What I Wore Lately Vol. 116

Happy hump day, friends! I’ve got a new What I Wore Lately for you today. This is what I wear in the wild, so to speak… I did my best to link up alternatives that are in stock for the older items I’m wearing.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

I wore this outfit to a ladies’ Bible study a few weeks ago. It’s simple, but you know me. I like simple. I find the combination of washed black jeans with brown suede ballet flats pleasing to the eye, and this cashmere fisherman sweater is so luxe and soft.

I also carried an olive green purse, which incorporates another muted neutral tone to the look, and I wore larger than my normal earrings so it wouldn’t look so plain.

Jenni Kayne sweater (S) (budget option) // Fidelity Cher (option) // Marc Fisher flats (8) // J.Crew earrings // similar bag (option)

I toyed with wearing my green quilted vest for another element of interest, and I like it with the ivory sweater and washed black denim, but I felt like it was too bulky and rugged on top for the ladylike ballet flats. I wasn’t in the mood to wear boots, so I went without the jacket and added the olive green bag.

sweater (S) (option) // J.Crew vest (S) // Fidelity Cher (option) // ballet flats (8) // earrings

I threw on my beige trench before I left the house, to make the outfit look a little more complete. Plus, it was a chilly day.

similar trench // sweater (S) (option) // Fidelity Cher (option) // J.Crew earrings // similar bag (option)

I wore this athleisure look to a PT appointment and to work from home on a weekday.

Vuori Halo Jacket c/o (S) // Zella top (S) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // On Cloud sneakers (9) // similar pendant // Lagos earrings

It must have warmed up a bit because I wore this t-shirt and jeans for a while the next morning.

Frame tee in Espresso (XS) // similar Frame denim (29) // Marc Fisher flats (8) // similar belt // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // VE bracelet

And then I changed to take one of my friends out to lunch for her birthday. FYI, this blouse is 60% off at Nordstrom Rack and almost fully stocked. I have more details on this outfit in this post.

Vince blouse (S) (option) // PAIGE denim (29) (option) // taupe booties (8) // similar necklace // earrings // sunnies (option)

This was a casual day working from home, and this sweater is an old Naadam favorite. I really wish they would bring it back. It has the perfect proportions for wearing with modern denim styles.

old Naadam sweater (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (budget option) // Marc Fisher flats (8) // Lagos earrings

I wore this to an early morning Pilates class. Wow, was my hair ever a mess!

Vuori Halo Jacket c/o (S) // Vuori Energy Top c/o (S) // Vuori Clean Elevation Legging (M) (sale option) // On Cloud sneakers (9)

That night, Paul and I went out to dinner and then to watch my daughter perform at a marching band cavalcade. Since we were going to dinner first, I didn’t really want to wear sneakers, so I pulled out these Aquatalia booties from last year’s #NSale.

I can walk easily in them (it’s usually a long walk from parking to the stadium at these cavalcades) and they’re also warmer than sneakers. I found a similar pair on sale right now at Nordstrom Rack.

Everlane Boxy Cashmere Crew (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (budget option) // similar Aquatalia boots (57% off!) // J.Crew earrings

I brought a long puffer coat along for the cavalcade, but I wanted to look a little more elevated for dinner, so I wore my beige trench.

Everlane Boxy Cashmere Crew (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (budget option) // similar Aquatalia boots // similar trench // Coach bucket bag // J.Crew earrings

The next day was a Sunday, and we attended a Fall Fest in the afternoon after church, so I wore a puffer jacket over a fisherman sweater with the same straight ankle jeans.

I wore leather Chelsea boots, thinking they would be easy to walk in and warmer than sneakers. They turned out to be a good choice, because the ground was muddy in spots, and the hard leather upper and rubber soles cleaned up easily.

Gap puffer vest (S) // Jenni Kayne sweater (S) (budget option) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (budget option) // Steve Madden boots (8) // Jenny Bird earrings

This Vuori Halo jacket is getting quite the workout this month! This was another day with a PT appointment; otherwise, I just worked from home.

Vuori Halo Jacket c/o (S) // Zella tee (S) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // On Cloud sneakers (9) // Lagos earrings

I had a photo shoot the next day, and I kept this outfit on afterwards. I wanted some photos of ballet flats with straight leg jeans, and I think this pairing works, but I wonder if I should have sized down in the jeans.

Rails cardigan (S) (on sale at Neimans & Saks) (budget option) // AG Mari straight ankle jeans (30) // Marc Fisher ballet flats (8) // Lagos earrings // similar necklace

I had my upstairs carpets cleaned one day last week, and I just wore my workout clothes until it was time to go to an event at the high school that evening. I couldn’t wear shoes on the wet carpet, so I took this old-school top down selfie in my kitchen.

