Try-On Haul: Sweaters, Jackets, Denim, Shoes & More

Greetings and happy Friday! This Try-On Haul is going to be a two-parter.

I went to the mall yesterday and tried on a bunch of things, but there was no way I was going to get all of those pictures uploaded and edited, find the links, and write out my thoughts on each piece in time to get them into this post today.

So, I did a poll on Instagram Stories to see if people would prefer me to hold the post until tomorrow and put all this week’s try-ons in one place, OR post what I have ready today and post the rest tomorrow. The majority wanted me to split it up into two posts, so that’s what I did!

Today’s post is all the pieces I ordered and tried on here at home, and tomorrow’s post will be everything I tried on at the mall yesterday.

Before we get started, a word about sizing. I’ve lost a solid 5 pounds over the past month, thanks to intermittent fasting, and it’s finally starting to show in my clothes. (I’ve also lost an inch or so from my hips, waist, and bust.)

All that to say, it’s going to make my sizing recommendations a bit different from what they’ve been in the past year or so. I know a lot of you rely on my sizes to help determine your sizes, so I’ll try to give as much detail as I can when it seems necessary, so I don’t steer you wrong.

Trunk Club Unboxing and Try-On Haul

Let’s start with my latest Trunk Club delivery!

For those who aren’t familiar with Trunk Club, it’s a clothing subscription service by Nordstrom. You can either set a delivery schedule (like once a month) or you can just let your stylist know when you’re ready for your next box. She chooses things she thinks you will like based on your profile, and conversations you have. You can be as specific or as general as you like.

You try on everything in the comfort of your own home, and you only pay for what you keep!

I really like how you keep the same stylist and she gets to know you, but you have to give it time. I just got assigned a new stylist after having the same one for several years, so we’re still getting to know each other, and she’s learning what works for me and what doesn’t.

She’s is really trying to tempt me with luxury goods this month, so I’m warning you, the prices on a lot of these is really up there. And unfortunately none are on sale at the moment, so I have to make some hard choices. I’m not sure what I’m keeping yet, so I will be curious to get your input.

Vince Breton Stripe Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater (size M) // The first thing I noticed about this sweater was the soft, plush cashmere.

Earlier this week, I published a post about What Makes A Garment Good Quality (or Not) and this sweater is the textbook definition of good quality cashmere. It’s thicker and denser than any of the under-$100 cashmere sweaters I’ve tried, and all you have to do is touch it to tell the difference.

I also love the cut and the fit of this sweater — the sleeves are nice and long, the traditional shoulder seams are perfectly placed, and the 22 1/2″ length is right in my sweet spot. Plus, the stripes are fun for a change, since all of my luxe sweaters are solids.

Besides the price, the only thing holding me back from keeping this sweater is that I feel like I’ll only want to wear it with white jeans. I know it would look fine with blue jeans or black jeans or pants, but for some reason, I really only like it with white — and not stark white, like these jeans, but it would be perfect with the Everlane high rise skinnies in Bone.

So yeah… I’m just not sure I’ll get the cost per wear out of this. And also, I need another grey sweater like I need a hole in the head.

For size reference, my stylist called this one exactly right. She sent the medium, even though I always wear a small in Vince, and I definitely need the medium in this. For some reason, it runs small.

Joe’s The Charlie High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans (size 28) // So these jeans… The 26″ inseam is the perfect length for pairing with booties, which is a plus.

They’re also very stretchy and extremely comfortable, but they’re a bit see through — it’s not that they’re thin so much as tight and stretchy — too much like white leggings. Maybe I need to try the 29, but I’m afraid with this much stretch, they might slide down.

Linea Paolo Anna Wedge Sneaker (size 8) // Now, these were a pleasant surprise. I’ve seen these shoes around, but I never really gravitated to the styling.

They are soooo comfortable, though! If you like a casual, comfy shoe, and want a little bit of added height, these are a a great choice!

