Two Questions

Yesterday June got 200 comments on a post when she asked her readers to tell her their age.  TWO HUNDRED.  Y’all.

Now, my mama always told me that a lady never reveals her age or her dress size, so it never occurred to me to ask such a personal question here on ye olde blawg.  But if June can do it, I can do it, so here goes. 

How old are you? Inquiring minds wanna know. 

I’d also love to know what state or country you live in. Ready, set, GO!

Don’t let me down, y’all.

And now that you’re here, let me tell you a funny story. 


A few weeks ago, I arrived at the Philadelphia airport after one one of my trips, I can’t even remember which one, how sad is that?  I took the shuttle to my car, and when I opened my door, I noticed a folded Post It Note on my seat.  I didn’t think much about it, climbed in, and drove off.

On the way home I called my husband and asked if he needed me to pick up any groceries.  Of course he did, so I stopped at the Acme and hopped out to get a few things.  I was wearing a black dress and a little green sweater wrap and silver sandals.  I remember thinking that I’m never this well dressed at the grocery store.  I admit it, I was feeling cute.

I walked up and down every aisle, smiling at everyone I passed.  My trip had been fun, my time away relaxing.  I was in a good mood, shiny happy people and all that.

Then I wandered into the wine store that is next door.  I was standing in the checkout line when a man behind me said, “Excuse me.”

I turned and smiled.

“You.  Um.  You have something on the back of your dress.”

I turned around and there it was — that bright yellow Post It Note from the seat of my car, stuck to my hiney.

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  1. That’s just God’s way of keeping us humble, ain’t it? Haha

    Oh, I’m 34 and have never been afraid to reveal my age, I wear it like a badge of honor…lol, and I live in Massachusetts.

  2. For the next 3 days, I’ll be 29. Then on Monday I hit the big 3-0!

    I live in northern Virginia but plan on moving back to Tennessee later this
    year or early next year. 🙂

  3. I loved the story! I’m 30 from Louisiana. How old are you? :). Age is just a # in my opinion. My grandmother used to answer that question with “I’m as old as my teeth”. It drove me crazy!

  4. I’m conflicted about this competition because I was a Bye Bye, Pie! reader first and I don’t like to choose sides. I didn’t even vote in that whole Team Henry/Team Francis/Team June fiasco.

    I also tend to be very compliant so I’m answering your question anyway. I’m 39 for a few more months and I just moved this summer from the Boston area to Louisiana.

  5. Im feeling young.. I am 26 and live in your home state of VA 🙂

    The post it note story cracked me up!

  6. Just turned 32 and I live in PA. Pretty close to you me thinks.

    Love the post-it story. Totally LMAO right now!! Reminds me of when I was in college… I had this papsan chair that I threw everything on–clothes, books, bag, whatever. So, one day I grab my bag and start walking down the middle of campus to class. I look down and THERE IS A BRA STUCK TO THE VELCRO OF MY BAG!!

  7. Love the post-it. Wonder how many people in the Acme saw it and didn’t say a word.

    I’m 38 for 3 more months – ugh. And I’m your neighbor, in case you forgot!

    See you tonight – don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes!

  8. That post-it note story is too funny!

    I’m 31. I’ve lived my whole life (except for college) in the Philadelphia area – but you already knew that 🙂

  9. 39!
    i’m always shocked when i go to a site and they regularly get 100 + comments. then i read the posts and think, what are they doing to solicit that many comments? sometimes i just don’t get it. maybe they just have a huge family and they’re all reading.

  10. Good story! I was in a mall with my family when a woman approached me to let me know that my zipper on my jeans was unzipped and you could see my underwear. How nice is that? Leave it to the kindness of a stranger to tell you your panties are hanging out when your own family has no clue! Geesh. My most embarrassing story there for you.

    Oh and I’m 48.

  11. In theory, I’m not ashamed of my age. But as I passed 40 and the “4” got blearier and started to look like a “5,” I’ve become more reticent. And I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling ambivalent about my age.

    I’m 49, and I live down the highway from Jo-Lynne.

  12. I’m 29 and live in good ol Pennsylvania on a rowdy street with horrible neighbors! 🙂
    I think tonight you should try the post it note look with your pink shoes. It will be all the rave!

  13. I’m 38. Holy moley. And I live in VA. Would you like my dress size, too? 😉

    I laughed at the thought of you walking around feelin all cute in your cute outfit, with a post-it note stuck to your hiney. That is too much!

  14. Reading down through I thought I was going to win and be the oldest, but then I found someone my age!!
    I’m 49 from Maine.
    Thanks for keeping it real with your story!