This lightweight Z Supply puffer jacket is from Evereve last year, and I’ve worn it a few times lately. It’s really nice for fall outdoor activities when it’s not terribly cold out, but you want a buffer from the wind.

Caslon henley (M) // similar Frame denim (29) // similar jacket // P448 sneakers (39) // Gucci crossbody (option) (option) (option) // Lagos earrings // similar necklace

Friday night was Senior Parents Night, and I wanted to look polished and put together but still fairly casual.

I probably should have worn school colors, but I don’t have much red and white other than school-branded sweatshirts that make me feel schlumpy. I knew we’d be in photos, so I decided to wear something I love and feel good in, and I landed on this. It was a warm night, thankfully!

KUT from the Kloth jacket (S) (more sizes) // The Reset tank (S) // MOTHER denim (29) // Dolce Vita boots (8) // similar belt // Lagos earrings // Madewell necklace

This is the only photo we got. I wish I’d taken time to add a bracelet, but I was in a rush, and it slipped my mind. Clearly, Paul didn’t concern himself with wearing school colors either.

And in case you’re wondering, my daughter is not in a traditional marching uniform because she’s in the front ensemble, and they always come up with an outfit that complements the theme of the show.

I wore this casual outfit around the house and to run errands on Saturday, before changing to go to the cavalcade that night.

Splendid tee (M) // similar FRAME denim (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // similar earrings

We thought it might get cold that night, so I changed into a long sleeve top, and I brought a school-branded sweatshirt to wear on top in case I needed it.

Caslon henley (M) // similar Frame denim (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // Gucci crossbody (option) (option) (option) // Lagos earrings // similar necklace

And that brings us to last Sunday! It was raining, again… I think it has rained every Sunday but one for the past three  months. The temperatures were also dropping on Sunday, but the temperature was still mild that morning, so I took the opportunity to wear this short-sleeve cashmere sweater from an #NSale a couple years back.

This peacock color is hard to pair with blue jeans. It looks best with lighter washes, but I didn’t want to go that route to church this week, so I pulled out these PAIGE Claudine ankle flares in the off-black wash.

And I wanted to wear shoes that could hold up to the rain but still look elevated, so I wore my Vince Hilda booties. They’re splurgy, but I managed to snag mine on sale.

old Vince sweater // PAIGE denim (29) // Vince booties (8) (also at Nordstrom) // similar belt // Yurman earrings & bracelet // not shown: taupe crossbody (budget option)

I toyed with adding a necklace, since the outfit is so plain, but I don’t love how it looks with the tight crewneck top, so I ended up going without and adding more of a statement bracelet and larger earring.

Still, I really didn’t love the outfit. I like simple, but it felt too simple.

old Vince sweater // PAIGE denim (29) // Vince booties (8) (also at Nordstrom) // similar belt // Yurman earrings & bracelet // similar necklace

I realized as I was getting dressed that I don’t have any dressier jackets to complete my church and date night looks. Layering is what makes outfits look more stylish and interesting, and I have denim and twill jackets that I like, but nothing in leather or suede. I used to wear a lot of suede and leather moto jackets, but those are feeling tired to me now. Bomber jackets seem more casual than what I need, and I don’t love blazers, so I’m feeling sort of at a loss and bored with my dressier outfits.

I wore my beige trench coat again, but I’d like to have some more elevated jackets that I can keep on inside. I will keep an eye out and see what I can find!

I also felt like my black boots and off-black jeans looked kind of boring together, so when I got back home that afternoon, I tried a few brown options.

old Vince sweater // PAIGE denim (29) // similar Dolce Vita western booties (8) // similar belt

The Western style boots seemed too rugged for the rest of the look, and the brown belt didn’t really look right to me either, so then I tried this dressier style. This is the Truffle Suede, and I really like these, but they run small. I’ve re-ordered in the 8.5.

I changed to a lighter belt, in more of a taupe, but it’s way too light for this. This outfit is getting worse, not better… LOL!

old Vince sweater // PAIGE denim (29) // Dolce Vita pointed toe booties (8) // similar belt

I never did really land on a combination that made me happy, but I’ll work on it.

Okay, enough on that! I had an early morning Pilates class on Monday, so I threw this on, and I ended up wearing it all day to work from home.

I changed to go to a meeting at the high school that night. When I went into my closet to look at my options, I landed on this black shaker knit v-neck sweater that I’ve always loved but haven’t worn yet this season. It’s Vince, and I snagged it on a really good sale a few years ago.

I decided I was sick of my straight ankle jeans, so I grabbed my MOHTER Weekender flares, and then I started looking at my shoe choices.

