March Favorites

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Greetings, friends! It’s time for my March Favorites. This is a roundup of new finds and old favorites that I’m loving right now.

March Favorites

one // I’ve been loving this little makeup kit lately. It’s called 30 Seconds to Stunning, and you can read more about it in this post. I already use and love the mascara, and lately I’ve been using the Maracuja Juicy Lip Creme in Mauve and the Shadow Liner in Eye Catching almost every day.

jacket (old) // t-shirt (old) // similar belt (M) // jeans (28; more at Shopbop) // clogs (8) // handbag

two // I wore these clogs all day on Sunday, and they were so comfortable. They make a nice transition shoe for spring and fall, when you don’t want to wear boots but it’s too soon for open-toe shoes. They have really good support, and I appreciate that they give me some added height as well. I also like this lighter color at Evereve. These clogs run true to size.

The jacket I’m wearing here is from last year, as are the t-shirt, earrings, and necklace. My belt is also sold out, but these jeans are on sale, and I’ve got more on the bag below!

jacket (S) // t-shirt (S) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39) // sunnies // earrings

three // This lightweight utility shirt jacket is a great completer piece for casual outfits this spring. It’s soft and comfortable and doesn’t weigh you down or feel constricting, but it adds a light layer of warmth without being fussy. It’s true to size, or size down if in between. I have the small.

four (also at Saks) // Best news! These Mother Insiders are currently 25% off! These were my favorite bluejeans last spring and summer, and I find myself reaching for them again this season. They’re lightweight and stretchy and so comfortable, plus the distressed elements keep them casual. They run true to size, or size down if in between.

five // I’ve been burning this candle a lot recently. It has a nice, light scent for spring. Plus the branding is so elegant, it makes a nice addition to my new powder room.

top (S) // jeans (28) // booties (8.5) // similar necklace

six // This lightweight, super soft pullover is a great little transition piece for spring, and it’s currently 25% off! It runs true to size with a relaxed fit, or you could size down if you don’t want the extra length in the arms.

As an aside, the Wit & Wisdom jeans I’m wearing here are a good option for a straight crop style under $100.

top (not available) // jeans (28) // sandals (8) // similar handbag

seven // I’m loving these slim straight white jeans for spring/summer. They denim is nice and thick, and they have contoured high waist for a gap-free fit.

Sorry, but the top I’m wearing there is not available, but the shoes are. I love these with dresses or for dressing up jeans.

jacket (S) // t-shirt (S) // sunnies // earrings

eight // These earrings make such a nice bright statement for summer, and they’re lightweight and comfortable. I should have probably added these sunglasses to my March Favorites as well.

sweater c/o // jeans c/o // similar shoes // earrings c/o // necklace c/o // bracelet c/o // similar bag

nine // The Alicante Boho Cuff was one of my favorites for the past two seasons, so I was thrilled when they came out with a mini version! This one is a little more subtle, perfect for everyday.

I believe the BOGO sale is still going on, but after it ends, you can use code 40JoLynne to get 40% off your Victoria Emerson orders as long as they aren’t in conjunction with another sale. This is an on-going promotion they’re offering my readers, as part of our 6-month partnership.

nail polish // bracelet c/o

ten // This is the nail polish I’ve been wearing lately. It’s one of my go-tos for spring and summer. I also love this bracelet, by the way!

jacket (S) // t-shirt (S) // jeans (28) // shoes (8) // handbag // mini boho c/o // wrap bracelet c/o

eleven // This is pretty much the perfect everyday bag for year-round use. The pebbled leather is buttery soft, and it has a nubuck lining with a large slip pocket for your phone. I also love the leather covered metallic clasp. Zulily has it on sale, but you can see more images of it at Nordstrom, where it’s full price.

