Modern Utility Jacket Outfit for Spring 2024

Last week we talked about the top 2024 Spring Fashion Trends, and I mentioned that I’m seeing current utility jackets (and denim jackets, too, for that matter) in more relaxed silhouettes this season.

Gap utility jacket (S) // Evereve tee (S) // KUT from the Kloth jeans (6) // Kork Ease clogs // Clare V. bag

Some are short and boxy, and some are longer with more of an oversized fit, but the traditional utility jackets with the cinched waist are looking tired to me and have for some time.

This Gap Relaxed Utility Jacket has the shorter, boxier style that I’m especially drawn to right now.

It’s a soft 100% cotton twill that’s not too rigid, and is comfortable to throw on over a tank, tee, or lightweight sweater. I also love this soft shade of green. It has cool undertones that work well with my coloring.

My go-to everyday spring uniform is a denim or twill jacket with a tee or tank, paired with blue jeans and clogs or mules, so I thought I’d try this outfit with my new wide leg cargo jeans.

I usually try to incorporate trendy pieces into my outfits sparingly, rather than wearing them all together, but this look feels authentic to me and not overly trend-driven.

I think it’s because the jacket has an updated yet classic look to it, and while the cargo pockets on the jeans are definitely a trendy detail, the overall silhouette is more understated than some of the more dramatic wide leg styles that are out right now.

spring 2024 fashion trend: wide leg utility jeans with clogs

KUT from the Kloth Jodi Wide Leg Utility Jeans (6) // Kork Ease Darby Clogs (8)

These are the KUT from the Kloth Jodi Wide Leg Utility Jeans, which were recommended by one of you, and I’m really enjoying them. Like I said above, they’re a wide leg style, which is on trend, but not so dramatic as some.

I also like the trouser style hem and the placement of the patch pockets. They don’t add visual bulk the way some of the cargo pockets do.

Clare V. Midi Sac

Finally, I carried this Clare V. leather crossbody with the contrasting stripes, which I think adds a really fun, casual element to this everyday spring outfit. It also coordinates nicely with my brown clogs.

How do you like this update to my 2016 utility jacket outfit formula?

Here’s a Pinnable image, if you feel inclined to share on Pinterest!

Now that we’re halfway through February, I’m excited to start styling more transition looks like this one. Any requests for wardrobe pieces, spring trends, or favorite retailers you’d like me to feature? Let me know in the comments!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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42 Responses

  1. I would love to see some Easter styles both for church and more casual gatherings. With Easter falling early this year, it will still be quite chilly in the north east. Other than adding a sweater as a top layer, I would love to have some other options.

  2. That jacket is really cute & it’s nice to see something different from the utility style. Would you consider trying the wider leg chino pants that out now? I’ve seen them online at several retailers and feel a bit stumped with length. Do we go with ankle length or are the pants supposed to pool on top of our shoes? The fabric seems a bit stiff for that but I definitely am unsure. Thanks!

  3. I also wear the Darby clog quite a bit in spring for jeans that need a heel. I’d love some options that would replace them. Thoughts? Each piece of this outfit looks great on you! It’s fun to see the older photo and how things change and, honestly, what you’ve learned about proportion and ankle exposure then in turn taught us. It’s fun!

  4. You mentioned in a recent post an alternative to root spray for covering up grey roots. I can’t seem to find the post. Have you tried this product, and do you recommend it?

    1. WOW makes a really great root cover up that is not a spray. It comes in a compact with a little brush. I’m really really gray around my face and it works great around the hairline. I prefer to use a spray on my part because I feel like it gets better coverage but around my face, the WOW compact works really great. Comes in several colors to choose from. You can get it from their website or from Ulta.

    2. I tried this tarte Dab & Go and I like it on my part, and it’s okay on my temples.

      I also use this Joan Rivers powder fill-in with brush, and I like that a lot around my face. I’ve been using that for years, but I need something now for my part. I see it now comes with a touch up stick, which I would love to try.

      I think I like the tarte product better than the spray, but now I’m interested to try the WOW product – I think it might be this?

  5. I personally like the longer version of the jacket and I just can’t get into those wide leg jeans , ha 😊 but I’m old 👵

  6. Enjoy preparing for you FL trip! I can’t wait to see photos from there! As for the green utility jackets, I actually love BOTH styles! The longer one is perfect for the slim ankle jean and v-neck top, and the shorter cropped one is perfect for the high-rise, wide legged longer jean. I am certain I have both styles in my closet!

    1. I think the reason that 2016 outfit looks dated is more the overall styling than that jacket. I am still seeing that style jacket around, but in a little more of a minimalistic style, especially satin ones. As with so many things, it’s all in the details. And the styling, 🙂 It’s good to have options!

  7. I have a similar jacket from around 2010 that I have set aside for awhile but I think I will wear it now. It’s in a tan. I like the jeans but the inseam is about an inch too long on my 5 foot one inch frame. I am always needing a long sleeve top that is not a plain tee but not too dressy either. And not a thermal—I have plenty of those too. Thank you!

