Winter 2024 Fashion Try-On Haul: Cargo Jeans, Casual Tops & More

Happy Friday, friends! I have the first try-on haul of the new year for you today! These are some new arrivals from Evereve, including this season’s hottest denim trend, as well as a few sweaters I ordered from Nordstrom before the holidays. As usual, I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly…

Winter Fashion Try On Haul: Evereve & Nordstrom

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

This time of year, I’m always looking for a few new tops to refresh my winter wardrobe, usually in brighter colors to offset these dreary January days. I’m also keeping an eye on new denim styles that might transition me into spring. Let’s start with my favorite, denim!

MOTHER The Pixie Dazzler Ankle Fray in Night Shadow

at motherdenim.com (29) // in Not Guilty at Revolve (29) // Vince Oasis (39)

I’ve been desperately seeking more straight ankle jeans to wear with sneakers, since that’s the denim/shoe combo I gravitate to most these days. I’ve tried so many jeans, but I keep coming back to the MOTHER Dazzler – a mid-rise slim straight ankle jean. It just seems to work best for me.

My only issue is, I really prefer a higher rise (most MOTHER Dazzlers have a 9 1/2″ rise), and while it’s not as current as a finished hem, it seems like the raw hem styles look better, but they’re getting harder to find.

SO! When I came across this MOTHER The Pixie Dazzler with a 11″ rise and a raw hem in this fabulous faded black wash, I ordered them on the spot.

Unfortunately, they are low inventory, and I’m not seeing them anywhere else. Given that exposed button fly, they might be an older style, but I don’t care. I love the fit. They are practically perfect in every way.

The one drawback is the fabric is not as soft as my other MOTHER denim. It’s 84% Cotton 10% Modal 4% Polyester 2% Elastane, so it’s not that it doesn’t have enough stretch. It just isn’t very soft.

I think that’s because black denim never is as soft as blue denim. It must be something about the dye, although I will say, the AG Mari in City View is very comfortable.

VERDICT: Despite that, I decided to keep them because I need a more casual pair of straight ankle jeans to wear with sneakers, and I’ve searched high and low without finding much that excites me. Plus, they were on sale, so yeah. These went right into my closet!

Audrey Colorblock Tee

at Evereve (S) //MOTHER Pixie Dazzler (29) // Vince Oasis (39)

I’ve noticed some holes in my winter wardrobe – namely elevated sweatshirts and layering tees – and I thought this t-shirt could be a nice option to have.

Here’s the description from the Evereve website:

A ribbed shoulder detail creates the colorblocked design of this easy-to-love tee by EVEREVE. Crafted in soft slub fabric, the Audrey tee features a relaxed silhouette with a crew neckline, curved hem, and long sleeves with ribbed cuffs. Wear it with your favorite jeans, joggers, or cargo pants.

I like the colorblocking on the shoulders and the quality slub fabric, but I’m undecided on that shirttail hem.

I don’t like them when they’re too long, or too exaggerated of a hemline, but this one is 24″ long in the front (not so long that it throws off my proportions) and it has a gentle curve, so I think I’m okay with it.

Because the sides are already shorter than the front, it ends up creating a straight line right across the widest part of my mid-section when it’s front-tucked. #nothankyou

VERDICT: I think I’m keeping this because I need some good layering tees that can also stand alone, and this one fits the bill in both respects. Keep reading to see how it looks layered under a jacket . . .

Varley Gabriel Jacket

at Evereve (S) // MOTHER Pixie Dazzler (29) // Colorblock Tee (S) // Vince Oasis (39)

I didn’t quite get the Varley hype until now. This jacket is so good! I love the ribbed texture, stand collar, shiny silver hardware, and the relaxed slightly cropped fit with banded waist and cuffs. It’s the perfect topper to my casual t-shirt and jeans outfits.

As for the t-shirt, I thought I wouldn’t like the fact that the jacket covers up the fun colorblocking on the shoulders, but I think I actually like how it just looks like a simple slub tee when the shoulders are covered by the jacket.

It’s a simple and easy look, and when you take off the jacket, the extra details on the tee make for a fun surprise. In this case, I did front tuck the top, I like it better with a jacket. I would probably also wear a belt, but it really doesn’t need one.

