What A Difference A Day Makes


It is positively AMAZING what 65 degrees will do for a girl’s spirits.  Yesterday was gloomy and chilly, and we spent the better part of our morning at the doctor’s office.  Today it’s sunny and mild, and it didn’t hurt that I got to sleep in till almost 10am.  I feel like a new woman.

The trip to the doctor’s yesterday about did me in.  I knew in my heart of hearts that my daughter wasn’t THAT sick, but she was on her 3rd day of a fever, and since we were going into the weekend I thought I ought to call.  And OF COURSE they wanted to see her.  I mean, what does a mom know, right?  I know.  Liability, schmiability.

If you had witnessed the scene after I informed my 6-year-old that we were going to the doctor, you’d think I had just threatened to chop the head off her favorite American Girl doll.  Evidently the stint at the emergency room at Christmastime where she had to endure a blood draw and a throat swab has scarred her for life.

Finally I managed to convince her that the pediatrician wouldn’t hurt her and if she went with me cooperatively we could have McDonalds for lunch.  Bribery — a mom’s best friend. That should be my tagline.

After sitting in the sick waiting room for 20 minutes and threatening the girls within an inch of their lives if they touched ANYTHING, we were ushered into the examining room where, as I suspected, the pediatrician deemed the fever and cough due to a common virus and instructed us to load her up with Tylenol and fluids and lots of rest and to call if anything worsened.  Gotta love plunking down $10 to tell you what you knew already, but peace of mind, I suppose, is priceless.

On our way out, we passed an elderly woman with a cane.  As we walked by, 3-year-old R said inquisitively, “MOM.  Why she hab dat ting?”

I quietly explained that it gave her stability to help her walk, as I picked up my pace in a vain attempt to make our escape before the bomb dropped.  I knew we were treading on dangerous ground with this line of questioning.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Before we were out of earshot, 6-year-old C replied in her loudest voice, “It’s because she’s OLD!”  At which point I promptly sunk into the floor and died of mortal embarrassment.

And I wonder why I am sprouting gray hairs at an alarming rate.

We did manage to survive the rest of the day, and today everyone is feeling much better.  The windows are open, the birds are singing, and I have this peculiar urge to plant flowers.  Unfortunately that urge never lasts long enough to get me to the garden center and back.  Which is why my yard is the only one in the neighborhood that looks dormant in the dead of summer.  But that’s another post for another time.

I’m finally going to see He’s Just Not That Into you tonight.  I rounded up some girlfriends because my husband would rather stick his finger in an electric socket than view a movie starring both Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.  I can’t wait to see it.  Even if it is a cheesy chick flick, I have the soundtrack committed to memory and I plan to enjoy it in its full glory.  And frankly, the movie could be a documentary about spiders as long as I am in a dark theater surrounded by adults and holding a bag of buttery popcorn.