My Spring Closet

I wanted to post an update on my closet after clearing out SO much at the end of last year and living with a winter capsule for 6 weeks. I just wrapped up our 27 Days of Spring Fashion so I’m getting my spring wardrobe squared away.

spring closet

After I finished the capsule wardrobe experiment, I knew I didn’t want to continue living with such a rigid set of rules. I also knew that I didn’t want my closet to get out of control again, so I tried to shop strategically as planned my spring wardrobe and the 27 outfits for our spring style series.

I don’t think there is any “right” number of clothes for everyone. I believe every woman should determine the “right” amount depending on her lifestyle, climate, size of her closet, and budget. That is going to look different for everyone.

My lifestyle is casual, and I don’t work in an office environment, so I don’t need a professional wardrobe. I also don’t have a lot of fancy events to attend, but with my job, I occasionally attend press trips, conferences, and special events. When things pop up, they tend to do so with very little notice. For this reason, I have to keep some clothing in various levels of formality on hand so I’m not floundering at the last minute trying to decide what to wear.

I also have a job that requires me to show different trends and styles on a regular basis, so it is tempting to over shop. I’m learning that I can feature things for a blog post and then return or donate without adding them to my closet. This way my closet doesn’t get out of control so quickly.

I have a nice sized walk-in closet, but it is not huge. I prefer to keep my daily working wardrobe in my closet, and I keep workout clothes, pajamas, bathing suits, etc. in my dresser. I do it this way so I can see everything at once.

I tuck my special occasion clothes into the back of the closet where I can’t really see them, but they are accessible.

My goal is for my closet to house my daily working wardrobe for the season. This wardrobe is made up of a foundation of key investment pieces with an assortment of more affordable, trendier seasonal additions that will probably get cycled through rather quickly.

I used to be the type of person that would buy duplicates of anything I love. Now I am trying to avoid that pitfall because I don’t need 5 grey t-shirts. I’d rather have one good quality grey t-shirt that can serve as a foundation for more creative outfits than to have 5 different grey tees all competing for my attention.

However, there are times when duplicates are appropriate. For example, last winter I realized that I wanted to wear my black moto jacket with EVERYTHING, so I decided to add a few more similar styles of jackets in different colors to add variety to my wardrobe. I did not get the exact same jacket in 3 colors, though. I try not to do that… although I am tempted to get those Felicia flats in a couple more colors because I love them soooo much. But I digress.

With much preamble, here is the foundation of my spring wardrobe. I will be adding a few pieces here and there, but I am content with the variety and amount of clothes I have. This will look like a lot to some and not many to others. It’s not about the number, but rather, about the pieces that have earned a hanger in my closet. I hope it’s helpful!

I’m not doing the graphic that I did for my winter wardrobe capsule. That took all day — I’m not even kidding. It’s hard enough to gather the links. Instead, I am going to use shoppable widgets that you can easily click through to get more details or to purchase if you desire. If the exact item I have in my closet is no longer available, I tried to find something something similar.

Without further ado, here is what’s in my Spring Closet.

10 Jeans

jeans - 1 (1)

shop the look


I may have a problem. I know, 10 jeans is a lot, but I don’t have any pants, and I only have 2 skirts, so it works for me. Most of these are included in the widget above, although I can’t find anything quite like my Black Orchid skinnies from Stitch Fix to link to. I really love those right now. These are close (and on sale!) but mine are dark blue, not black. And I have a verrrrry old pair of Joe’s bootcut jeans hanging there that I rarely wear but refuse to give up.

 24 Tops

tops - 1

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That probably sounds like a lot, but it includes basic t-shirts, dressy blouses, and everything in between. I linked to everything I could in the widget below, but a few things are missing like my sea-foam green dolman sleeve top, a royal blue top from LNBF that I love, and a white 3/4-sleeve top from WHBM last year.

I have a lot of “stand alone” 3/4-sleeve tops that I will put away when summer weather gets here, but they’re great for this in-between season.

4 Dresses, 2 Skirts, 1 Cardigan, 8 Vests & Jackets

dresses and jackets - 1 (1)

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I lumped these all in together because they hang together in my closet. I have three dresses and two skirts. That doesn’t include formal dresses that I keep in the back of my closet for special occasions. I only have one cardigan. It occurred to me that I donated quite a few that I’ve had for at least five years, and I probably need to replace a few of them. I seem to wear more jackets now than cardigans.

I have a few jackets and 2 vests that are nice for layering at this time of year. I didn’t include my raincoats. They hang in our coat closet downstairs.

24 Pairs of Shoes


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Some of these shoes I won’t really wear until summer, but I have been styling them into some of my spring outfits for those of you in warmer climates. I feel like it’s still too soon for espadrilles here. I prefer to wear my suede sandals and the ones with the wood heels when I dress up, but I generally live in ballet flats right now.

Some of these shoes are old, but I linked to the ones I can. I can probably purge a few more — I’m looking at some of the ones on the bottom shelf, and I’m not sure I’ve worn them in the past year or two.

If I have any holes in my shoe wardrobe, it is a pair of grey or silver ballet flats. I really want a pair. I’d also love to find a pair of comfy lace-up flats. I have tried a few on, but none that were comfortable enough to keep.



shop the look


I’m including these because, well, why not!?! They’re some of my favorite wardrobe items. I haven’t purged my handbags in a while, and I’m probably overdue, but I haven’t got the heart to get rid of anything. I know I’m missing some links, but that’s a pretty good overview of my faves. I’m also trying to decide between one of two “saddle bags” that came in my last Trunk.

So that’s my closet! What does your spring closet look like???

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