We Did It!

After your very helpful comments about the office/playroom/dining room situation, I decided to make the office an office.  I realized that I’d be able to keep some toys in there, as well as the kids table so my girls can do crafts beside me while I’m working.  And I really DO want to dine in my dining room, so the current situation is not practical for the long term.  As for the furnishings, although I’d love to have a pretty desk in there, but we do have an old office table my husband acquired from work that will do for now.

One thing you might not know about me — when I get my mind set to something, I want it done yesterday.  Fortunately I married a man who is impatient as I am.  Most people don’t accomplish in a weekend what we accomplished last night.

Here’s how it went down.  When Paul got home last night, he immediately went out to mow the lawn.  As I was walking by to retrieve our children from the neighbor’s, he looked up and said, “I could start painting tonight if you want.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.  I was hoping we could work on it on Saturday, but if he wanted to do it right away, all the better!  He finished mowing as I contemplated paint colors.

We managed to unearth a gallon of red paint that we had bought for our bedroom when we moved in.  We way overestimated the amount of paint we’d need for that room and had a whole gallon left over.  And since free beats $40 for new paint that we might not even like, we decided that the office would be red.

We enlisted the kids to help us move everything out of the playroom, and we relocated the doll toys to Caroline’s room and the kitchen to the basement. While I organized toys and rearranged Caroline’s room and put the kids to bed, my husband started paint prep.

When I got back downstairs, he was cutting in around the ceiling.  How come they’re cutest when doing home improvement projects?  You ever notice that?

I grabbed a clean paint brush and tackled the baseboards.  (This room had never been painted.  It still had the flat builder’s white on all walls and woodwork.)

Around about 9pm, while we were busily painting away, my husband casually asked, “When is that Pampered Chef party you’re having?”

“Tomorrow night,” I sheepishly admitted.  (That’s tonight, y’all.)  I had intentionally NOT reminded him of this deadline.  I feared he wouldn’t tackle this project last night if he knew we HAD to have the room put back together right away.

Him: “Uh, and WHY are we doing this tonight?”

Me: “I was sorta hoping we’d be done by then.”

After 13 years of being married to me, he knew there was no turning back so we kept plugging along.

By 11pm, we were rolling.  (By we, I really mean he.)

That only took about 20 minutes, and by 11:30 we were cleaning up.  I vacuumed and replaced the switch covers while he put paint stuff away and put the blinds back up.  We moved the bookshelf back in and anchored it to the wall.  We put the kids’ table in the corner.

I figured we would go to bed and finish the rest on Saturday, but the next thing I knew, he was hauling the 2-ton office table up from the basement.  I was secretly thrilled that the room was going to be all put together before we retired for the night.  But then we had an unexpected roadblock.  The table wouldn’t fit through the basement doorway, and we had to remove all the legs before we could bring it up.  So at 11:45 we started unscrewing table legs.

Eventually we heaved it into the new office and as he put the legs back on, I arranged the toys and books on the bookshelf.  Soon after midnight, it looked like an office.  Paul still has to wire our Internet connection into there, so for now I’m still working from the dining room.

And that’s the tale of our spontaneous room makeover on the cheap.  Yes, I know, we’re nuts.  It helps that we both work fast and don’t have incredibly high standards.  The paint needs to be touched up, and we may or may not get around to that by the end of the year.  Or ever.  The girls’ rooms still have unpainted woodwork, and they were painted over two years ago, so that should give you some indication of how we roll.

I also hope to get a nicer desk and a curtain and some wall decor, but that can wait until we have the funds.

All that to say, I think I have a new office!  Woot!