I knew it was too good to be true. We have been too well this winter.

That’s not to say that we’ve been immune to every germ. You may remember that C was in the ER on Christmas Eve with strep and scarlet fever, not that I received that diagnosis until a week after our visit — when I actually called back to inquire.  Yes, I had to call 7 days later to get results that should have been acted upon within 24 hours.  Thanks to an M.D. in the family, we were able to get her medicated without waiting for the incompetent hospital to get back to us.  Yes, I filed a formal complaint against the hospital and no, I never heard a WORD from them.  And I’m not bitter.  Not at all.  Heh.

Then R had that short-lived puking episode a few weeks ago, but fortunately it was contained and the rest of us were spared.

And yet, considering what others have been dealing with this winter, we’ve been incredibly blessed.

So as not to be excluded from the flu fest, C woke up with a fever yesterday morning and spent all day laying on the couch, alternating between coughing and sleeping.

D got home from school at noon (half day for conferences) and after gobbling a quick lunch, he went over to a neighbor’s to play. When he got home at dinnertime, he looked like a little whipped puppy and had developed a nasty cough. In a stroke of good providence, I had homemade chicken noodle soup on my dinner menu for last night, so after loading the kids up on Tylenol and setting them up in front of the TV with blankets and ginger ale, I set out to make the quintessential comfort food.

Last night was a long one, up and down with coughing kids, but today everyone seems to be feeling chipper.  They are all home from school and sitting in front of the TV at the moment, pickling their brains on Playhouse Disney while I attend to important matters like, um, this post.  AHEM.

Seriously, though, I do have grand plans for accomplishment and fruitfulness today.  I’m homebound for the fourth day in a row, and one would think that the house would be a model of good housekeeping and I would be all caught up on design work.  But sadly, that is not the case.  So with that, I am off to do something productive.  That may or may not include a third cuppa joe.

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  1. My Soph had the flu last week and now Joshua’s sick with a really bad cough…of course Thursday is the only day he goes to school so we are starting out “perfect attendance month” with a bang! BLERGH. Hope yours are well & outta your hair again soon. 🙂

  2. I’ve been right there with you Jo-Lynne. Both of my girls have the flu. Fortunately, they are both feeling much better today. Unfortunately, that means that they are back to bugging each other. But at least the whining has stopped. I’m so very thankful for that! Hope your crew is feeling well soon!

  3. I hope the apparent improvement in health continues. Our allergies are on high alert in these parts, what with the crazy temperature swings and gusty winds.

  4. Poor kiddos……

    I’m housebound every day of the week. Trust me, it does not go hand in hand with domestic cleanliness. Quite the opposite, I’ve found!

  5. 7 days later and YOU had to call?! What in the world would have happened had you not had a MD in the family?! Sounds like the hospital should be held accountable. craziness!

    Sorry to hear about the infestation. Too bad there isn’t a bug man you can call to come out and rid the infestation 😉


  6. Hope they are all better very soon! My son has been home sick too – all week. He finally woke up this morning with no fever, so he will go to school tomorrow. But I can tell that the cough is going to hang around for a bit – and that snuffly nose – ugh.

  7. Ugh. Sickness. It’s the worst.
    We all have colds now, and my wonderful daughter is to terribly cranky I am almost willing to sell her to the highest bidder 🙂

  8. I hate when more than one of them is sick…especially since my kids handle being sick do differently.

    Hope they are all feeling better, and that you got some work done!!

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