Canon Rebel EOX Rebel SL1 Review

We’ve spent the past few weeks getting familiar with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 — the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR. When the box arrived on my doorstep, I dove right in and started using it.


As a mom of three lively kids, I’m always trying to capture those special moments before they disappear, so I’m in the market for the fastest, easiest camera money can buy. My ideal camera has a plethora of options for those times I want full control of manual mode (like my food photos or close-up shots of nature or travel destinations), but I also want to be able to switch it to Auto so I can capture those must-see moments when my kids are doing something particularly cute or note-worthy. AND I want a camera that is small and lightweight enough to slip into my purse. Otherwise, I won’t carry it and I won’t have it when I need it. I don’t ask for much, do I??

After using the Canon Rebel to capture our family vacation to the Poconos last week, I can say that this camera is truly a breakthrough in the DSLR market. Between my husband and me, we have quite a few cameras. In fact, our home looks like the Camera Shop threw up in here half the time. So trust me when I tell you that I know what I’m talking about! The EOS Rebel SL1 has all the benefits of a full sized SLR packaged in a lightweight, compact body that won’t weigh you down or force you to buy a bigger handbag (not that I’d mind an excuse to shop for a new handbag!)

I posted some of our vacation photos last week in my Hello from Lake Naomi post. As you can see, the colors are bright and the images are crisp.

lake naomi vaca

I’m not the most techy person on the planet, so it has to be easy to use or I won’t use it. This is my first experience with Canon, but so far I am impressed with its ease of use. There was hardly any learning curve at all. I also love that despite its small size, it has an optical view finder and a nice large touch screen LCD monitor.

The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 also takes excellent HD video. My husband is the videographer in the house, so I let him loose with it.

He’s impressed with the video capabilities and says it’s particularly easy to focus when it’s in auto mode. Because of some fancy feature on the lens (I told you I’m not a techie!!) it is super fast and gets a clear shot the first time. While the kit lens is adequate, we’re hoping to add the 40 mm pancake lens to our photography arsenal very soon.

I’m not kidding when I say that Paul and I have been arguing over who gets primary use of this new camera. It’s the perfect entry-level DSLR for the person who wants to upgrade from a point-and-shoot, but it’s also a great camera for the collector who wants something lightweight and fast to add to their stockpile!

Thanks to Canon for sponsoring this post.