Also, the AG Mari jeans and Caslon jacket I’m wearing there are 25% off right now, but sizes are going fast.

sweater c/o (S) // earrings // necklace c/o // bracelet c/o

twelve // I’ve been wearing this sweater a lot lately. It’s such a nice weight for this time of year, when I’m tired of my wool and cashmere, but I still need some warmth. It also pairs well with shorts for summer.

thirteen // I cannot believe I’ve never used a tote organizer before now. It makes it so much easier to find what I need and keep everything sorted. It’s perfect for both travel and everyday use. I like this tote organizer so much, I got the Large for my Neverfull MM and the X-Large for my Goyard GM. You can use them in any tote, not just the ones listed. There are measurements on the website, to help you determine the right size.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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16 Responses

  1. what’s interesting is the jeans in picture 4 look shorter in the picture than any picture you posted. Are you pictures actually of the pant listed “4” or was that just an example? I feel like stuff I find in the “new trends” are much shorter on me and feel questionable on being the right length.

  2. I finally ordered the purse organizer. I got the medium because I like to cinch the sides on my Neverfull, and I want to use it in some of my smaller bags. If it’s far too small, I will order the large also. I wore the Wit and Wisdom jeans yesterday, and I love everything about them. I like them better than many of my premium jeans.

  3. Oh wow!!!! A tote organizer. I sure need one of those. Lots of sizes to choose from. I ordered the OPI Funny Bunny nail color the other day and should be here tomorrow. Wanted a white that wasn’t too opaque and chalky looking. Love your March list. Great finds. Could you find some beige…. Cool beige… Spring jackets? I don’t look good in the green color you wear and I have a Spring Sage color one you recommended last year. I wore it yesterday. Still love it. But, need beige one.

      1. Thanks……just if you happen to come across some. I know you don’t have time to look special for everyone. I just haven’t seen any either.

  4. I ordered the Caslon jacket in navy the other day and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Thanks for the VE 40% off code. Nits not like I need another one of her bracelets, but I do really like them and they are what I wear 90% of the time. I would love to find a pair of narrow width clogs with a 1/2 or 1” heel. Have a blessed day!

  5. Thank you for this March roundup – I’ve purchased a couple items from this already but actually wanted to ask your advice on your LV GM vs the Goyard GM (St. Louis, I believe?) I’ve wanted a large tote but here in So. Calif, the neverful is everful, everywhere – but I’ve not seen the Goyard as much, and don’t believe I’ve seen you show it in posts before? Do you find them comparable? Does the Goyard have as much structure? I’ve seen where it can look a bit more sloppy or flimsy? Since you have both I know you can give my your honest opinion. As always, Thank you for all your great posts!!,

    1. I just got the Goyard before my trip to Florida. I’ve been wanting a bigger tote for travel, as my Neverfull MM is always stuffed, and it’s actually starting to mess with the structure. I almost got the Neverfull GM and then I got it in my head to look at the Goyard GM, for the reasons you state. The Neverfull is everywhere, and there are so many fakes, I realized I wanted something a little more under the radar. The Goyard is definitely more flimsy, which is why I got the travel organizer, and I liked it so much, I got another for my Neverfull.

      I haven’t found myself carrying it much at home, although while in Florida, I used it a lot. I took it on photo shoots, and I used it as my pool bag, which evidently was its original purpose. Because I got the GM, it’s very large for an everyday bag, but I know I will love having it for travel. All that to say, if you are comparing medium sizes, I would definitely go with Goyard, as it’s more unique and I love the pattern.

  6. Do you know if the Tarte Shadow Liner is only available in this set? I cannot find it on the Tarte website. I had already stocked up on the mascara and Juicy Lips, so I’d love to just try/purchase the Shadow Liner alone.

      1. Thanks, Jo-Lynne! I chatted with the folks at Tarte and the rep said the product will be available soon on their website. I had never used Tarte cosmetics until you recommended them and now I am hooked, as is my daughter! I had searched for a couple of years for a mascara to replace one I had been using that was discontinued and the Lights Camera Lashes fit the bill–no raccoon eyes, yet easy to remove at night.
        (I apologize for my near-duplicate comments. My first didn’t appear to go through on my end.)

  7. I would love to try the Tarte Shadow Liner, but already have quite a stock of their mascara and Juicy Lips. Do you know if the Shadow Liner is only available in this set? I cannot locate it on the Tarte website.

  8. Love your style and I enjoy seeing new trends that you bring to us. I ordered the Good American white jeans in two sizes thinking one of them was sure to fit. Boy, was I wrong! Both pair will be going back. I couldn’t even get the size 10 over my leg, the sizing just seemed way off. I will have to keep shopping for the perfect white pants!

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