Will Wonders Never Cease…

Are you sitting down?

Go ahead. Sit.

Okay, so you should know that on Sunday, for exactly the SECOND time in my entire life, I washed a car.

I know it is the second time because I documented the first, right here on ye olde blog. I distinctly remember it because it was one of those posts that I laughed through the entire writing and editing process, and I still giggle when I think about it. I admit to using some creative license from time to time to make my posts interesting to read, but for that post, no creative license was necessary. It was every bit as hysterical in real life as it was in that post. In fact, when I just went to find the post to link to it, I sat here and re-read it and ended up laughing so hard my daughter came from the other room to see what was wrong.

Only me, that’s the only thing there is to say. ONLY ME.

Well, I learned my lesson that day, and I have never again had the desire to wash a car.


Why now? I’m sure you’re a couple of steps ahead of me. Now that I have my new baby, she must be BE-OOO-TI-FUL at all times, but I soon discovered that it quickly becomes cost prohibitive to pay for a car wash every time my baby starts looking dirty here in the Mud Bowl that is Eastern PA in the springtime. And I certainly don’t want a repeat performance of August 20, 2008, especially when it’s 50 degrees outside.

So what’s a girl with OCD to do?

Enter Wash Drops! Wash Drops are this wonderful invention that allows you to wash a car with only one gallon of water and no rinsing. Do you know what that means? Besides the obvious environmentally-friendly implications. That means no hose. And no hose means no possessed snake to attack me with its drenching spray.


On Sunday it was nice out, and my new baby had a thin layer of road dirt that was masking her beauty so I got out the bucket and Wash Drops and went to town. I didn’t even bother to change out of my church clothes; I just went outside and started wiping down the car with the wash drops and drying, as directed, in small sections.

(Church clothes were cords and a sweater and ballet flats — I wasn’t out there in dress pants and heels or anything. But the point is, there is no need to put on a bathing suit or old clothes to wash your car with Wash Drops. You just wipe it down, dry it off, and carry on with your day.  Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy!)

So there I was, in my regular street clothes, wiping down my car, when my neighbors started coming out of the woodwork. As I mentioned, I do not wash cars. My neighbors have never seen me washing a car (fortunately no one was home that fateful day in 2008 when I had the altercation with the hose.) So it didn’t take them long to start making wise cracks.

“Where’s a camera when you need one?” chirped one.

“What’s really entertaining isn’t so much that you are washing a car as what you are WEARING to wash a car,” chimed another.

See, I’m every bit as entertaining in real life as I am on the blog.

Fortunately I’ve never had much trouble laughing at myself, and all comments are made in good fun.

The good news is, Wash Drops work great, and my baby is now all beautimous and glowing. Or, at least, she was until I drove her in the rain on Monday. But fortunately, I have more Wash Drops.

Disclosure: I was sent Wash Drops to try, but this is not a review. I just happen to really love them, and I felt the need to share! And seriously, you REALLY need to go read the post about my last car washing experience to fully understand why I think these are such a godsend.