Club Monaco Button Neck Cashmere Sweater (size S) // Club Monaco is another high-end brand that typically does a really nice quality sweater, and this one is a lovely knit — nice and soft and dense, and I really like the button neck style — you can also unbutton a few and let it split open over your shoulder.

The 24″ length is still within my sweet spot range, but I don’t love the length of the sleeves or the drop shoulders. I feel like it makes me look top-heavy.

Incidentally, I’ve had people tell me they think I’m a carrot body type or inverted triangle, but my shoulders are 38″ and my hips are 40″, so I’m not even close to being that body type. Depending on my weight, my hip measurement has been as much as 41″ at times, although the shoulder measurement never really changes, and my chest ranges from 38″ – 40″ depending on my weight and the time of the month. (My waist is usually 30″ – 31″, for anyone wondering, and that is why I’m an hourglass body type.)

All that to say, I’m pretty well-balanced. If anything, my hips are wider than my chest and shoulders, so if I look like an inverted triangle, I’m definitely doing something wrong with the clothes I’m wearing.

also wearing: Joe’s The Charlie High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans with Linea Paolo Anna Wedge Sneakers

Alex Mill Ribolata Wool Blend Turtleneck (size S) // So this sweater is not cashmere — it’s a 50/50 wool/cotton blend, so all natural fibers. The wool content doesn’t bother me, but I don’t typically wear sweaters this body-con. The ribbed knit generally draws more attention to my chest than I prefer, although this one seems okay, but it’s kind of plain.

That said, I have plenty of bulky sweaters, and not much navy. I like the split hem and split cuff detail, and it’s very comfortable to wear. I’m debating keeping this one… I need to try it on with some other outfits and see if I would get a good cost per wear out of it. At least the price tag is more palatable than most of the other sweaters that came in my Trunk.

Rag & Bone Ramone Western Booties (size 8.5) // These also came from Trunk Club, and they are GORGEOUS. But, I do think I need a size 8. The website says to size up, so my stylist sent me the 8.5, but they’re pretty big on my feet.

Sizing issues aside, the quality on these is outstanding, and I really like the taupe color, as well as the 2 3/4″ angled heel. Also, the overlapping topline with a buckle strap is such a fun detail.

The only thing holding me back is the price. Rag & Bone booties rarely go on sale, but I did manage to score my Margot booties on sale because I was patient and held out, so I know the smart thing to do is hold off on these and stalk them until the end of season and hope for the best.

Rag & Bone Shredded-Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans in Flint (size 28) // I reviewed these jeans in last week’s Haul, but they weren’t on sale at the time. I did get mine on sale, though, and they’re on sale again today!

I really like these, and I decided to keep them because a lot of my jeans are getting too big, and these fit like a second skin. I also really like the lighter wash and the shredded hem.

If you’re considering placing an order, I would say they’re TTS; I think the 29 would have fit me better a couple months ago.

Vince Ribbed Mock Neck Wool & Cashmere Sweater (size S) // I absolutely ADORE this sweater… I loooooove the details in the knit, and I love the way it skims the body without clinging, plus the white is so fresh and pretty. I have a lot of taupe and ivory, but no white sweaters.

Unfortunately, it is soooo itchy!!! It’s 72% wool and 28% cashmere, but wool doesn’t usually bother me. I was so bummed because this is by far my favorite sweater she sent in this trunk, but then I read the reviews on the Nordstrom website, and that really gave me pause. Plus, of course, the price.

I never pay full price for Vince sweaters because you can always find some on sale. So, as much as it pains me, because I would love to add this sweater to my winter wardrobe, it will have to go back.

also wearing: Rag & Bone Shredded-Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Rag & Bone Ramone Western Booties

Vince Boiled Cashmere Funnel Neck Pullover (size S) // Okay, last Vince sweater! So this is another conundrum. This is such a pretty cool taupe color, and I absolutely love how thick and soft and cozy it is.