  15. That story is funny enough to link up to my Friday Funnies Meme today! LOL I love it.
    Oh and I’m 39 and live in Florida. I’m sure you can guess what country that’s in! LOL
    Hugs to you.

  16. I’m 34 and I live in Texas.

    I can relate to your story because yesterday I had my husband helping me look for my sunglasses–and I was wearing them. Not on top of my head, either.

  17. That happened to me recently except it was the little sticker that they give you in the church nursery with your number on it. NO ONE told me it was there! NO ONE!

    I am 34 and live in Maryland.

  18. I’m 34 and I live in Sweet Home Alabama.
    Excellent story, my friend. Almost as good as the time I was in 2nd grade and had to sneeze. The class was having SILENT reading time so I held in my sneeze. Except when you hold in a sneeze, air tends to escape one’s body from another location. And loudly. Um, yes, you are thinking correctly. And did I mention it was SILENT READING TIME?
    Most embarrassing moment EVER.

  19. 33 – Charleston, WV

    When I was in my early 30’s I had my very first real job, fresh out of college. I dressed for work, not because I had to, I WANTED TO. I had bought a new dress and I was looking FINE. I was on my lunch break at the mall near where I worked. I walked in, stopped at the potty and went looking for something to eat. I walked the entire length of the mall before someone told me my skirt was tucked into my house and my butt was hanging out. I don’t think I’ve worn hose since then. Hiney out happens

  20. I just turned 32, but sometimes I forget my age and wonder how I have two kids and why my mom and dad aren’t more concerned about where I am.
    I live in North Carolina.

  21. I think I may just be the youngest so far, a mere 20. A Washingtonian to boot.

    I always find that post-its don’t stick that well…apparently they got stickier…

  22. I’ll be 40 next month and I live in North Carolina.

    Better a Post-It Note stuck on the back of your dress than a booger hanging out of your nose!

    (Yes, I’m almost 40 and I said booger!)

  23. I am 37 and I live in Frederick, MD. And how hilarious is the post it? I have been there. I am sure it just drew more attention to your toned backside, right?

  24. You youngsters! I’m 58 (didn’t see any other commenter THAT old) and I live in Iowa. I posted one of June’s 200 comments yesterday so I just had to post here.

  25. LOL! Post-it notes, who knew they were so dangerous.

    Like I told June, I’m 40, even. 😀

    BUT she did not ask where we lived, maybe she doesn’t really care about her readers after all (oh HAI JUNE!).


  26. I’ve never quite understood the don’t tell your age thing… does not telling change how old you are? And if you could change it, would you? I wouldn’t. I might like to have my figure from my early 20s, but I wouldn’t trade the maturity I have now and hope to have more of as I get older. 🙂

    I’m 37 and I live in CO.

  27. I feel like I´m one of the oldest here. Will you tell us who´s the youngest and who´s the oldest and get an honorable mention? 🙂
    I´m 48 and live in Paraguay. Yours was the first blog I was hooked on! 🙂

  28. Ok, I´ll play. But I feel like I´m one of the oldest here. Do we get an honorable mention if we´re the oldest or youngest?? 🙂
    I´m 48 and live in Paraguay. Yours was one of the first blogs I got hooked on.
    I hope you get 200 comments too! 🙂

  29. First of all, that June is FUNNY. I need to be following her every day.

    Second that story is so cute with the post it note. Something I would do!

    I am 39.
    I live in the great state of North Carolina, USA!

  30. 35 years old…moved from Ohio to South Carolina to North Carolina all within the last year. (yep, up for “wife of the year” in my hubbies eyes LOL )
    Love your posts on healthy eating …I’ve started reading Real Food because of it!

  31. I’m 29 and live in Norristown, PA (outside Philly). Now I’m feeling guilty for not commenting on June’s question… sorry June!

  32. I am 32 until Nov… I always forget how old I am and when people ask I feel put on the spot. I usually stammer, rack my brain, do some math and figure it out. All the while looking like a big idiot. Who really can’t remember how old they are? Me.

    I live in Seattle, but I wouldn’t call it home. We have lived here for three years but are not entirely sold yet. I don’t know where I would call home because I like to move around so much. I have where I was born, where I grew up, and then where I moved to every year, or less. There must be a bit of gypsy in me. The moving part, not the steal your wallet part.

  33. I am 26, but in denial, so I celebrate turning 23 every year. I wonder how long I can get away with that??? I live in Chattanooga, TN!

  34. I’m like a woman when it comes to my age..I guess because I remember how horrified my own mom was when she turned 30 lol

    I am older than 30 but less than 40! LMAO

    ROFLMAO@your post it note story!! too cute..thanks for sharing

    I’m from South Carolina

    Here’s my part towards your 200!!

