My Kids Are Weird

Or alternatively titled…

Spinach.  It’s What’s for Lunch.

Note the adorable crocheted flower barrette my daughter’s sporting from Mimi’s Babies, thanks to my BlogHer roomie and new friend, Sara Sophia.

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    1. LOL. WIsh I knew. I’d make millions! 😉

      I eat it a lot b/c of my iron deficiency so my kids asked for it and decided they like it too. Go figure.

      1. That’s how my boys start eating most of their veggies – I don’t even offer them veggies anymore. I just sit down with a huge plate of them and within 5 seconds they are there asking for bites LOL

  1. I love spinach, but alas my boys do not. They do eat it mixed in with other greens in a salad though.
    Shhh don’t tell.

    1. I’ve also heard you can sneak it into smoothies and no one is the wiser. I keep forgetting to try that, though.

  2. My kids love spinach. The weird thing about them is that they prefer the slimy canned stuff. Odd as it sounds, that’s a treat for them. I usually make them suffer through eating the fresh stuff. (mostly because I don’t generally buy canned veggies) 🙂

  3. How in the heck does THAT happen? Wow. I’m kind of amazed. And jealous. My boys would fling themselves out of a window for sure!

    1. LOL. They were all three eating it too. The girls beg for it, but my son only eats it “because I wanna get stronger.” LOL.

  4. Please have your kids email my kids and tell them that eating spinach will not kill them. And that it tastes good. They don’t seem to believe me!

    1. Nope, lol. It’s frozen chopped spinach from a box in the freezer section, cooked in the microwave and topped with butter and salt. 🙂

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