VERDICT: Definitely keeping this jacket. I think it’s going to be a nice, versatile “third piece” to have as we head into spring. It has a sporty look about it, but it’s still elevated enough to wear with jeans.

THE UPSIDE Akasha Dominique Crew

at Evereve (S) // MOTHER The Pixie Dazzler (29) // Vince Oasis (8)

Last year, I had several “elevated sweatshirts” that I wore over and over again. I thought I kept a few, but the only one I can find is my red hooded one with the stripes on the arms. I love that one, but the hood can get in the way, and I really miss the blue crewneck with the arm stripes and the blue sunset pullover too. I can’t find either, so maybe I donated both? I swear, I thought I kept one.

That’s another one of those occupational hazards, I guess! Many of the items that most women would keep and wear the next year, I tend to donate at the end of a season. I always figure I’ll find something similar the next year, and I prefer to have things I can link.

Well, sometimes, that shopping (donating?) strategy comes back to bite me in the butt. I’m not finding what I want this year, and I wish I had kept that one.

All that to say, I really want some more fun sweatshirts to wear for casual days, so I ordered this cropped sweatshirt by The Upside, but it is waaaaaay to cropped/boxy for me.

I knew it was a gamble, with the 20″ length, and while I love the light lavender color in the 100% Organic Cotton Fleece, it’s just too trendy/juvenile-looking for my tastes. In fact, when I came downstairs in this outfit to get Becca’s feedback, her immediate response was: “I hate those cropped boxy tops!”

Alrighty then. I actually agree with my 18-year-old daughter on something style-related. I’ll call that a win.

VERDICT: Returning. I love the color, and the overall vibe is great, but it’s too cropped and boxy for my sartorial preferences, even with higher rise jeans… See below.

AG Gatina Utility Jeans in Exile

at Evereve (29) // at Bloomies (29) // at Saks (29) // at Nordstrom (29) // Akasha Dominique Crew (S) // P448 John (39)

Cargo jeans are one of the biggest trends going into spring 2024, so of course, I had to try a pair. These are the AG Gatina Utility Jeans, and they have a 31 1/2″ inseam with a 20″ leg opening and a 12″ front rise.

Here’s how the Evereve website describes them:

Add a little edge to your wardrobe with the Gatina Utility Jean from AG, featuring a high rise, full length, and two side cargo pockets.

My initial impression was how amazing they feel on. They slipped on easily, and buttoned comfortably – almost up to my natural waistline. (That 12″ inseam feels amazing!)

The fabric is 72% Cotton, 26% Lyocell, 2% Spandex/Elastane Denim; so it’s super soft and lightweight. That, along with the way they fit so nicely at the waist and loosely through the legs makes them so incredibly comfortable. I did not want to take them off!

But… I’m just not sure I’m ready for this style. They look sloppy to me (although maybe not if I hem them to the right length to wear with these sneakers?) And then the cargo pockets just seems kind of silly and try-hard.

There was a time in my style journey that I would’ve said I’m getting too old for such a trendy look, but now I realize it’s more of a personal style situation. There are women in their 50s who can certainly rock the baggy cargo jeans with panache, but I’m not sure I am one of those women.

I always go back to my style guideposts (the three words I use to define how I perceive my personal style and how I want to look) when I’m assessing a new piece of clothing or an outfit I’m not quite sure about. My three words are: modern, polished, and understated.

These jeans are definitely modern, but I’m not sure I consider them a polished look, although maybe that’s because they’re too long on me. They’re good quality denim, so maybe it’s the fact that they aren’t what I would consider “understated” that is getting to me… They are sort of attention grabbing.

That got me to thinking that maybe my style words are off, and I need one that’s a little more along the lines of classic or conservative because I don’t always feel authentic wearing uber trendy, faddish type of styles. I doubt this one will last more than a couple seasons. Or, maybe I’m just a late adopter, and I need to wait and see if this style sticks around before I decide to embrace it.

All that said, I did want to play around with them a bit, so next I tried them with a top that is more my style.

I was excited to get this stripe sweater in, but it’s not as boxy as I was envisioning. I don’t hate that about it, but I’m not sure I like it with these jeans.

