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It’s not too soon to start thinking about the upcoming spring holidays. I am SURE spring is just over the horizon… I will keep telling myself that even though it’s supposed to snow again later this week. Gahhh…..

Are familiar with Dayspring? They are the Christian division of Hallmark, and they make tons of adorable gift items in addition to cards with a faith-based message.

Every month they have a few items they put on “Monthly Special” at a deep discount, and this month this Redeemed – Hope – Vintage Glass Vase has been reduced from $14.99 to $6.99!

How adorable is that?? I am buying them UP. You can fill them with flowers and use them as an end-of-year school teacher and/or Sunday School teacher gifts. You can give them for Mother’s Day or Easter.

vintage glass vase dayspring

This heartfelt expression of confidence in God along with vintage-style charm makes this glass vase a lovely gift that can easily be personalized with the recipient’s favorite flower bouquet or favorite filled-to-the-brim wrapped candies! (Personally I’d rather receive a vase full of chocolates than flowers, but that’s just me . . . You can fill it with what ever you want!)

There Is Hope for the Redeemed

Dayspring offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, so I’m definitely going to be buying 9 or 10 of these.

If you don’t want that many but you want the vase AND the free shipping, there are tons more thoughtful gift ideas throughout their site — from Lisa Leonard jewelry to totes and accessories to stationery and journals.

Poke around and you will surely find something you can’t live without!

This is NOT a sponsored post, however it does compensated affiliate links.

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