What I Wore Lately

What I Wore Lately Vol. 96

Greetings on this fine Wednesday morning! It’s time for another edition of What I Wore Lately. This is where I round up my everyday looks from the past few weeks and talk about where I wore them and how they came together.

Since these are real life outfits, some of the pieces are old, so they aren’t always in stock, but I’ll do my best to link similar styles.

What I Wore: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

This first outfit is one you’ve seen plenty of times before… it’s one I often revert to when I want to be casual and comfy.

Unfortunately, this sweatshirt is old and I don’t have anything similar to link. This drape neck sweatshirt in Black Wash is a similar color, though, and this sunset pullover is too.

old Rails sweatshirt // MOTHER Insiders (28) // similar P448 John sneakers (39) // LAGOS earrings

We had friends over for dinner one night, and I threw on this black on black outfit. I added my old burgundy suede Tory Burch Minnie travel flats because they’re comfy and I was getting tired of wearing sneakers so much.

old Vince sweater (similar) // old Fidelity Cher (28; similar) // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats (8) // LAGOS earrings

I took this picture when I got back from a run/walk the next day. This is my favorite winter running ensemble, so I figured I’d capture it and link it up for anyone looking for cold weather activewear.

Athleta Inlet Jacket (S) // Athleta turtleneck (S) // Athleta Slash Tights (S) // Brooks Ghost (9) // Balega Crew Socks

I went to the mall by myself that Saturday, and I wanted to wear this turtleneck. I tried it with a few different denim and shoe pairings.

The first combo I tried was the FRAME Le High Straight in Film Noir (new with tags on) and Vince Henderson boots (from last year).

I don’t know if the issue is the jeans or the boots, but this combo seems weird to me. The jeans look too short, and the narrow shaft on the boot looks awkward.

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // FRAME Le High Straight (29) // Vince Henderson Boots (8)

They don’t look terrible from the side and the back, though, and I don’t have any super black straight ankle jeans, so I keep thinking I will need these at some point, but I never end up wearing them….

I decided to see if I had something else in my closet that would work just as well.

I’ve also been holding onto the PAIGE Cindy in Black Lotus for the same reason. I bought them on sale at Bloomies, and I’m afraid the second I send them back, I’ll decide I need them.

They’re slightly longer and wider than my other black ankle length straight leg jeans. They’re more similar to the FRAME Le High Straight in Film Noir, but the wash is a little more distressed, and they have a raw hem. They’re also about an inch longer, and that makes a big difference.

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // FRAME Le High Straight (29) // Vince Henderson Boots (8)

FYI, do not trust the measurements on the Bloomingdale’s website. They’re often wrong, so I’ve learned to cross-check the brand website before sharing with you. It’s really helpful to know your ideal denim measurements when shopping online for jeans. You can’t go by how they look on the model.

In this case, the Frame Le High Straight actually has a 27″ inseam with a 14 1/2″ leg opening, and the PAIGE Cindy has a 28″ inseam with a 14 1/4″ leg opening.

I like this denim and boot pairing a lot better, and I also prefer the subtle contrast between the black sweater and the washed black jeans. They call this PAIGE Vintage denim: “We combined the comfort of stretch with everything you love about authentic vintage denim to create super soft jeans that feel perfectly lived-in from the very first wear.”

This is when I started thinking about keeping these jeans… I always struggle with the Vince Henderson boots, that narrow ankle always looks funny to me with most of my ankle-length or cropped jeans.

I decided to see if the PAIGE Cindy works with my favorite sneakers… but this is definitely a no bueno. I don’t like how they break on top of the foot.

If I keep these jeans (and I did, stay tuned!), I need to remember they are too long to work with sneakers.

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // VEJA Esplar (39)

Next, I tried the AG Farrah Boot in 2 Years Dropout. This is another pair of jeans that I had been holding onto with the tags on, waiting to see if I felt like I needed them… I know, it’s a problem!!!

I really like this look, and I was about to wear it out of the house… I even went on my Instagram Story and shared it!