This is even thicker than the stripe one above, due to the fulling process, whereby knit fabrics are agitated with hot water to shrink the fabric, resulting in a dense felted fabric that resists fraying and further shrinkage. That’s what “boiled cashmere” means.

Remember those “boiled wool jackets” we all wore back in the 80s with the gold buttons??? Same process, but this time with cashmere.

The result is the most luxurious, thick, soft, cozy sweater. The warmth in this thing is unbelievable. I could feel it, just pulling it on and off.

And while I don’t typically love the longer styles with the relaxed fit, this one front-tucks beautifully.

Oh, it is tempting…. but the price.

also wearing: Rag & Bone Shredded-Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Rag & Bone Ramone Western Booties

PAIGE Transcend Hoxton High Waist Coated Skinny Jeans (size 28) // These coated skinnies were also in my Trunk, and they kind of crack me up. They have almost a space-age vibe. Calling Captain Kirk…

They run small, the 28 barely buttoned on me. In my experience, even when I wore 28 in AG and Joe’s other brands, I always needed a 29 in Paige. These are also longer than I like, so yeah, I’ll have no qualms sending these back.

That said, if you’re tall, you may like them. The quality seems really good — they’re much thicker than my other coated denim jeans, but also soft and comfortable. (Some I’ve had in the past were very stiff.)

R Minkoff Katherine Sweater (size S) // This sweater is just okay for me. The crewneck is awfully high, and it’s chunky and not very soft. (The fabric is 55% acrylic, 38% nylon, 7% wool.) The colors are pretty, though.

also wearing: Rag & Bone Shredded-Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Dolce Vita Tierra Suede Ankle Booties

Try-On Haul: Jackets

I ordered these two jackets on a whim — I always wear a denim jacket or a leather moto when I need a completer piece for an outfit, and sometimes I feel like I need something different.

Thread & Supply Amsterdam Fleece Lined Trucker Jacket (size M) // This first one is a play on a denim jacket, but it’s lined with fleece so it’s warmer and can be worn on milder winter days, and I like the off-white color for a change.

Clearly this jacket is too big. But beyond that, I like it, but it feels cheap to me — both on the inside and the outside. It’s soft enough, but the material just feels kind of flimsy — it’s probably the density that we talked about in my post on how to discern a quality garment. For the price, I was expecting a little more substance.

also wearing: Agolde Toni straight leg jeans with Caslon long sleeve crew neck tee and Vince Camuto Gigietta booties (tortilla suede)

Chelsea28 Plaid Corset Menswear Blazer (size S) // This was another disappointment, and again, it just felt cheap to me. The material has a soft cottony feel to it, which shouldn’t be a bad thing, but I guess I expect a blazer to feel more sturdy.

It’s fully lined, but the lining didn’t line up very well — you may be able to see at the bottom, the fabric of the jacket doesn’t lay flat, indicating that the lining on the inside is too short. And despite the 2% spandex, I didn’t feel any stretch, and it’s not very comfortable to move around in.

It’s also probably a size too small for me. I definitely wouldn’t be able to button it — not that I ever would, but it’s probably good to be able to. So I recommend sizing up, if in between.

I do like the plaid color and pattern, so there’s that!

also wearing: Agolde Toni straight leg jeans with Caslon long sleeve crew neck tee and Jeffrey Campbell Siren booties

Try-On Haul: Denim

In addition to the jeans I got in my Trunk Club delivery, I also ordered a few pairs from Anthropologie to try when they were having a sale a few weeks ago. Several came last week, so they’re in last week’s Try-On Haul, and the rest of my order arrived this week.

DL1961 Farrow High-Rise Button-Fly Skinny Jeans (size 29) // These are a nice weight, not see-through, and they have decent pocket placement — a little big, but ok.

They’re actually quite stiff, but they may loosen up. I think white jeans have to be a little stiff, or they show through too much of what you don’t want to show through.

I like this length and the leg opening, especially for wearing with booties. They have a 10″ rise, 26″ inseam, and 11″ leg opening, so they’re technically a skinny but read more as a slim straight.