So next I tried them with a more fitted top because I like how Anthropologie styled these jeans into a more elevated look. Maybe that is how I should wear them, although I really wanted more casual everyday jeans in my closet to go with sneakers.

This rib knit polo is also a new addition that I’m trying out. I like the way it shapes my body when it is untucked like this, but I know “the look” is to tuck.

The problem is, I just don’t like how I look in tucked-in tops. This does nothing for me.

Looking at this picture, I’m reminded of Jen’s (Everyday Style School) tip about horizontal lines:

Never put a horizontal line across the widest part of anything… unless you want it to look bigger.

That’s exactly what a full tuck does to me. The waistband of these jeans goes right across my middle-aged middle. Granted, it isn’t the widest part of my body (that is my hips) but it still isn’t an area I want to draw attention to.

My natural waist is much higher than the waistband of these jeans… that’s true even with higher rise jeans. If I put a belt (i.e. a horizontal line) across my actual waist, it would be right under my boobs… not a good look either.

And that concludes this lesson in Why Jo-Lynne Does Not Tuck In Her Tops.

To give them a little more of a chance, I swapped out the sneakers for black ankle boots with a 2″ heel, again, inspired by the model on the Anthro website. I noticed the model on the Evereve website also styled them with a low heeled bootie.

Although I prefer this style of jeans paired with sneakers, as shown on the Nordstrom model, these definitely look better on me with the boots because it makes them closer to the right length.

This at least gives you a better idea of how they should fall with the sneakers, and how they might look if I had them hemmed.

To up the ante even more, I added the Rails Cheyenne wool blend jacket to give the outfit a 3rd piece and the visual interest of a more layered look.

I mean… I dunno. I kind of like it. What do you think?

VERDICT: I really want to like these jeans, but I need to play with them some more and get used to the idea.

There have been times in the past when I felt this way about a new style of jeans and ended up totally embracing it… Those MOTHER Insiders come to mind. So I’m going to play with these some more and see how I feel over the next couple of weeks.

Hartley Stripe Pullover

at Evereve (S) // AG Jeans (29) // P448 John (39)

Okay, so back to this stripe pullover. I like the quality, and it’s very soft (50% Rayon, 30% Polyester, 20% Nylon Knit). I also like the color palette and design of the stripes, as well as the 22″ length and the split hem detail.

I expected it to be boxier, due to how it looks on the models, so at first I was disappointed, but I actually think I like the fit. It’s flattering and in line with my modern, polished, and understated style goals.

Speaking of which, here’s how it looks with a classic straight ankle jean in a medium blue wash.

I like the sweater with this style of denim but not so much with this wash. I prefer more contrast with a black sweater, so I need to try it with some of my lighter washes.

Even though I like how it looks untucked, I tried the front tuck, as shown on the website… But why? I do not understand why they did that with this particular sweater.

Maybe it fits looser on the twiggy models, so it makes more sense on them, I dunno, but I prefer to leave it out.

VERDICT: I think I’m keeping this sweater, but I want to try it with some lighter wash denim, and also maybe with black.

Good American Good Legs Straight in Indigo 511

at Evereve (8) // P448 Monza (39)

These are the other jeans I ordered from Evereve. The darker washes are coming back into style, and I’m itching for some variety in my denim wardrobe, so I ordered this Good American pair to try. Here’s the description:

These Good American jeans will be your go-to denim staple. Finished in a versatile blue wash, these flattering slim straight jeans feature soft denim fabric and ankle-length hems with a hint of distressing. Pair them with everything from a blouse and heels to a shacket and sneakers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Good American jeans, they’re designed with a no-gap waistband, and a really good amount of stretch to hold and mold. The fabric is usually thicker than most, but it’s very stretchy and never bags out.

These have a 27 1/2″ ankle-length inseam and a 10 1/2″ front rise, which is pretty versatile for most of us. I really like the way they fit, and I like the wash and the finished but slightly distressed hem and the comfortable rise. They fit well through the rear, as well.

I feel like these are a good versatile pair of straight leg jeans, and the color is sort of where things are going for spring.

I like the darker washes with brown shoes and boots, so I swapped out the sneakers for my Marc Fisher brown suede ballet flats, to see how I like that look. I also changed into a sweater I might wear with this outfit. I really like this look!

