Birthday Party Torture

I can’t believe I’m doing this.  Can. Not. BELIEVE IT.

I’m having my son’s birthday party here.  At my house.  Hopefully in the backyard.  In November in Pennsylvania.  Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.  It could be 30 degrees or 60 degrees.  There’s just no way of knowing. 

I swore after C’s birthday last year that I would not ever, ever, EVER have another birthday party in our home.  EVER.  And it didn’t even go badly.  It’s just too much stress and chaos for my delicate sensibilities.

Well.  After looking into having D’s party at a sports complex, where they will supply everything and do everything for you, Husband has decided we can do it better and cheaper here.

And the backup plan, in case of inclement weather?

My new, will-have-just-been-finished basement. 


Nothing like christening one’s brand-spankin’-new carpets with cake and ice cream and 10 eight-year-old boys.

What are your best tips for having a birthday party at home and not losing your mind?