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We’re home from vacation. I’m happy to say, the weather at the beach wasn’t torrential downpours as it was here at home. It wasn’t ideal beach weather either, but we managed to get to the beach most days. We also got an evening at the boardwalk. The cousins all got along great, and my kids were really bummed to leave yesterday.

R slept surprisingly well in the room with Paul, C, and me. I was only up a couple times most nights, although one night I think I counted 7 wake-ups between the two girls. *yawwwn*

The trip was marred only by an uninvited guest who walked off with the beer from a cooler on the porch as well as our relatively new digital camera that was in our beach bag, also on the porch. We can only assume they were taken. Jerks.

We arrived home after an unnecessarily long car ride, and all I can say is, Home Sweet Home.

New neighbors moved in across the street while we were gone, and they have four boys. Evidently their mom stays at home (a rarity in our neighborhood) and they have a son D’s age. They also seem to like being outside. Our kids are back and forth all day long and have become great playmates already. YAY.

Last night was our second neighborhood Bunco game night. I wasn’t Bunco Queen this time. I didn’t win anything, in fact, but it was a lot of fun. We’re all getting to know each other better, which is the point. Well, that and the food.

I found out this morning that one of my neighbors felt left out. I guess she wasn’t officially invited. I feel bad. It isn’t supposed to be cliquish. Everyone in the neighborhood is welcome. I told her so, but I think she might still feel awkward about coming. I wish I’d thought to email her before she had to bring it up.

Happy Birthday To Me! My birthday is coming up. Birthdays aren’t that fun anymore — just a reminder that my metabolism is slowing down and it’s time to start investing in eye cream. But I’ll use any excuse to get my girlfriends together, so I am having a “girls night in” at my house to celebrate. Actually, when I mentioned that I was planning this to a close friend, she told me it was incredibly lame to plan my own birthday, so she took it upon herself to send out invites and coordinate it even though she’s miserably sick with morning sickness. THANKS, LISA!

This Saturday is reserved for a family birthday celebration with Paul and the kids. Which will prob’ly just amount to pizza delivery and a grocery store cake, seeing as I already have my gift — a gorgeous stainless steel, whisper-quiet dishwasher that Hubby got me last month off of a clearance sale at Sears. Can’t complain about THAT!

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  1. UGH!! SOOOOO sorry about your camera!! Darn punk kids! Glad you’re back, girl! We missed you!

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