Next, I tried them with my brown Paul Green lug sole boots… and this works too! Even though I have lots of jeans to go with heels, and I really wanted these to wear with flats, I’m happy they can go both ways.

That’s about when I noticed that the left leg was doing this really annoying twist… I had a pair of jeans a few years ago that did this, and I finally had to donate them because it drove me crazy. Can you see it?

It’s not that the sight of it makes me crazy; I know no one else would ever notice. But I can feel it… and that, my friends, is a deal breaker.

VERDICT: Sadly, these will have to go back. I may try another pair, but I think I did that the last time this happened, and they all did it. It’s really a bummer because I love these jeans. I’d love to know if anyone has them, and if they twist on you too.

Faith Stripe Brushed Hoodie

at Evereve (S) // Good American Good Legs Straight (8) // P448 Monza (39)

Back to trying to find some more elevated sweatshirts that will transition well to spring, I also ordered this stripe brushed hoodie from Evereve.

I have a love/hate relationship with hoodies; they get in the way of my hair and make it uncomfortable to wear coat, but I do like the sporty vibe.

This one is super soft inside, but it’s a little longer and more oversized than I expected. It doesn’t do much for my vertical proportions, but do I care? It’s SO comfy!

VERDICT: I’m undecided on this one. I sort of want to overlook the balance of proportion issue and just enjoy it for what it is… but it’s pricey for a top that I don’t 100% love. I wonder how it would look with white jeans this spring. Hm… That could be cute! Let me know you think.

Marine Layer Deserae Rib Long Sleeve Polo

at Nordstrom (S) // AG Jeans (29) // P448 John (39)

Here’s more on that Marine Layer sweater that I showed above. I bought this top, along with a few others, from Nordstrom right before Christmas and never got the chance to try them on.

This is a really nice quality top, and a nice fabric (60% viscose, 28% polyester, 12% nylon). I like how the flat ribbing helps to create the lean, figure-skimming fit, and the Johnny color is right on trend, yet still a classic style that has a bit of a timeless appeal.

The 24″ length is okay untucked, but the body-con style allows it to tuck easily, if you like that option.

VERDICT: I am probably keeping this, but I want to try it with some of the other denim in my closet and be sure I like that body-con fit.

Treasure & Bond Rib Polo Sweater in Ivory Egret

at Nordstrom (M) // Good American Good Legs Straight (8) // Marc Fisher flats (8)

This is a similar style to the Marine layer one above, but I don’t like it as well. The fabric isn’t nearly as nice, and while their length measurements are the same on the Nordstrom website, it seems longer.

I tried a front tuck, but no. I feel like the front tuck looks best with tops that have a bit of a drape, and this stretchy, ribbed fabric does not lend itself to draping.

The full tuck doesn’t do much for me either. All I see is my mid-section. (See above lesson Why Jo-Lynne Does Not Tuck Her Tops.)

VERDICT: This top is going back.

Vince Camuto Stripe Polo Sweater

at Nordstrom (S) // Good American jeans (8) // Paul Green Selma Lug Sole Bootie (8) // Jenny Bird earrings

Okay, last one! I also ordered this top from Nordstrom back before Christmas, clearly I’m having a bit of a moment with collared sweaters.

This fabric is thinner than the ones above, with a more relaxed shape, and I really like the easy fit and 22 1/2″ length. The Johnny collar lays flat and doesn’t interfere with my hair, and the split neck opening is modest.

I also like the design of the stripes and the ribbed waistband and cuffs. The way it’s designed with the ivory at the bottom, instead of the black, makes it easier than the Evereve Hartley Stripe Pullover to pair with different color bottoms because I don’t have to think as much about the denim wash. They all create a nice contrast with the ivory.

VERDICT: I think I’ll keep this one. I need more tops I can just throw on and go with a pair of jeans, no fussing with tucking or anything. It’s a little pricey for what it is, but I like the styling and the ease of it all, and that makes it worth it to me.

I always feel like I’m in the last half-mile of a marathon when I get to the end of writing one of these posts. I want to stop and take a break, but I know I better not stop or I’ll never finish.