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // AG Farrah High-Rise Bootcut (29; on sale at Zappos) // Vince Henderson Boots (8) // Kendra Scott earrings

BUT, then I remembered I was planning to try on flat boots at the mall!

I decided I should wear jeans I’d want to wear with the flat boots, so I changed into the AGOLDE Riley and put on my VEJAs.🤪

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jeans (29) // VEJA Esplar (39) // Kendra Scott earrings

Notice how much better these jeans look with the VEJA Esplar than the PAIGE Cindy. Supposedly they both have a 28″ inseam, but there’s a slight difference, and it makes a big impact with these particular shoes.

Okay, moving on….

I wore this outfit to church the next day. A grey sweater and black jeans always works! It was rainy, so I wore my Aquatalia waterproof suede booties. They’re from the 2021 #NSale, but the only similar ones I can find to link are full price.

And yes, the Vince Henderson Boots would have also worked, but I chose the Aquatalia pair because they’re a tad dressier. As I mentioned in my Essential Shoes To Have In Your Winter Wardrobe yesterday, these are the ones I rely on to dress up my jeans when it’s messy outside.

Vince Weekend Cashmere V-Neck (S) // AG Farrah High-Rise Bootcut (29; on sale at Zappos) // similar Aquatalia booties (8) // Yurman necklace // silver hoops // similar belt

I had plans to meet friends for dinner that night, and I wanted to wear my new Tory Burch Chelsea Boots. I knew they looked good with the AGOLDE Riley Long Jeans because I was wearing those jeans when I bought the boots, so I just had to figure out what to wear on top.

My first try was this striped scoop neck tee. I pulled this on and asked my 17-year-old daughter if it was giving her French Girl vibes. Her response was: “Mom, never say French Girl vibes again.” 😂

I like this outfit in theory, but the top is rather body-con, and the jeans are snug in the waist, and I was going out to eat, so… yeah. I decided to try a more forgiving top.

Evereve Elliot Scoop Neck Tee (S) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jeans (29) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // Yurman necklace // silver hoops // similar belt // Warby Parker frames

I pulled out my black Vince Weekend V-Neck, and I felt so much more comfortable. Not only is it not as clingy as the striped top, it’s warmer.

Vince Weekend Cashmere V-Neck (S) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jeans (29) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // Yurman necklace // silver hoops // similar belt // Warby Parker frames

Okay, so this was another casual day working from home. I just got these new VEJA Esplar Sneakers in Extra-White Sable to replace my plain white ones that are 4 years old and starting to look tired. I love the subtle contrast, they’re the perfect neutral sneakers to carry me into spring!

embroidered sweatshirt (S; similar) // MOTHER Dazzler in Riding the Cliffside (29) // VEJA Esplar Sneakers (39) // LAGOS earrings

And I wore this outfit to Bible Study last week. The SOREL Chelsea Boots had just come in the day before, so I was eager to take them out for a spin!

I like how the grey sweater picks up the grey in the boots, and I think this light neutral color palette is so pretty this time of year.

Jenni Kayne Fisherman Sweater (S; Quince option) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jeans (29) // SOREL Hi Line Chelsea Boots (8) // Yurman hoops // LV Graceful PM

This is what I wore to a gym workout the next morning; I don’t always remember to take pictures of my workout looks, but I figure it’s as much a part of What I Wore Lately as anything else!

Those are my computer glasses, by the way; I changed into my regular ones before leaving the house.

Vuori Performance Jacket c/o (S) // Zella Ava T-Shirt (M) // Vuori Elevation Jogger (M) // On Cloud Running Sneaker (8.5)

After the gym, I showered off and put on some makeup and changed into this comfy outfit to work from home for the rest of the day. I love this pink thermal pullover for casual days.

Sundry Pigment Thermal Pullover (1) // MOTHER Dazzler in Riding the Cliffside (29) // similar P448 John sneakers (39) // LAGOS earrings

I wore this cozy look last Friday to the nail salon for a manicure… I chose OPI Funny Bunny for a change! I usually stick with dark, moody colors in the wintertime, but I wanted something light and clean.