So yeah, these might be keepers! I do have the Everlane pair, but they’re more of an off-white (they’re actually called Stone), and these are very crisp and white, plus the raw hem keeps them more casual.

My only complaint is the exposed button-fly. I’m not crazy about that. I may look for similar white DL1961 jeans with a traditional button and zip.

also wearing: Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck // This sweater FINALLY arrived! I’ve been stalking it since last summer. I feel like the grey color is a little different than last spring’s — it has seems to have some subtle green undertones, but the cut is the same, and I am so happy to have it back!

Citizens Of Humanity Citizens of Humanity Emannuelle Mid-Rise Slim Bootcut Jeans (size 28 Petite) // So I don’t think I meant to order these in petite, but ironically, they’re perfect for pairing with flats!

Citizens makes a really good quality denim, and these did not disappoint. They’re nice and thick and soft, and they have just enough stretch to be comfortable. The fit is good in 28, so you may want to size down if in between, but it’s hard to say — I may have needed a 29 at my higher weight.

also wearing: Chelsea28 Cowl Neck Sweater with J.Crew Pointy Toe Leopard Flats (25% off with code SHOPNOW)

Citizens Of Humanity Citizens of Humanity Rocket High-Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans in Carbon (size 28) // Now, these are a little snug in the 28, and I would need a 29, but they have a nice grey wash, and I love the distressed detail around the ankle. This is an example of superb quality and workmanship.

I ordered these because I wear my grey jeans soooo much, and I thought I might like to have a cropped pair. I think I need to hold onto them and try them with a few different things — I like how they work with these Chelsea boots. I’ve been struggling to pair these boots with the other jeans in my closet.

also wearing: Chelsea28 Cowl Neck Sweater with Marc Fisher LTD Yale Chelsea Boots

Try-On Haul: Sweaters & Shoes

I shared sweaters and shoes in the Trunk Club section above, but I also ordered a few on my own, which I’ll share here. I’ll have even more sweaters, and a few that give a nod to spring, in tomorrow’s try-on haul.

BP. Tie Dye Sweater (size S) // I ordered this when I was putting together my Spring Fashion Forecast last weekend. I really like the colors and the pattern — it’s a great little transition piece as we start to think towards spring.

That said, it runs small, and it’s kind of short and snug in the waist — definitely designed for wearing with high rise jeans. (It’s 22″ length, which is about as short as I can go.) I think I would like it if I exchanged for a medium.

It’s 100% cotton, but not very dense or soft — so probably not the best quality cotton, but still 100% cotton, which is a plus.

I’d say it’s priced to go on sale — the quality is more of a $30 or $35 sweater, not a $49 sweater, so I’m going to return the small and watch it and maybe snag the medium if it goes on sale.

Chelsea28 Cowl Neck Sweater in Pink Shock Combo (size S) // I have this in the ivory, which I’ve worn a ton since I got it in July, but since I’ve shown it so much in this post, I guess I should just mention this pink one.

I finally ordered it because I love this color for this time of year, and I don’t have much pink in my closet. I hate paying full price, when I got my ivory one for $49 at the #NSale, but it has not gone on sale since, so I gave up and just ordered the pink for full price.

I love the 23″ length, the super long sleeves with extended cuffs, and the relaxed cowl neck. It’s very soft and stretchy — not super high quality, but about right for the price point (better when on sale… but what can you do??) For anyone checking fabric content, this one is 55% cotton, 26% polyester, 11% nylon, 5% wool, 3% spandex.

It is very boxy, so not as flattering as some, but it’s fun for a change.

Linea Paolo Presta Pointy Toe Flats (size 8) // And finally, a pair of cheery pink flats! I have so many neutrals in my closet, that when I saw these, I ordered them on the spot.

I really like the notched vamp and the pointed toe, and they have a little bit of padding in the footbed.

