Reason #157 Why I Hate the Month of March

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  1. Amen and did I say amen? Here in MI we are under a winter storm advisory. Are you kidding me? I am sick of cold! I copped out and ordered a floral baby doll dress from Lands End for my youngest daughter (5 1/2).

  2. Hee heeeeeeee! Forty eight’s a heatwave for us. It was 48 here yesterday and we all went outside and celebrated with the kiddos. But I understand everything’s relative. And I will toss a little empathy your way as I watch the blizzard outside my window and listen to the wind howling.

    Hugs – M

  3. Just for a different type of perspective, we are in Florida and heading to the beach for a sunrise Easter service which begins at 6:30. Choir and ushers (my family) need to be there at 5:30, when the temp will be in the upper 50’s, which is on the quite cool side for us, with the wind blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico! We are praying for no rain… No froo froo dresses, just jeans and sweaters…God loves all the little children and we praise His name!
    Happy Easter…He is Risen!

  4. Thank goodness that the forecasters were wrong, again! It was great weather on Sat for the hunt. I hope you & the kids had fun.

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