In an attempt to keep it casual and add another color to the mix, I tried my Aquatalia booties, but this didn’t look right to me. I think it might work if I had lighter hair, but with the black sweater and my dark hair on top of the lighter jeans and lighter boots, I felt like I looked unbalanced.

old Vince sweater (option) // MOTHER denim (29) // similar Aquatalia boots // Jenny Bird necklace & earrings

So I grabbed a pair of black boots and decided to call it done. It was a casual school meeting on a weekday evening, and I didn’t want to overdo it anyway.

I added the mixed metal station necklace for something a little different.

old Vince sweater (option) // MOTHER denim (29) // Marc Fisher boots (8) // Jenny Bird necklace & earrings

And then this is what I wore to Bible Study yesterday. I love this Rails sweater, but it’s longer than what I normally wear, so I paired it with full length bootcut jeans and lug sole boots to create a better vertical balance.

Rails sweater (S) // PAIGE denim (29) (option) // Paul Green boots // Jenny Bird earrings

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photos: Alison Cornell

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19 Responses

  1. I always love these posts! I have the old Vince sweater and I love how you styled it with the black jeans and boots-I actually think that looks very classy! I will say I have tried that sweater with light boot/jean combos but can never get it just right?? lol. If you have any other ideas please share. The sweater is such a great quality.

  2. These posts and your explanations are really helpful to me. I don’t necessarily end up copying the outfits, but it helps me to see how you decide what to wear. Lately, I’m trying to save sneakers and basic t-shirts for only the most casual of times (there was a time I wore them to do almost everything). Your sense of when they are appropriate seems to fit in with what mine is now.

  3. A good post. Nice to know that you sometimes struggle with getting the best outfit too. It can be such a process, but we know when we “nail” it, don’t we?

  4. Love these posts. I agree with other comments that you sharing your thought process helps me to learn too. One of the things I took away is that you realized you wanted a more elevated coat you can leave on inside. Even in the day’s description you started listing what you are looking for in one and that you would keep an eye out for it. I think I jump to buying without giving enough thought to it. But I see that giving it some thought before I buy will help me get what I really want and not have buyer’s remorse later. Thanks for your encouragement, I wonder if I did a what I wore weekly post to myself if it would help me with my own clothes??! Seeing what works and putting thought into what didn’t work. I think I just gave myself some homework!

    1. Good question! I was literally going through this post thinking “does Jo-Lynne have three different pairs of On Cloud” as in different colors of the same style or different styles? I just bought some On Cloud Go and I love them! That was after trying on several pairs to compare. Some felt too high on my ankle/top of my foot.

      1. I have a white pair and a grey/mauve pair – both slip-ons. And I have a black with pink/white sole in a lace-up style. I almost always wear the slip-ons because they’re so much easier to get on and off.

  5. I typically get bored with things after a year or two as well, but I feel like suede and leather moto jackets never go out of style! But I’m also curious to see what you find. I’d enjoy more variety, even if I don’t give up my moto jackets.

  6. You have a faux suede Kut from the Kloth jacket in your cart. I love my Kut From the Kloth Emma green moto I bought during the Nordy sale so much that I went back to buy it in black but it’s sold out now. I’m curious about the Elana and the Edith. Let us know if you try one of them,

  7. Agree with others–these posts are always so helpful! I am eyeing that Vuori Canyon jacket but wondered how easy it is to get on and off–I have a short, old puffer jacket from Uniqulo that is super easy to get on and off over sweaters b/c of the slickness (if that makes sense?) of the sleeves. I think the Vuori would be a much softer material but still wondered if you find it easy to take on and off. And, do you think it could work with casual/jean outfits–or is it really better suited to workout clothing? Sorry–so many questions today! Thanks for doing these posts.

  8. I agree with Michelle on a jacket with easy on and off sleeves and also still eyeing the Vuori jackets, both look nice on you in this post and I was steering towards the Canyon but also like the bomber look of the other one to go with jeans, etc. I love the Vince pullover stripe sweater and how you styled it in this post (last outfit) it really looks slimming and so put together!.
    One other thing, have you seen the Vuori in the color mahogany and does it steer towards more of a brown or burgundy, hard to tell on websites. I have ordered the gray halo hoodie and trying to decide on a contrasting pant. Thanks!

  9. I know what you mean about wanting dressier jackets that aren’t leather. I have filled that gap with faux fur jackets from BlankNYC. I have two older versions, one in green (great for fall/Christmas) and lilac for spring. Now I’m eyeing the white one on Evereve’s website and Nordstrom and Bloomies carries them too. Maybe that seems too fancy, but I think the jackets are cropped so kind of gives it a more casual chic vibe. And they are warm, except they don’t fasten in the front. That doesn’t bother me because I wear them from car to building.

  10. I always find these posts SO helpful! I always appreciate you sharing your thoughts and decision making processes.

  11. I love your What I Wore posts because they are so inspiring. Unfortunately I am still so confused about inseam lengths with low heeled and higher heeled ankle boots. Could you please share your height again and what inseams seems to work best for you?

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