Size-wise, I’d say they run a little small and narrow. I kept the 8, but I’m wondering if an 8.5 would be more comfortable. I actually ordered both sizes, but only the 8 came so far, and I wanted to wear them in my photo shoot yesterday, so I did, and now I have to keep them.

I think they’re going to break in and be okay, but if you’re ordering, you may want to order two sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. Also, I recommend these for women with more narrow feet, which I have, so they work great for me, but I noticed the one reviewer commented on how narrow they are, and I would agree with that.

Okay! That’s all I’ve got for now.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing try-ons from Nordstrom, Gap, and LOFT. I have mostly sweaters (more spring than winter) and jeans (various price points) as well as a good t-shirt find and a couple of cute blouses. Stay tuned…

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45 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: Sweaters, Jackets, Denim, Shoes & More

  1. Love the pink shoes and the black coated pants which would be the perfect length for my long legs . You look so much thinner, how much weight have yo lost? You look great!!!

  2. For your entry table….what about a different lantern either dark wood or black iron to tie into the table and then I personally would add another book to the stack (i like things in 3) but then i think it would look cute. I like what you have (with another book) but i get adding something to go with dark table. Just my thoughts 🙂

  3. Loved this post today.You look great! So glad to see you styling the V-neck cotton sweater. I don’t look good in turtle necks and cannot wear any type of cashmere or wool. Please continue to style more V-necks. I know you live in do I… (Bucks County) so I know you probably like the turtle necks to keep warm. Loved that pink color on you and the tye-dye…

  4. Oh my gosh the weight you lost is amazing!  The jeans look really great on you especially the white ones with the tie-dye sweater.

     I have decided to kick up my weight loss because I have a trip to Thailand and a graduation in May so my hubby and I are doing the keto diet for a month.  We already IF but the holidays were a bit out of control so we are back to healthy eating…didn’t realize how many carbs we ate until I started reading the labels more closely…

  5. Great post! Love the jeans in the last picture with the pink flats…what brand are the jeans? Do you have a link to them?

  6. Great post today, beautiful sweaters. I like the analysis on the quality of some of the garments. For your entry table a large sculpture/artwork would look great:)

  7. Love the pink flats! I have some almond toed pink and red flats I wear all the time! Look at you in a boot-cut jean and flats! You must have been channeling me! Love them, not so much the price, but they look great!

  8. What fun, at least for me as a reader.  I’m sure that it is tiring trying on so many pieces and taking pictures.  Because pink is one of my best colors, the bright pink sweater and flats are my favorites.  In the picture it looks like the Vince funnel neck sweater, that you really like, has a role at the neckline.  Oh, regarding your decor on the foyer table, could it be that there is a big difference in the height of the lantern and the other two items, is why you don’t like it!  Just a thought.  Have an awesome day!

  9. First, congrats on the weight loss! You look great, and it sounds like you are feeling better too. I will admit, I didn’t love most of what you tried on. I love the grey striped sweater, but that’s a lot for a sweater you don’t think you’ll wear much. It also looks smallish to me. Hard to believe it’s a M. I like the boiled wool sweater too, but don’t think it’s a great color for you. The blue version is cute, but looks like your Everlane blue sweater, which I think I like better. I like the navy sweater, but I know I rarely reach for the body-con sweaters these days (sigh). Could you size up in that, or would that make it look sloppy? I like the R and B boots, but don’t love them – I think I’d like them better with a lighter heel. I agree with your assessments of both jackets – meh. I loved the white button jeans, but can’t deal with button flies. Also, how do they compare to the madewell white jeans? I recall those looked great too. Love the grey jeans – love. And I’d keep that size. It doesn’t look too small, and I doubt you’ll gain weight anytime soon, especially with the holidays behind you and warmer weather on the way (and IF). Plus, most jeans stretch some. I can’t believe that was only half your try-ons, lol. I look forward to tomorrow!