Nordstrom Signature Cable Stick Crew (S) // MOTHER Hustler in Au Revoir (28) // Vince Kaye Boots (8) // LAGOS earrings

Paul and I had dinner plans with friends that night, and I almost kept this outfit on because I was comfortable and it was chilly out there.

Nordstrom Signature Cable Stick Crew (S) // MOTHER Hustler in Au Revoir (28) // Vince Kaye Boots (8) // Kendra Scott earrings

But then I decided to try a few other options. This Rails cardigan came in the mail that day, so I tried it on with the same jeans and boots.

This is cute and fun, but I felt very bright.

Rails Josie Cardigan (S; also at Bloomies & Neimans) // MOTHER Hustler in Au Revoir (28) // Vince Kaye Boots (8) // Kendra Scott earrings

I decided to try this sweater with black jeans to tone it down a bit. Plus, they’re a bit dressier for a dinner out.

This is the PAIGE Cindy again. I was curious to see how they would look with my new Tory Burch Chelsea Boots, and they’re a match made in heaven! I’ll definitely be wearing this combo a lot.

Rails Josie Cardigan (S; also at Bloomies & Neimans) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // Kendra Scott earrings

I’m not sure why I didn’t wear that outfit, but I decided to try that Stella striped sweater with these boots and jeans.

This outfit looks good, but I can wear it anytime. I wanted to level up a bit more to go out to dinner.

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // Kendra Scott earrings

That’s when I thought about this floral blouse from Evereve. I pulled it out and changed into dressier boots, and I knew this was the outfit I wanted to wear.

Evereve Reese Floral Print Mix Blouse (S) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // Vince Brannen Booties (8) // Kendra Scott earrings

I added a necklace and a black leather belt and front-tucked the top just a smidge…

Then at the last minute, I decided to swap out the suede booties for the pointed toe leather boots. I don’t know what it is about black suede boots and washed black jeans, but I always feel like it looks a little off.

I like how the leather pair isn’t quite as dark, so there’s less contrast against the jeans, as well as the fact that the black background in the top almost has a faded look to it.

I also think the pointed toe is a little more flattering, although I like the shape of the Vince boots too.

At any rate, this is what I ended up wearing, with my black bouclé wool coat on top.

Evereve Reese Floral Print Mix Blouse (S) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // Nordstrom Damara Pointed Toe Bootie (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // Madewell layer necklace

Alrighty then! Saturday was freeeezing cold, and I had some errands to run, so I threw on this cashmere turtleneck with jeans and my cozy faux fur-lined Sorel sneaker boots.

similar Equipment turtleneck (S; option) // similar jeans // SOREL boots (8) // similar 11mm pearl earrings // Warby Parker frames

I topped it off with my The North Face parka and a cashmere scarf.

TNF Metropolis Parka (M; also at Bloomies) // similar scarf // similar U|R gloves // Warby Parker frames

I wore this dressed-up casual look to church on Sunday. It was another cold day, and I was wishing I’d worn warmer boots, or at least warmer socks.

NAADAM sweater (S) // similar MOTHER Weekender flares (29) // Marc Fisher boots (8) // Sheec Ankle Socks for Booties (M) // Kendra Scott earrings // similar necklace

I also should have worn a warmer coat. The wind blows right through this wool cocoon coat. I love the look, though!

similar J.Crew cocoon coat (6) // J.Crew Factory scarf

This is what I wore Monday after my photo shoot. I love this graphic sweatshirt, although it’s probably too similar to the one with the embroidered sleeves to justify keeping. FYI, I sized up to a medium for a looser fit.

Evereve Raya Sunset Pullover (M) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) // similar P448 John sneakers (39) // similar 11mm pearl earrings

Finally, this is what I wore yesterday to Bible Study in the morning and then to a doctor appointment in the afternoon. I remembered liking this combo from my try-on sesh last Friday night, so I threw it on and headed out the door.