If you’re looking for a few new pieces to update your winter style, or just want to live vicariously through me, I hope you found this post helpful in some way… or at least entertaining at my expense! 🤪 Have a great weekend!

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0 Responses

  1. Totally agree the jeans twisting- it’s one of those small things that frustrates me! I’ve donated several pairs of jeans because of that issue. what causes that? The jeans that did it on me fit otherwise, which is why I wonder if it has something to do with fabric or construction?

    1. Totally agree, drives me bonkers! I assume the front and back pieces of fabric weren’t perfectly lined up when they stitched? I would be interested to see if it’s a one off issue.

    2. It has to do with how they are cut. If the pattern is not on the straight of grain, it will twist like that. Manufacturers cut out layers of fabric at a time and it is easy cut some off grain.

  2. Fun post and thanks for sharing new jean styles. I think the cargo jean could be cute on?….I feel like there is denim fabric overload and looks too baggy for my tastes but might be good for someone else. I like the Dazzlers on you!

  3. I like the idea of cargo jeans too, but I’d have to find the right pair. I have 3 pairs of wide-leg jeans, all of which are slightly narrower at the thighs than the hems. (I easily tried on 20 pairs over several months.) I found that because I’m short-waisted and have muscular legs, I like this variation much better on me. I like the idea of looking modern (my 2 college-age nieces both commented on my stylish wide-leg jeans when I saw them for the holidays.) but I also want to wear clothes that I feel good in when I look in the mirror. I’ll be on the hunt for a pair of cargo jeans that are similar to my wide-leg jeans.

  4. I actually like the AG cargo style jean and I’m tempted to order and try. The wash looks totally different on the different store websites though. Would you say it’s a medium denim wash color? Not faded right? I had never tried on the Mother Dazzlers before but did just this week at Bloomingdales because I know they’re a favorite straight leg of yours and look like a good fit for flats and sneakers. Way too short and tight on me. They look like a skinny jean/capri jean on me as they were tight on my calves and hit about 4 inches above my ankle! Again, further proof that we all have to try on a bunch of styles to find our own “holy grail” that works best for our bodies. (I’ve learned that from following you all these years!)
    Which store did you order the AG from?

  5. I always think it’s interesting when you think something looks juvenile….I usually agree. So I was surprised that you don’t think the cargo jeans are juvenile. I think they look try-hard, or would look that way on my at 47. I really like the Good American jeans but fear the twisted seam would drive me crazy too!

    1. Yeah, I’m on the fence about the cargo jeans. I literally came downstairs in them (with that lavender crop sweatshirt) to get my girls’ opinions, and my 18-y/o was wearing her American Eagle jeans in exactly the same style. She did not like the sweatshirt, but all she said about the jeans was, “Don’t wear them on the same day I’m wearing mine!” LOL!

      Usually, when she is wearing a style, that is my signal NOT to wear that style, but as she gets older, I expect our styles might intersect a little more often. I dunno… I feel like I would prefer that same jean without the cargo pocket.

      1. I agree……I thought of Becca when I saw the jeans on you. I’ve seen pictures of her wearing them. They are her age look. I think if you have to think about them too much you won’t grab them. They do look too “try hard to me, for your age. ” But…….. as you say, you need to try new things and wear what you like.

        1. Sometimes I do have to think about things a while, though… it really depends.

          I think the difference between the cargo jeans and those MOTHER Insiders is, with those, I instinctively knew they were very ME, I just felt like they looked a bit outlandish (and maybe a bit too young) with all the rips and tears, and the chewed step hem. But I also really loved them and felt amazing in them, so I eventually decided to just wear them, and they quickly became my most worn jeans. Sometimes it’s just a matter of warming up to a new look.

          I don’t have that same instant love for the cargo jeans. I like the look, but I don’t feel quite so ME in them… Maybe that should be my answer, right there but I am still willing to try them with a few other outfits before making a final decision. The other thing that makes them look different from Becca’s is what I style them with.

          Interesting discussion!

          1. I like a cargo pant but I think the thing with this pair is they are too wide legged. Makes me think grunge. Or, you’re going to start rapping, lol.

          2. Yes, I get that. Just keep and play around with them a bit and see what you come up with. I agree I don’t think you’ll wear the belly shirts the younger wear with them. lol. You always make the right decision and look great so go with your gut.