    1. I agree on most of your assessments. I wondered about sizing up in the navy body-con turtleneck… These white jeans are cut very different from the Madewell. The Madewell are ankle-length skinnies, and these are more of a cropped straight. I’m sure I can find something similar without a button fly if I keep looking. The grey jeans were tight in the waist, but I can hold onto them for a few weeks and see where my weight ends up. I expect it to level off soon. I have never been much smaller than this and maintained it for any significant length of time.

  10. First of all I agree that you are a “well balanced” body type but I did have a question about your measurements. I assume you measured ACROSS the top of your shoulders to get that number (38″) and then AROUND your hips to get that number (40″) so of course the hip number would be larger because you’re going around and not simply across. I only mention this because you do emphasize clothing fit and body shape relationships as being related. I personally am a carrot shape and that’s why I started following your blog because I kinda thought you were one too. Thank you for all the helpful insight you provide every week!

    1. No, I measured around my shoulders for 38″ and around my hips for 40″. I would be pretty funny looking if I was 38″ from shoulder to shoulder. 😂

      Sometimes I look at pix and think I look more like a carrot too, and someone who is very knowledgable about body types recently suggested I am a carrot (just from being together, and looking at me, not from measurements) so I know it appears that way at times.

      I guess it’s when I’m not wearing clothes that flatter me properly, but sometimes I see it when I’m wearing a fitted jacket, so maybe it’s because of the skinny jeans I usually wear, and my legs are thin compared to wider hips and shoulders. I know the oversized tops with drop shoulders definitely do it.

  11. The lantern is a bit big for your table. It might look nice on your hearth. You do need some height though. How about two big candlestick? Perhaps clear glass, so they don’t appear heavy and keep your sight lines. I like the two books & the gold piece, plus the faux topiary. 

    I’m not buying anything until I lose ten (down 2). I’m going on a cruise in a week so I’ll be starting over from scratch once I get back. #constantbattle

  12. I love try-on posts! It’s like trying the items on myself without the hassle. Lol. So the Rag & Bone jean description says they are a mid-rise of 9 inches. I’ve been liking the high-rise fit, but I know that when it gets warmer, I like a slightly lower rise because the high-rise seems constricting and hot. Did you feel like these were a true mid-rise? I’m working on replacing my jeans with the shorter lengths. I find they go better with the shoes I own now. I’m also committed to buying fewer items of higher quality. Jeans will be the problem because I have so many pairs right now. I’d love to see a post on what styles of jeans make a well-rounded closet. I have longer inseams and shorter inseams, but I’m thinking I can ditch the longer inseams. I would keep the boot cut (light and dark wash) and they could serve as my “long” inseam. Happy Friday!

    1. I’m also trying to move more towards higher rises. I prefer 9.5 or 10 but I liked everything else about these and they fit like an old favorite right out of the box, so I kept them. Also, for front tucking, sometimes I prefer the slightly lower rise.

  13. Maybe you already know this, JoLynne, but you’ve been cited on a website, (ALOT living) in a list of winter do’s and don’ts to look younger. It was no surprise to me that you have two photos that are definitely “do’s!” All of your followers know that you share wonderful fashion advice. Here’s a little confirmation that others recognize it too. Well done!–15465?camp_id=57661&isvertical=1&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=US+-+18%2B&utm_campaign=12227_FashionOlder_FB_AL_DeskOnOff_Ver_%2857661%29_JH&utm_content=Collage_blue_internal+-+Copy+3&fbclid=IwAR0u8R2UPAy0kjX0DxoxAZukxke8lR-ozcj49mNfN23d96ZWV2rA0hAS1lo&s=3

    1. Yes, I’ve seen that! 🙂 It would be nice if sites like this would ask permission or at least provide a link back to my site, but at least I’m not on the Don’t pictures. 😂

  14. I guess I’m all wintered out. I’m not enjoying nor am I tempted by anything in this post. I’ve got my eyes on shopping for spring/summer already.

