Snow Days

Growing up we always prayed for snow days.  I mean, what could be better than a lazy day to sleep in, play in the snow, and drink hot chocolate?

Then I became a teacher.  And I prayed for snow days.  I mean, what could be better than a lazy day to sleep in, linger over my morning coffee, and pickle my brain with daytime TV?

Then I became a parent.  And I prayed for snow days.  After all, what could be better than an entire day spent with my precious offspring…


That was the sound of the record player grinding to a halt.

See, what I failed to consider was that my precious offspring are accustomed to spending 7 hours a day in a stimulating environment.  A day to do nothing SOUNDS enticing, but it’s only fun for about two hours.  Around 10AM the bickering and complaints of boredom ensue.  That’s when I make them turn off all electronic devices and mosey on outside.

snow days

But they can only play in the snow for about an hour before they succumb to the elements.  At that point, my front door is flung wide as a pack of kids (usually including a few neighborhood boys and, as yesterday would have it, the two daughters of a good friend who I agreed to watch for the day) tromp in, leaving a trail of soggy winter gear in their wake while simultaneously demanding hot chocolate.

If you’ve done the math, you realize that it’s not even lunchtime at this point.

I really want to be one of Those Moms — you know the ones that have the homes that all the kids gravitate to because they are warm and welcoming and laid-back and FUN?  I try, but it doesn’t come naturally.  I want kids to feel welcome here, and I want them around so I can supervise their activities (and language) so I welcome them in with open arms and offer hot chocolate and homemade cookies, but after about an hour of noise and chaos I’m ready to kick them out.

Instead, I grit my teeth and start to offer a menu of options — Monopoly, Boochie, ping pong, arts and crafts, play-doh…  But have you ever tried to get a group of kids to agree on the same activity?

Finally I resort to the ultimatums.  Find something to play in the next TWO MINUTES or everyone is going home. That usually gets the response I’m looking for, albeit temporarily.  There must be a universal law somewhere that states that children can only get along playing a single activity for 30 minutes before fighting breaks out — at least in my house, anyway.

When I absolutely can take no more, I tell everyone with an artificial smile that I think it’s time to go to their respective homes.  Then they spend the next 10 minutes alternately chasing each other around the house and gathering their belongings while I remind them 2 or 20 times to get their shoes and coats on and skedaddle.  Finally I manage to hustle them out the door, look at the clock, see that it’s 4PM, and decide it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

A 2-hour delay will do quite nicely next time, thankyouverymuch.

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20 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. This is why we’re friends. Now mind you, I do love my kids, more than anything. However, I could do without playdates at my house. Once in awhile is fine, but I do dread them (does that make me awful???) Especially those that have a mom attached who decides they’ll pick up their kids at 7pm. On a school night. So yesterday I prayed for school. We had a two hour delay and I saw all over Facebook how moms were like “why didn’t they just cancel school, 2 hours delay stinks.” Um..what? I was thrilled when the bus came at 11am to pick up my son!!

  2. “Everyday life” posts are my favorite. Maybe it’s because that’s where we all really live. This is a fun one and so true to life. The pic of the kids is so cute…a keeper…a framer.

  3. Ahh, 2 hr delays are great! It really cuts back on the amount of yelling that normally goes on when everyone is racing around… 🙁 (hate to admit that!) I took the kids to Chick-fil-a for breakfast on our delayed day last week. It’s rare to EVER get a snow day in NC! Our two snow days last week started with my hubs sitting by the fire, drinking coffee, watching the snow fall, and saying that it was a “Norman Rockwell Moment” and it ended a few days later with him SPRINTING out the door cuz he couldn’t wait to get out of here!!!

  4. Jennifer and Amy – AMEN! We got a 2-hour delay this morning. It was GLORIOUS!

    Kristin – I can so totally relate to your husband. LOL!

    Thanks, Grace! 🙂

  5. I’m so glad we rarely get snow days here. We had two ice days this week, and day one went very well, but day two was a bit more challenging. It didn’t help that Husband was home too and had to work from home, so I was cut off from my room and desktop computer. I did manage to get a few things done. But I also didn’t mind going to the gym to get my 30 minutes of cross training in, whereas Wednesdays are usually hard days for me.

    And I wouldn’t play in the snow if we had it anyway. If we lived in the same place, I would come with my kid to your house for the hot chocolate (with maybe a little something extra) and cookies.

  6. Will you love me or hate me if I tell you we NEVER have snow days in N Ireland?

    We do have “teacher training” days though, which were a nightmare for working mums, but not so bad for SAHM. At least we know in advance when they are happening. If we do have the kids friends over I always specify the going home time first!

    I also find it easier if they all have one friend each over to play, or else arguments are inevitable.

    Glad you enjoyed/survived!

  7. That is to funny. I think that is one reason I am glad Boo’s friends don’t live by us. Hunter has a couple, but he isn’t with us when there are snow days. You are such a wonderful mom, letting all the kids come over. Even if they drive you batty at times.

  8. That was me yesterday. I intended to bake cookies but that was at 3:30 on my SNOW DAY schedule and by then I was worn out. No friends over here, just my two boys. It was enough.

    Today we had a one hour delay and I had to lift my son from the snowbank and place him on the bus. He wanted to stay home sooo bad. I did a little dance as the bus pulled away.

  9. You don’t *really* want to be the cool house on the block do you? Think about it. The cool house is only cool because the parents let the kids run it. Oh and that’s just the beginning. You remember the cool house in high school right? I shudder to think of what goes on in the cool high school house.

    I don’t want to have the cool house. Not that I could even if I tried. I’m too tightly-wound!

  10. We have hurricane days! LOL. But since I homeschool we really don’t have “official” days off. Oh by the way I think you asked about the meatballs subs? I posted the recipe on my cooking blog. It’s on my main blogs side bar if you want to check it out.

  11. you should see me here- vigorously nodding my head in agreement to your paragraph that you really want to be the house that everyone gravitates to, but it is SO irritating for that to actually be!!! AMEN! My son is forever inviting kids over, and truth be told, his mom’s not so excited about his popularity……can’t wait until they can play outside, or meet at the park!

  12. We rarely get snow days in Colorado and our school does not delay under any circumstances (they have a get here when you can policy) so …I am jealous…but I will probably feel the same way I do about homework if we ever get a snow day.

  13. LOL! That made me laugh and it’s right on target! It’s a wonderful vicious cycle and we just keep riding and hope for the best!

    Fun for a while . . . but come on.

    The girls look adorable and just remember–you’re making those memories!


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