  35. I’ll be 38 for a few more weeks. I live in Virginia. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at another post-it note with a straight face!

  36. Funny story! And thank you again for all your help the other day!!! YOU ARE AWESOME! I’m 40 and live in Texas

  37. I am 44 and I live in North Carolina and I’ve now got 250 ding-dang comments. For some reason people like to tell their age.

    And I saw what you wrote, Darla! See if YOU ever get any of my free M&Ms!!

    And dcr, you understand it’s a Post-it and not a posterior-it, right?

  38. I’m 35 and from the great state of West Virginia.

    (For some reason, I feel like the contestants at the beginning of Miss USA where they say “I’m Julie such and such, 35 from West Virginia… as the music plays softly in the background)

    Your post-it note story reminded me of the time I was standing in the check-out line at the grocery store and a nursing liner fell out of my pants leg. I dunno. Things like that always seem to happen to me. I just shake my head and go on.

    Oh, and I so hope you get your 200 comments.

    Age and Location. Who knew it would be such a hit? Maybe I’ll try that next week. Perhaps all 8 of my readers will comment that day! =)

  39. I’ll be 33 in a few short weeks, but what makes me feel old…ish is the fact the my son will be a teenager next birthday. I live in good ol’ historic PA, in a farmhouse 2 centuries old, and I do not support the Eagles signing Michael Vick (if you live in PA, it feels obligatory to reveal where you fall on that issue today).

  40. I’m 29 and in Orange County CA! That’s right I’m a real Orange County Housewife 🙂
    The question is “Did the post-it say anything?” Because it would be even funnier if it ‘pick up tampons’ or ‘easy mac’ or ‘meeting at 4pm’ or… geeze… I could go on and on and it isn’t even that funny!

  41. I guess I’m the oldster in your group at 63 but young at heart as I love your blog. I live in Georgia.

  42. Never understood why people don’t want to give their age. Maybe I’ll change my tune when I start to feel old. Until then, I’m happy to share… 36 and we just moved to South Carolina.

  43. I will be 31, one week from today.
    We are from California. My husband is in the Navy, so for 3.75 more months we live in Sicily. In December we’ll head stateside and live near Wash, DC.

  44. I am 24 and from SC! I found your website through June and have just started reading it. I like your post it story, funny!

  45. Love your blog! You make me laugh. You make me shake my head in wonder. And you are always entertaining and informative. Thanks for putting yourself into your writing.

    Oh, and I am 35 and I live in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas.

  46. Hey Jo-Lynne! I’m looking forward to a huge surprise party for my 40th next year. Since I hate even numbers and it’ll be the kick-off to an even generation for me, I better have the best party evah!

    As far as where I live… I’m about 30 minutes from either downtown Salt Lake City or Park City, UT right at the base of the mountains :).

    Thanks for asking!!!


  47. I am recently new to your blog but have fallen in love with it.
    I am 26 living in the great hometown of Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Ar.

    As far as embaressing moments go, mine and Mr E.’s first real date was to this great little owner operated frech restaurant in our home town in La. Now this is our first real date mind you and im dressed to kill in tight jeans and heels that showed of my legs quiet well. As we sit down I tuck my right leg underneath me (booth styl seating something I have always done …up till this night and never again)…well my nice stellto heel grabs the seam of my jeans and RIP!! I immeditaly turned 20 shades of red, had him walk around and see how bad the damage was…it was collasel!! We eat our dinner we with me dreading the bill coming because I know that I will have to walk out the crowded restaurant with my semi naked booty hanging out of my jeans. *hangs head* I too this day have never set foot in that restaurant again lol..but hey he married me despite the incident…or was it because of it. I shall never know.

  48. Hi! I am 33 years old, and am from San Diego, home of the Chargers…yeah I am a little psyched for their first preseason game tonight! Good luck on your 300, I just started blogging last month and get so excited if I get even 1 comment, so this is really cool.

  49. At least your dress wasn’t tucked into your underwear. Didn’t happen to me but to a college friend – she thought all the looks were b/c she was all cutesy. Nope they were pointing at her exposed bottom. Taught me a lesson -always check your backside after going to the restroom. I’m 38 and live in VA.

  50. I’m a copycat of your 5th comment up there…31 from Tucson Arizona. But you already knew that.

  51. Woo! Looks like I win the title of youngest (so far) 😀 I am 19, and I am from Philadelphia, PA. But I’ll be 20 in January 🙂

    My boyfriend kindly told me before I left the house for work the other day that my scrub pants were on inside out. Thank God. That would have been embarrassing.

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