  15. My shoulder/waist/hip measurements are also 40/30/40. Does this mean I have an hourglass figure? I never thought of myself as hourglass. I have a smallish bust at 34, assumed pear. Also, what does it mean to be short waisted? Thank you.

    1. I’ve wondered about short–waisted too!  I can’t wear high rise jeans (like super high-rise) because they’d be under my armpits!  9″ or 10″ is perfect but still curious about short waisted.

    2. Yes, that’s pretty much a perfect hourglass. 🙂

      Short waisted is when you have a relatively short torso in relation to your leg length. If you’re long waisted, you appear to have a long torso and short legs.

      1. I’ve had it all wrong. Lol. I’m not sure of the torso. The distance between my bra band and natural waist is quite short compared to the waist-to-crotch measurement. But the overall the area is shorter than my legs. So, I guess that means short waisted. I feel much better in higher rise jeans and pants, though. Mid rise are too large in the waist and gape out in the back. So confusing!!

        1. So yeah… here’s the weird thing with me. The distance between my bra band and natural waist is quite short, however, I have what I call a “long butt” — haha! My legs, from hip socket to ankle, aren’t that long, but there is a lot of distance from that hip socket to my waist.

          I am still short-waisted, though, b/c my waist is wayyyyy high up on my body (and right under my bra strap).

          I like lower rises for the appearance of a longer waist, but high rises are more comfortable because they come up over my pooch and cover the belly button. So basically, mid-rise styles are a nice compromise. I am most comfortable and feel like I look best in 9.5″ or 10″ rises.

    3. I’ve wondered too?? although I think I’m long waisted as a low rise jean cuts me off . I think it’s the length from your crouch to the belly button. Usually mid rise feels the best .. clarification would be good..

  16. Even though there were misses in this try on its nice to see bright colors and transitional pieces.. I’m so over winter but it’s still cold here and yes more snow starting tomorrow into Sunday( 10-20 cm) after we just got rid of the stuff and could see green again.. uggh . Try a smaller lantern in black with white candle and watch the heights. Usually 3 heights recommended. Also the container the plant is in may be throwing things off too? If you have silver or golds in your foyer already maybe try one of those.. also another thing to try  might be where the table is round a taller item in the middle. Good luck with it I’m sure you’ll come up with something. By the way your looking great:) 5 lbs can make us feel so much better.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Funny…when I looked at your pic of the gray cropped jeans, I immediately noticed the white marks near the ankle before reading your commentary.  I’m not a fan.  I thought it was a mistake, but you called it quality workmanship. Yesterday people could not decide between the good whiskering and the bad whiskering. Maybe things like distressing and whiskering are in the eye of the beholder 

  18. Nice stuff but way to high end/expensive for me. I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s items. I do however own those LINEA PAOLO wedge sneakers and love them. So comfortable and I highly recommend but I found them at Nordstrom Rack at a reduced price last year and will definitely wear them again this spring. 

  19. I love the try on hauls, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I appreciate all your time in putting these posts together. I have to say that I didn’t like any of the sweaters in this post. The jeans and the footwear all looked great.

  20. Absolutely love those grey Linea Paolo wedge sneakers on you! I just joined the wedge sneaker club and ordered the camo Linea Paolo Felicia ones that were on sale! Can’t wait for the snow to clear up so I can start wearing them.

  21. I just love that bright pink on you. Very flattering color. I’m not a fan of the white button front jeans. The eye is drawn right over to that area maybe because the buttons are so prominent? We’ve still got some cold times coming here so I’m still enjoying looking at sweaters.

  22. I like you in the plaid blazer! Too bad it felt cheaply made to you. I saw it in the website last week and almost ordered it. I love blazers though. I’m currently looking for an updated black blazer to wear with jeans. 
    We had a beautiful 80 degree day with a nice  breeze today, so I’m ready for spring clothes. 

  23. Have you seen the new LOFT program of getting a few pieces, wearing them and then switching them out? I would love to see how it really works! Are you interested in trying it?

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