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I saw this on another blog, and I thought it was fun. It’s always interesting to see what items are popular on my site, and I thought you might find it interesting as well! I dug into my blog analytics to come up with this list.

7 Most Popular Items of 2015

These were the most popular items on my site last year with one caveat — these or something like them is still available. I won’t bother linking to things you can’t get anymore because that would just be mean.

It’s probably not surprising that many of the most popular items are closet staples that you can wear over and over again. So here we go, in no particular order!

7 Most Popular Items of 2015

#1. Everybody is crazy for these FELICIA FLATS. At $99, they aren’t cheap (and only discontinued colors ever seem to go on sale) but they are so so so comfortable, I can’t even tell you!! They feel like slippers. The leopard version is super popular too. See the post HERE. (Before you ask, the snakeskin tote I’m holding is no longer available, but you can find some on eBay HERE. Also this one and this one are similar.)

felicia flats

#2. This LUSH ROLL-TAB TUNIC comes in several colors and is only $25! Most people who buy it go back and buy a couple more in other colors. It is so versatile. This is from the Juniors department, and mine is a medium. I typically wear medium in tops, and sometimes a small, so if you’re in doubt, go for the larger size. I’ve worn it tucked into jeans (see the post HERE) and also with leggings (that post is HERE.)


And that brings me to the next popular item . . .

#3. My favorite leggings, the HUE ULTRA WIDE WAISTBAND LEGGINGS, have been popular for the past two years. They really are great leggings, and at $36, they won’t break the bank. See that post HERE.


#4. My UTILITY VEST was a hugely popular item (post HERE.)

utility vest

Mine sold out within the week, but here are a few other options to consider: this one at Nordstrom is $88 and has 13 positive reviews. This one at Charlotte Russe looks cute and it’s only $25. There’s also this one at Macy’s for $40.

#5. This SCOOP NECK LONG-SLEEVE TEE is a great layering piece, and I also like it worn alone with a scarf. It’s just $18, and it’s from the junior’s department. I have a medium, and it fits perfectly. I’ve been asked if it’s so thin that it needs a tank top under it. I don’t wear a tank top under mine, and I don’t feel that it is super thin, but I know others disagree so I’d say it depends on your personal comfort level. The post is HERE.

white tee

#6. My MOTO HOBO is one of my favorite purchases of last year. It is definitely a splurge (although I got mine on sale, WOOT!) I love this Putty color for spring and summer, and it also comes in White and Latte. The post is HERE.

moto hobo

#7. My love for DL1961 JEANS is well documented. They look and fit great, they don’t stretch out, and they feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Yes, they cost a pretty penny, but if you watch, you can find them on sale. I usually grab them on sale when a wash is being discontinued.

My two favorite styles are the Florence and the Emma. The Emma is an inch shorter in the inseam and has a slightly lower rise. They both have a skinny fit, but I believe the Emma is a bit tighter. Both are super flattering, and both are extremely popular on my site. I get emails all the time from people thanking me for introducing them to premium denim. If you wear jeans as often as I do, the cost per wear is actually quite reasonable. I definitely get my money’s worth.

See me wearing the Florence HERE, HERE, and HERE.

white jeans

And I’m wearing the Emma HERE and HERE.


There have been other super popular items over the past fall and winter, but they are mostly sweaters that have sold out. The items I’ve listed above are items that you can enjoy at almost any time of year, depending on your climate.

I’m excited to see what resonates this spring. Stay tuned for 27 Days of Spring Fashion starting on March 1st!

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27 thoughts on “Most Popular Items

  1. I have two of the Lush tunics, the Hue leggings, the marled cardigan in a different color, and that black and purple striped tunic!

  2. I really like the contents of this post! I hope that your knee does just fine this morning so that you don’t have to see the doctor. The concert will be awesome tonight, I’m sure. I’m interested if The Swon Brothers are still touring with Carrie. I hope you’ll your OOTN before you get to the concert.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you. My knee is holding up. I think I need to be aware of stretching my quads. Hopefully that’s all it is – tight muscles. 🙂 The concert was fabulous! The Swon Bros weren’t half bad either. 🙂

  3. I can definitely see how these are the most popular. Another blog I read also had the Lush tunic as one of the most popular. What’s not to love? It’s so easy and versatile. I ended up ordering 2 more myself! And I’m still pining for those flats too…waiting on my bday. Maybe I won’t feel so guilty then?! 😉

  4. Great post Jo-Lynne!
    Have fun at Carrie Underwood concert. I saw her a few years ago in Tampa. You will love her. She changes her outfits often. lol

  5. Excellent post!!!! I chuckled because I’m wearing grey Hue leggings today. I also went a bit crazy with the tunic and have it in several colors—both make for a comfortable easy to wear ‘uniform’ for me because I don’t work outside of my home, yet it’s a chic and acceptable look for running quick errands.

  6. Great closet staples! I own (and am currently wearing) the Hue leggings and long sleeved scoop neck. Love them both! Also, I just saw a similar utility vest at Target this weekend! A great option for a limited budget!

  7. I too, have the Hue leggings. I bought them after you styled them. They truly prove that not all leggings are the same. I love the Hue leggings! I also have two of the lush roll tunics. Again, I bought them after you styled them. I am seriously wanting the flats, and the jeans, and have birthday money burning a whole in my wallet.
    Thank you for styling fashionable styles that won’t break the bank.
    Have fun seeing Carrie tonight! I saw her a few years ago here in Indy. She does change outfits a lot! But her style is so awesome, it’s part of the fun. Oh, and her voice isn’t bad either. 😉 Again, have a fabulous time!

    1. A question about the leggings for everyone. Did you order a size down as recommended by Nordstrom? I am planning to purchase them and am wondering if I should size down. Thanks so much!

  8. I wish I could find things like this in the Uk for me. pretty hard finding it all really so it’s off putting. but it’s still nice to see the ideas out there.

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