  6. I love the first outfit definitely a keeper! I just tried a pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans but couldn’t purchase them because of the button fly! It was an exposed one too and it just wasn’t me! For the price I’ll keep looking!
    I like the cargo jeans maybe with a t shirt and bomber jacket and maybe hemmed just a bit although I’ve seen other influencers style them baggy🤷‍♀️!
    Always like these posts! I’m excited to see the jeans that are on trend for this spring! Are the raw hems still trending?

    1. Raw hems, not so much. But I am still wearing them b/c I really like how they look with sneakers. The finished hems make them stiffer or something, and the raw doesn’t seem to create such a hard line where they end… at least, I think that’s what I like about them. I do like the hems on the Good American pair, tho.

  7. The Black Pixie Dazzlers look good and are my best go to for denim style too, but I can’t pay that much for denim. I have a light pair similar from Wit n’ Wisdom, but I need more and would like to try to find a hemmed pair, but the hemmed pair you feature here with the distressed hem you said had the twisted leg thing going on. I hate that too. I noticed that JCrew has that a lot in their tees, so I always try them on and check that out. I hope if you order another pair of jeans it works for you.
    NO, NO, NO on the utility jeans. I don’t like that look on you at all. Seems like what the 20 somethings are wearing and it doesn’t look like you, even when you tried with the boots. I’d stick with your crop straight for sneakers. I’m with you, the body con shirts look best tucked, but I see why you don’t like them with where your waist is.
    YES, on the brushed hoodie. I like the relaxed look and it would work great with leggings to and from the gym too. Have a great Friday. I like these try ons. Fun post.
    I’m looking for Wit n’ Wisdom jeans and white button up if you see any and do any try ons. 🙂 I know neither are your thing, but if you are doing random try on. I like the look of a oversized white button up with ponte or leggings and a jacket. Maybe its dated but I like it.

  8. Hi! Love this post! I think the cargo jeans are really cute on you but wanted to suggest the KUT Jodi Fab Ab Wide Leg cargo jean. It’s a soft denim and is very on trend with the cargo pockets but they don’t have the flap on the pocket. I think that is a better look and is more “low key” for some of us who are “middle age”. Maybe you could check them out and link them if you like them. I too love Mother jeans more than any denim but it’s nice to buy a pair of denim that isn’t as pricey but keeps you on trend with out looking like you are trying too hard. I work at a boutique in Colorado and we have had to restock this KUT jean 3 times because everyone loves them. Thanks for all that you do!!!

      1. Yes! Those are the KUT cargos I was referring to. Did you go down a size? I should have mentioned that. When I buy KUT I always go down a size which is nice!

          1. Yes, Those are the Paige jeans I was talking about. They do look similar to the Laurel Canyon but without the cargo pockets, ha! I have a jean addiction so I would say “why not get both”! Ha! Let us know what you think when you get the KUT’s in.

        1. Also I agree with Debra that doing a milder vs more exaggerated version of trends works better as we age. I think that helps find that perfect balance of current and trendy without trying too hard.

          1. Totally agree Megan! I’m a stylist in Colorado and work at a boutique and most of our clients are a bit older 40’s and 50’s but we do get some 20’s too. It’s fun to see how you can have a similar style as a 20 ish gal but style keep it classy with a bit of an edge and trend!

  9. The cargo jeans, in a light-to-mid wash, need more elevated pieces with them in order to look refined. I don’t think these are the ones for you if you want to wear them with sneakers – maybe a washed black would be better for that look. You’re on the right track with the boots and short jacket.

    I don’t like hoodies either for the same reasons you mentioned, plus I feel like they are going to strangle me. I hope you can find one of the sweatshirts from last year or a suitable replacement.

  10. I agree, those Gatina jeans don’t fit your style. I don’t think it’s so much the fact that they’re not understated as it is the fact they’re not polished. You seem to like to look refined, even when wearing casual clothes, and these look anything but. Both the wide sloppy cut and the cargo pockets are a departure from your style. If you want to try the cargo trend, maybe with a more streamlined pair of pants, so it’s only one element that’s different from your usual? I think they would cut back on the sloppiness factor as well. Also, the proportions would be better. As is, they seem to make your legs look shorter and stumpier. Hope that doesn’t sound critical! (It’s the pants, not you!)

