that all my friends were on Xanga, so I started a blog there as well…and kinda blogged on both for a while.

    When I moved to Blogger early in 2008 I copied and backdated all my Yahoo 360 and Xanga posts onto Blogger. I also added in and backdated all my missionary prayer letters from my time on the mission field and copied over the few little posts from the blog my husband and I started and then abandoned when we were newly engaged. So down the road if I do get my own domain and/or move to wordpress I will have all my various rambling bits in one place (making it easier to move ’em all).

    I now have several blogs…my personal one and my living simply one–both of which I at least try to post on sporadically, a private one I share with a couple friends where we plan for renaissance faires and just gab, and a new one I am starting as a resource for moms of little in the Fort Worth area.

  28. My children are older and I wish blogging had been available when they were small. I just started blogging in Jan. It’s still private but I am enjoying writing about our lives at 50 something with kids still at home. I hope to be around in 2013 maybe blogging about grandchildren!

  29. I would say I plan to be around in 2013, but my blog is really nothing more than my own little online scrapbook. It technically started as a way to keep the grandparents updated on our life, but I ended up adding my little soapboxes and random thoughts occasionally. If I were to try to do it professionally, I don’t know that I would stick with it. So as long as I remember my original intent, I think I’ll keep up with it.

  30. I just commented at Jennifer’s blog, too. I agree with you that I wish I had started before 2006, that I love having a memoir of our family life. I celebrated four years in May. It’s fun to look at those old posts, but I do cringe at some of the photos. Luckily, my photography has improved. 🙂

    I definitely want to be here in 2013. Add me to the list!

    My Home Sweet Home

  31. I’m the same way! I love to re-read my old posts – revisiting old thoughts and feelings, reflecting on how I’ve changed and how I’ve stayed the same, looking at pictures of my girls through the years, etc.

    I can almost guarantee that I’ll still be here in 2013. And beyond.

  32. P.S. I keep thinking about how I’d like to print/publish a little blogging book keepsake w/ my favorite posts. Have you ever done anything like that?

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