Better Late Than Never?

My Chic Critique partner Megan is very reliable and ALWAYS has her posts submitted on time.  So you might wonder WHY there is nothing posted on Chic Critique today.  I’m SURE you are ALL wondering that, right?  Ahem.

The fact of the matter is, I was too busy painting and blogging about it to get over to Chic Critique and publish her post.  Because I am a loser. 

But.  Her post is up now, and it’s one you should NOT miss.  Not only does she share with us another fabulous product, she also calls your attention to an important women’s health issue and directs you to Simply A Musing Blog where Karen is taking questions to ask a team of doctors from Texas Oncololgy.  Karen will post the doctors’ answers next week. 

So even if you don’t give a flying flip about another skincare product, there is valuable health-related information to be had on Chic Critique today.

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