  11. I understand what you’re saying about lines on your body – I am the same way. What if you put on a belt? Would that help or hinder? I can’t remember what Jen from Your Everyday Style says about that but adding a belt was my first thought. Good Luck

  12. Weighing in on the cargo pant debate. 😉 I think they look really good on you, especially with the black sweater/black boots, but if you are wanting them to wear with sneakers, would you choose them if you were going to be “leveling up.”

    I love cargo pants, and I got a pair from the Gap a few months ago, although right now they’re at the tailor’s, because I always have to get my pants hemmed and just put it off. This trend may be gone again in a year or two, but cargos, in one form or another, always come back. I love the current wide-leg version of cargos. My tailor raved when I put them on for hemming.

    1. Ha, answering myself, I just saw Megan’s comment above about the cargo pants making your legs look shorter, and I think that’s why I prefer the look with the boots. They look a little more streamlined.

  13. I don’t love the cargo jeans for any of us. But I will say when you styled it like Anthro — it looked good!

  14. I certainly had some reactions to this post as I was reading. Sometimes I wish there was the ability to comment on each outfit as I scroll, lol. I am not a fan of the cargo jeans. I sent a picture to my husband, and he said he didn’t think they were flattering. I like my outfit to complement my figure, and I don’t think these cargo jeans do that for you. I did see a Kut pair on the Evereve site that is a utility jean look and I could definitely to those because I’m an hourglass and look best when clothes hug my curves, not drown them.
    I’m on the No Tuck team too as I’m short waisted. It’s also why I don’t wear belts and prefer a top I don’t have to tuck or front tuck.
    I love the Insiders as well, and my husband’s not crazy about the step hem but I think they’re cool. The jeans hug my curves, and the step hem shows off my shoes. I wear them with sandals and boots with taller shafts.
    Did you try on the other lavender sweatshirt at Evereve? It was cropped with stripes on the sleeve. It looked cute and I was considering it. Plus lavender is one of my favorite colors.

  15. “And that concludes this lesson in Why Jo-Lynne Does Not Tuck In Her Tops.” (snort)

    I feel your pain as I have the same issue – full busted and very short waisted. If I tuck in a top it looks ridiculous! My long waisted friends don’t understand until I demonstrate – at which point they tell me to immediately untuck my shirt!

  16. While I love those cargo jeans, I do not like how they look on you. I hope that doesn’t sound like an attack, because it isn’t meant that way at all. My 21yo daughter is tall, 5’10ish and has a pair of off white cargos from the Buckle, I don’t even remember the brand, but they are fantastic on her. I tried them on, I’m 5’8″ and AWFUL! She LOVES them and I really wanted to love them. I do think it looked best on you when you had the black polo untucked.

  17. Thoughts on Evere hoodie. I got the Small thinking it would be good although too oversized and did nothing for me. I’ve NEVER worn an XS but after reading the reviews I ordered it. Now I really like it as it looks so much better and YES I thought the same about putting it with white jeans in the Spring/Summer.

  18. Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one that dealt with the twisty leg! Every single pair of Lucky jeans that I bought over the years has done that and I just quit buying them. So frustrating. I love Good American and haven’t had that happen to date, and their straight crop are one of my go to jeans. The full length straight, however, gives me the illusion of standing in a hole LOL!
    Thank you for the great insight on all things fashion.

  19. I don’t like the cargo jeans. In my opinion they’re for teens and young adults. If they were a straight leg style or not as wide they would look better. I love my cargo chinos. They’re both straight leg styles. Today I bought two sweatshirts hoodies in colors outside my comfort zone of fall colors. I took your advice. I like the other jeans and sweaters. I’ve had the issue with the jean leg too. I thought it was just because my jeans were cheap. Quality is going down for sure.

    1. The Kut from the Kloth jeans are cute and more classy. The Gap jeans link you provided doesn’t show a pocket on them. I like them too. But the colors do have the cargo pocket? Kinda of strange.