Evereve Stella Sweater (S) // PAIGE Cindy (29; also at Bloomies) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // similar John Hardy hoops // similar shoulder bag

And that’s a wrap for this week! I’m off to get ready for yet another photo shoot… We cut the one on Monday short because it was so cold. It’s a little warmer today, thank goodness!

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21 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 96

  1. Great post, so many options! Are those the On Cloudflow sneakers in Rock/Rose combo and do they run tts and width? I’ve ordered a couple of styles to try that I had to return due to being snug across top of my foot, have a sort of high instep . Love the color of those you’re wearing, On makes so many styles, gets confusing what might work best for me. Thanks!

      1. Thanks for the tip, I do have finicky feet. I chuckle when I think about working as an office assistant many moons ago and we girls wore heels everyday and mostly dresses. I think tittering around in those heels may explain part of my problem but boy did we look good!! lol

        1. I have finicky feet with a high arch as well and have an orthotic for my shoes due to my arch. My go to for exercising (walking, gym workouts) are Brooks Ghost. I just bought the On Cloudrunner Running Shoe, and so far so good! I like a wider toe box and a couple of the other On Clouds were too narrow for me. I can’t remember the exact name because all of the names are so similar!!

          1. Nicole, thanks for the tip, I also love the Asics Gel-Nimbus but will look into the Cloudrunner Running shoe as well. I had also ordered the regular On Clouds but would have to loosen the laces too much which I felt might defeat the purpose of the support needed.

  2. LOVE this post! Happy shopping for me (us) this morning. Lol I love the Marc Fisher boots in cloud suede. The website says they run small and to order half a size up, but it looks like you ordered your normal size 8. Would you say these run TTS?

  3. I think you could do a post (or update an old one) about how much of a difference accessories make to an outfit using the Evereve blouse pictures. As always…fun to see the evolution of an outfit. I’ve learned so much about the process of evaluating what works and what feels off about my outfits. Thank you for talking us through the thought process.

  4. This post continues to be one of my favorites for so many reasons. Knowing the decision making process that you also go through at times is so very helpful. Have a great day!

  5. It was amazing how just switching out a different style/color of jeans really can make a sweater not seem so same old-same old (most of us, instead, would’ve been focused on throwing a different top on lol!).

    While you’ve got it all together and probably look great even if you were reorganizing the garage ha(!): yes, show more athleisure/workout options for us middle-aged bodies. It can be such an intimidating experience when you’re NOT a “vanity size 20 y.o.” and so much of gym culture toward women is constantly objectified — while one actually just wants to take their health seriously in an age-appropriate (yet stylish!), literal, fashion.
    LOVE the look of that maroon-ish jacket with the black running stretch pants.

  6. Love these posts. And your commentary. So real. I lol’d French girl vibes. Gotta love those honest daughters right?!

  7. I always love these posts and the thought process that goes into your outfits! One really knows when an outfit just seems off! I’ve had times I’ve gone out shopping and caught myself in the full length mirror and thought what was I thinking 🙈! The littlest thing or things can make or break an outfit! I will say I love that bright pink rails cardigan on you and it looks so nice with the black denim! I also like the black sweater with the denim. You can’t go wrong with black and a lighter denim!

  8. Just had a nailed it moment. I am wearing the black V neck outfit right at this moment. Top is slightly different since I can’t wear cashmere against my skin. 😢. I love the rails sweater, not too bright for me.

  9. Well,I must say that the outfit you discarded was just perfection to me.I wear my jeans that length,more or less.And it doesn’t look outdated or frumpy to me …I don’t like high water jeans,or ripped ones or cropped ,by the I’m a classic preppy girl through and through.🤷

  10. Jo-Lynne,
    HELP please, I just grabbed this post to write a comment, because your post today is totally blank.
    Very strange as I usually get everything you post with pictures and descriptions. Can you resend it please.

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