I knew I was jinxing myself to get new running shoes.

I was cleared to run about 2 weeks ago. I set out at a very cautious run/walk intervals and only stayed out for about 20 minutes. I felt good, and I was encouraged. I ran two more times that week, running/walking/running/walking/praying . . . wash, rinse repeat.

My plantar fasciitis hasn’t returned since the effects of the cortisone shot wore off, but I do get some aches and pains and odd tingling sensations in my feet at times. I know something’s not quite right, and I’m not sure why. At PT, they are mostly focusing on my back (which is tight, supposedly) and strengthening my hips and core. Which can’t hurt, right? But they aren’t doing anything directly with my feet, and I am beginning to think they probably should be. But what do I know?

After I ran for a 3rd time and didn’t have obvious issues, I decided it was time to follow my trainer’s advice and get properly fitted for running shoes.

I’ve been blessed to receive several pairs of great running shoes through various blogger review campaigns, but even though I like some of them and even ran my half-marathon in my Asics, I’ve been told that it’s important to get fitted properly by a professional.

Wanting to make sure I’m doing everything in my power to keep that nasty plantar fasciitis from returning, I decided to bite the bullet. Sunday afternoon I went to the running store and told my sad tale of woe. They did all their little tests and confirmed that my feet are, indeed, an enigma.

For one thing, they always look at the tread of your running shoes, and mine are worn on the outsides, both right and left, but not in the middle, where you would normally step. They were perplexed.

Then when I did the squats on one knee so they could see how my knee tracks over my toes, I was informed that my feet are doing different things. They weren’t entirely sure what to recommend as far as new shoes were concerned.


I tried a few options — a neutral shoe with an insert and shoe with mid-level support (I think those are the right terms) and after I walked and ran (there is a treadmill in the store) in each, they told me that it was up to me to decide.

People. I’m tired of having all these decisions thrown at me. I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO. And I want them to be right. Ha!

I don’t ask for much, do I?

So I bought the inserts to put in the neutral shoes I already own that I like to wear to PT and strength training sessions. They give me more stability and help my knee track correctly over my toes on the offending foot.

For running, I bought the mid-support shoe . . . the Saucony Guide 7.

Saucony Guide 7

Of course, I second-guessed myself for days before actually running in them. Finally I decided that if they didn’t work for running, I can wear them around the house with yoga pants. And I set out yesterday afternoon in the BITTER COLD to give them a test drive. They felt good on my run. They definitely have more cushion than the more minimal shoes I’m used to running in. I know it will take a few runs before I can tell for sure, but I was feeling pretty good about my choice. And it just felt SO GOOD to be outside and RUN, even though 2 miles felt like 5.


Of course, this morning I woke up with some ominously familiar foot pains. And when I got to my PT office today, there was some substitute guy who was clueless about what to do with me because, well, I have plantar fasciitis and they had prescribed back exercises. He was as confused as I am. LOL!!!!

So we went through the motions and then I went to the mall for some retail therapy. Retail therapy is ALWAYS a good idea.

At this point, I really don’t know what to think. All I know is this. I am running again. Albeit slowly. Every run feels like it could be my last. I can’t imagine ever running five or six or ten or . . . 13 ????? miles again.

But that’s okay. Today? I can be happy with two. 

live every day

I know the sentiment is corny and the graphics are amateur. But you know what? It’s not a bad motto to live by.

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  1. Have you tried an podiatrist? I had a lot of hip pain when running. They created orthotics molded for my feet, and then I just buy neutral shoes to run in. They work miracles!

  2. Great to hear you’re back doing what you love. I’m mulling over whether to try a half marathon this year – it does seem kinda long! But if I don’t do it now, I never will. Thanks too for the running shoes advice, didn’t quite think that far but something I should think of doing!

  3. Jo-Lynne, have you tried working with an injury treatment massage therapist? My dad does deep tissue/injury treatment massage and in the last couple of years began working with runners. He has helped so many people with PF, sometimes in as little as two treatments. I’m certainly not making any promises but when the running store offered to clear space for him to work from their store he knew he was on to something. Good luck. Chronic pain sounds awful!

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