  8. I would like to see casual Easter outfits since our church is very casual. Also I would like styling ideas for the blush moto from Evereve that you showed last week. Maybe that could be for Easter ? Thank you !

  9. Love the jacket and jeans on you. I like the side by side photos. I like the new modern look so much better. I’m old but have always been fashion forward. I wish the jacket came in a kakai color. I like the tabs on the sleeves too. Those are my favorite cargo jeans. I would like to see ideas on how to style cargo pants like the ones you styled a couple of weeks ago. I bought some olive green ones from Loft. I have to wear them with a flat or sneaker. Even on me they’re more on the short side. If I think of something else I will comment later.

      1. I can’t remember. I know the cargo pants were olive green. They fit you kind of long. I liked them a lot. When I saw similar ones in petite size at Loft I ordered them. I actually used your Loft link from the Saturday email two weeks ago. They had 50 percent off. I hope you got credit. I just need ideas on how to style.

  10. I’m looking for a trench coat, single breasted in light grey. I also like blazers and would like another one. I have black and white already. I know you don’t like them, so any jacket styled for transition helps. Also more long sleeve transition tops and long sleeve Easter dresses with shoes appropriate for cooler weather.

  11. I would love to see some Easter outfit inspiration possibly pants instead of dresses.Also, would like to see some crop wide leg outfit options with sneakers as well as sandals. Enjoy your Florida trip!

  12. I have a wedding to attend at the end of May, in Lancaster PA. So not technically summer wedding season, but I would like to start shopping so some ideas of whats trending for weddings this year

    1. I will definitely do a wedding guest dress roundup at some point, and I put it on my list of outfits to style… if not in Florida next week, then definitely sometime next month. I’m keeping that in my mind when shopping.

  13. I am a new follower and feel like I have learned so much from you already (even with a very different body type)! With regard to something like the utility jacket, I have several of the “traditional” style- should I donate? If/when that style comes back around will the ones I own look dated? It was so helpful to have some objective criteria to donate (ie all the waterfall sweaters, tunics, etc) but I’m not sure how to assess what to “put in the back of the closet” versus what to just let go of. Thanks so much, in just a few weeks I feel better about my daily outfits.

    1. Hi Beth, welcome! Happy to hear that. So, I feel like most things that look dated come back round in a slightly different way, so if I don’t love a piece and it’s not really high quality, I usually pass them on and purchase new when/if they come around again. But it depends on the item. It’s a subjective thing, really. And I realize that isn’t practical for everyone. My best advice is to go with your gut. I have a very low “stuff threshold” – meaning, I can’t stand to manage a lot of stuff. So I don’t keep much. But some people don’t mind keeping things in the back of the closet, or in storage, and bringing them out again when they feel fresh to them again. You know? I think you have to know yourself and decide if you will regret donating it or not.

  14. With you on blazers. For work, I like combining them with jeans. I’ve had several that are comfortable enough to wear all day then a plane ride home, and I look for those every season! I know this isnt everyones need though.

  15. Love the shorter boxier style jacket! What do you think of the fabric zipper pulls (not sure what to call them) on some of the utility style jackets? Is it a current look?

  16. I like the more contemporary look, but I think it’s the long shirt in the 2016 pic that I don’t care for. When I look back at photos of myself, even when I was heavier, I think the longer shirts didn’t serve me well. When I look at the two photos above, I see Jo-Lynne’s outfit in halves in the first photo and thirds in the second, and I find the thirds more pleasing to the eye. I have 2 or 3 of the shorter-style utility-style jackets from previous years and can’t wait to try them with my wide-leg jeans. Great idea to show the two photos side-by-side.

    P.S. I’d love to see some “business casual” outfits with jeans, too, Jo-Lynne. Even though I work from home, I occasionally need to meet with someone or have an event requiring business casual clothing. Because jeans are my go-to that makes the most sense to me– plus I have great jeans, I keep hoping I can find a blazer or jacket meant to be worn inside that would work with my “dressier” wide-leg jeans. (I love other people in blazers and can’t find one that works with my short-waisted, broad-shouldered, 36D frame.) I need a third-piece outfit and don’t care for cardigans. I do have a Chanel-style black and white sweater cardigan but it feels too fussy with jeans.

    1. Yes, totally. The long shirt kills the 2016 look. Otherwise, it isn’t terrible, although I’d love to see some ankle showing.

      I feel you on wanting a third piece that isn’t as demure as a cardigan or lady jacket, but isn’t as edgy as a moto or bomber. I will see what I can find.

  17. What do you do if the oversized, relaxed, boxy trend is not flattering to you? Do you still buy it because it is on trend or where the old style?

    1. If it isn’t for you, just skip it. I happen to like it, but the more traditional style is still out there. I would just be sure to style it with more current pieces. That 2016 outfit looks dated because of the way I styled all the pieces together, not just the style of the jacket. If I had tucked my top into straight ankle jeans, the whole look would be much more current, even with that jacket and shoes.

  18. I like the updated version a lot! I’m thinking that I should keep my longer casual jackets packed away for this spring and summer.

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