I have never felt less like blogging than I do today. Yesterday I attended the memorial service for a friend — a young mom like me. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I came home and hugged my kids and just vegged. Or tried, anyway. I don’t veg easily. Plus, life and responsibilities don’t allow for much vegging these days — which was entirely too evident when I realized that I had almost forgotten my son’s band camp and then had to scramble to clear my house of neighborhood children and get him to where he needed to be. A day late and a dollar short . . . that is pretty much how I roll.

We are in the throws of doggie search, which has been a nice diversion, yet not stress-free by any means. My kids are dying to get a dog. Right. Now. But it is all so very confusing. Who knew there were so many issues surrounding the choice of dog?

Summer is almost over. HOW did that happen? It is time to start shopping for school supplies and thinking about fall sports and lessons schedules. As stressful as summer can be for a mom working from home, I am not really looking forward to the structure of fall. I kinda like our lazy/crazy days. And I love warm weather. I’m just not ready the chill of winter.

We have taken a TV Detox here at Casa de Musings this week. It’s amazing what the kids find to do when there is no TV to watch. Of course, there is still plenty of whining to go along with it, but I am happy to see them doing crafts and playing board games.

Today I’m taking the afternoon off to go to the pool and get together with a friends. This weekend I have long over-due date with a good friend, and we are planning to go to a fun family festival at a local park.

I want to make sure these last two weeks of summer don’t pass by in a blur.

How about you? Are your kids back in school yet? If not, what are you doing to enjoy the last days of summer?