My Own Domain, Or Alternately Entilted, Some Techie Jargon That I Don’t Completely Understand

Thanks to my dear husband, I am finally the proud owner of my own domain.  Which means.  Well, I’m not entirely sure what it means. 

But you can now access my li’l blog at  Fun, huh? 

The hardest part was deciding if I wanted to be .com or .net.  I went for .com.  My husband handled the rest.  It’s good to be married to a computer geek.  Now don’t get your pant1es in a wad.  I’m not insulting The Husband.  Geek is an affectionate term around here.

So anyway, I’m feeling all grown up now with my very own domain.  Beyond that, I’m not sure what it’s all about.  Everybody says it’s a good thing.  And I’m a sheep, obviously.

I still use Typepad to manage my blog and write posts and all that jazz.  Which is great.  Because I heart Typepad and will be faithful till death to us part.

So.  That’s my big news for the weekend.  Do I know how to live on the edge or what?

And while we’re discussing this blog bizness.  I’ve signed up with Amazon’s Affiliate Program.  You may have noticed the little widget over there on my sidebar where I recommend some cool products.  I will try to keep that updated. 

Here’s the thing.  Any time you visit Amazon through my blog and purchase something, anything (it doesn’t have to be what I’m recommending), that will put a little extra change in my pocket.   So if you  are a regular Amazon shopper, and you wouldn’t mind accessing it through my site, I would surely appreciate it!  Every little bit helps, you know?

Oh and one last thing.  I would love ever-so-much to receive an invitation to participate in Blogads.  There’s only one problem.  I sorta need a sponsor.  Well, there’s no sorta about it, really.  I need a sponsor! 

So if there are any bloggers in the Blogads network reading right now that might take pity on me and sponsor me, I will love you forever and promise to name my next child after you.  Should I have another child.  Which is pretty much impossible, but hey.  Miracles happen every day, right?