Out of the Mouth of Babes

Yesterday afternoon I was shopping with my two girls.  I slipped into the dressing room to try on a top, and I brought the girls in with me.  This is nothing new.

As I was changing, my 5-year-old daughter asked this question:

"Mom, why aren’t you pretty anymore?"

K, thanks.

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32 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of Babes

  1. Nothing like a good self esteem booster!
    Kiki asked me again the other day-in front of the hubby’s family-if I was pregnant.
    Oh children!!!

  2. Isn’t that a junior high stage?? To be embarrassed of your parents? She’s quite a bit early! 🙂 You are gorgeous, whatever.

    The last time I was trying on a top in a dressing room with my kids they yelled something along the lines of “OH MOM, ARE THOSE YOUR B**BIES?”


  3. ohhhhhh nooooo….. you just gotta love kids and how they can just say whatever they want and get away with it!!!! LMAO… this is so funny.
    My kids have made some pretty terrible comments to me over the years too…… they will get their payback one day….hahahahaha

  4. NIIICE! LOL. I can just hear MY responce to such a question… It wouldn’t be pretty either! I’m the master of strong words under my breath.

    Actually we have been working lately on thinking about things before we say them, for fear they will hurt someones feelings. But…mine are 7, 7 and 6…a whole world away from five! 🙂

    Keep your chin up, your still gorgeous!


  5. Oh my gosh! I wrote an entry about a year ago with almost the same conversation with my daughter. Instead, she asked, “Mommy, do you remember when you were pretty?”

    lol. Girls!

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  6. Yeah, been there, done that. The statement to me was…..drumroll please…….

    Mom, when I get old I wanna have a big butt just like you!

    Her thinking….

    She would no longer fall into the toilet when going potty.

    Get self esteem booster don’t ya think?!

    You’re gorgeous!


  7. I’m willing to bet she overheard someone (maybe you? *duck*) saying the exact same thing. Hear me out on this.

    When my cousin, 4 years my senior, on my dad’s side of the family went to Kindergarten they had to bring in pictures of their family. As my aunt gather pictures she went over who they are with my cousin. Cousin K pointed to my grandmother and said, “This is my grandma. She is ugly.”

    Upon further probing it was revealed that “Grandma says she’s ugly!” Trust me. That woman was and is not ugly. To this day she is petite with a darling waistline, impeccably and tastefully dressed every day. And she is about to turn 84 years old. We both always thought our grandmother was/is one of the prettiest women in the world but her words led us to believe and say that she is ugly.

  8. Yeah, that’s why I’m glad I have boys. I only have to subject myself to having them in the dressing room for a couple of more years before they are just too old to be witness to the cheesey thighs.

  9. Y’all are too kind. You clearly don’t see me in my schlumpy sweats and greasy hair and no makeup. Which is pretty much the status quo around here these days.

    Perhaps that’s what she was thinking…

  10. Oh, you are beautiful!

    You know beauty to a 5 year old girl is Hannah Montana. We just can’t all look like Hannah, now!

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