  20. Love the Varley jacket and going to order it….that looks like one that will sell quickly! I am actually wearing the sunset sweatshirt from Evereve…got it after you styled it….love it! I am hoping you find some other elevated, fun sweatshirts as I would like to get a couple more! I love the pieces I have added to my closet from your links… my favorite are the Sam Edelman trench coats, swimwear, E. Fisher dress and all time fav is the Tommy Bahama wrap
    dress (I wear it with Sam Edelman knee high boots you shared)! Thanks for your great posts!

  21. I noticed the twist in the very first pic. I always check to see if seams “go off” in pants. Sure seems to be a common issue. Wondered if that happened in premium denim and I see that it does! Bummer! Regarding the cargo pants: I think a slim cargo would be cute on you. For a comfy wider leg jean, check out Chicos Trouser Jean. Soo soft, comfy and many washes to choose from. Enjoyed the try on

    1. I was just about to mention the Chicos trouser jeans (considered wide-leg). Back in the fall, I picked up a pair in a darker denim because they came in petite sizes; I’m 5’4” and the regular length was super long on me. The darker ones have been my go-to pair for dressier occasions & I really like them. Last month, I ordered the light wash pair & had them hemmed because they were way too long, even after washing & drying. Those jeans are incredibly soft, and I find myself wanting to wear them all the time. These are very different from my usual style but I’m enjoying the wider legs. They look good with loafers, lug soles ankle boots, and the J Crew sneakers that JoLynne has shown so often (another new favorite for me!).

  22. I have never worn Evereve, but I’m going to try a couple of these tops! And I really like the Mother jeans on you. May I ask what lipstick and color you’re wearing? It’s so pretty!

  23. I hate to be negative but in my opinion the utility jeans are a no go. They read a little too try hard and juvenile. I don’t think they are very figure flattering either. The rest however, are quite flattering.

  24. Late to comment here but I wanted to mention that I would try again with the Good American jeans. I had a twisty leg on a jean, and I just couldn’t stand it, so I returned it to Nordstrom as defective. The subsequent pair in the same brand and style was fine. I love the white Good American Good Straight that you recommended awhile ago and I hope it’s still okay to wear raw hems in the spring because I love the fit. The back view on the Good American is very flattering on you and for that reason alone I would try them again! I have returned many a pair of pants and jeans based on the back view. How is the fit on these compared to the white good straight version?

  25. Speaking from experience, cargo jeans create a column-like silhouette for women who carry any weight at all in the upper body. They also de-emphasize slim, athletic legs. I bought similar jeans because I loved the idea of them. Then I never reached for them because they just didn’t flatter my body. More of a gaucho style can even work because of the balance and triangular shape, but the long, heavy, straight thing isn’t doing us runner girls any favors.

  26. Great try-on session. I love the grey hoodie and could definitely see it in the spring/summer with white jeans or any color jean short or jogger. Very beachy!!! I also have a love/hate relationship with hoodies, and I frequently put my hair up in a bun, or pony when I wear them. I have several cargo jeans from several years ago, but they are not quite as wide. I plan to bring them out in the spring since they are a lighter weight fabric. Glad they are still “trending”. (I dislike that term, but you know what I mean!!)

  27. I love the polo untucked on you! It makes you look long and lean. I can’t tuck anything, it looks awful on me so I’ve given up trying . The jeans with the boots look great. I think a with a little hemming they’ll look great with the sneakers too! it just takes a bit of getting used to with the sneakers.

  28. I totally agree about the side twist being a deal breaker with jeans! So aggravating!
    What is the “tuck of the moment” these days? Half, front, full? Love your try on hauls!

  29. I loved this post and your attempt to try a trend so that we all can see the humanity in fashion wins and misses! 😉 I am a high school teacher so I see this baggy jean trend on the daily and the only way it works is with the right fitted top front-tucked (IMO) and a shoe that has a bit more of a pointy toe – like your booties. Otherwise, we lose your shape and your whole frame just gets lost. I am sure there is a way to jump on this trend with a different pair that are maybe a bit more slim through the leg?? I’ll be watching and waiting! As a cabi stylist, I’ll be on the runway next week at fashion week and see what they are doing with the trend this season! I LOVE the new MOTHERS you grabbed! They are truly the best denim out there !

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