What’s On Your Fridge?

Trista at The Pumkin Patch tagged me for a Fridge Meme.  The front of my fridge is bare because it’s stainless.  But I do have a few things attached to the side.  And I still have all my Christmas card pictures hung on the cabinet that encloses my refrigerator.  My husband and kids keep asking me when I’m going to take them down.  I’m thinking sometime between now and when the 2008 Christmas cards start rolling in.

If you want to play along, make sure to link up with Robin at Heart at Home for the chance to win a copy of Clutter’s Last Stand by Don Aslett.

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  1. Pictures on Christmas cards has to be the greatest invention of recent years.

    And I use to have that Leapfrog Fridge thing, but it drove me to the edge of insanity, and it got tossed. The B says ba, the B says ba…

  2. I’m totally jealous that you still have all the letters to that leap frog thing! I try so hard to keep the front of the fridge clear, but things keep sticking to it like magnets. Wait… they *are* magnets.

  3. I think I remember you mentioning before that you are very picky about your stainless steel. It looks great! I think I have the same fridge. My looks horrible. How do you keep yours so nice?? Love your blog!

  4. I love my ELCO stainless steel cleaner. It’s a cream. I rub it down with a paper towel and the cleaner, working in circular motions and up and down, to get all the water marks and fingerprints off.

    Then I go back with a clean paper towel (no cleaner this time) and wipe it with the grain of the stainless (my fridge is up and down and my dishwasher is side to side) until it is polished to a shine. It’s not a big deal, and I only do it once a week or so.

  5. Thanks for participating. We are missing half our phonics letters. I should have kept them on the fridge.

    How do clean your stainless steel? My dishwasher is stainless and a impossible to keep clean.


  6. Oooo! Fun! You must tell us if those leapfrog magnets really are arranged like that usually?

    I wouldn’t take down the christmas cards yet either. I think stuff like that makes a kitchen homey.

    I will play along later today.

  7. I keep our Christmas pictures up until the next round arrives the following year. I do cut out the card parts, so that it is just pictures, but that is to save space. I love looking at them all year and then taking them down at Christmas time in preparation for the new ones.

  8. LOL, no my letters are NOT always like that. In fact, half of them are usually on the floor. One of my kids just did that with them, and it happened to work out right in time for my picture taking! Otherwise, I would have put them all back up there neatly before snapping the shot, but I wouldn’t have put them in ABC order. I’m anal, but I have my limits. 😉

  9. I have that exact refrigerator and didn’t know until it was actually in the kitchen and I was trying to put my hundreds of magnets on, that stainless steel doesn’t do magnets! Nobody told me!!!

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