The First Sign of Spring

No, not tulips, although they are doing their darndest to poke their little green shoots out of the mulch in my front yard.

The first sign of spring in these here parts is Little League baseball’s Opening Day!  Last night my son had his first baseball game of the season.  He scored a single and a double, and he got two opponents out at 2nd base.  All in all, a successful start to the season!

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9 thoughts on “The First Sign of Spring

  1. My hubby and I have been talking about this. Fortunately we don’t have any baseball players in the family yet (although I’m sure he thinks it’s in our 3 yo’s future).

    The only thing worse than it being cold in April is sitting and watching a little league game in the cold.

  2. Softball season was supposed to start last week for us adults but it’s been raining so much the games have been canceled. The kids’ practices have been rained out too — they practiced for a couple of weeks, but have missed about 2 weeks of practices now.

    Congrats to your son! Sounds like he had a great first game of the season!

  3. Something about this picture made me catch my breath and realize that seeing my little guy in one of those uniforms is only a few years away. I know that was totally not the intention of this post, but SERIOUSLY–I want to cry!

    YOUR little guy looks adorable. Congrats on a great opening day!

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