When Life Is Put On Hold

Yesterday I wound up with a nasty muscle spasm in my back.  I could hardly move.  I couldn’t drive.  I had to call my husband to come home early and pick up my daughter at preschool.  I’m so thankful that he has a job that allows him to help me out when I’m in a bind.

I spent the afternoon on the couch, drugged up with Ibuprofen, nursing my injury with a heat pack, watching recorded TV shows and mulling over the many things I could and should have been doing.

I hate that feeling.  I never sit down and watch TV during the day.  EVER.  I’m always doing something.  I wanted to be working or baking or… anything but sitting on the couch watching TV.  That’s what I do after the kids go to bed at night when I need to unwind.

While I was laid up, a friend happened to call; she asked how I was so I told her the truth.  I admitted I was sitting on the couch feeling guilty about accomplishing nothing, and she said with incredulity, “Jo-Lynne.  This is your chance.  Go take A NAP!”

So I did.  And it was awesome.

This morning I’m not much better, but I can’t stand doing nothing so here I sit, with a heat pack weighting down my shoulders, thankful I have no where to go today and nothing pressing to do.

I wonder, maybe this is all part of The Plan.  Maybe I need to be forced to slow down.  We all know I won’t slow down unless I’m forced to.

Anyone got a good book recommendation?  I’ve got a feeling I’m going to need it.