Coffee Talk 06.16.19

Good morning, and happy Father’s Day! I have a lot of try-on pictures and shots of what I wore this week, but I didn’t have time to put them into a post with links and sizing notes, so we’re going with an old-school Coffee Talk today.

That’s the one thing I miss when doing these style challenges — I really like to fit in a weekly try-on post because I can share so many more pieces than make it to a dedicated photo shoot/outfit post.

I may just go ahead and do that for one of my 25 days of summer fashion. I mean, I do share complete outfits in those posts, right???

So my parents came in town for the weekend, and it’s nice spending Father’s Day weekend with my dad. We don’t get to spend it together very often.

The girls had their piano recital Friday night, and they both did a nice job. David wasn’t with us, but I got a picture of Paul with his girls.

Then we pretty much just hung out here at home yesterday. It was a beautiful day, although not as warm as we had hoped. Only Paul braved the swimming pool.

My mom and the girls made biscuits for breakfast, and later on, a strawberry pie. We had kabobs for dinner and a lot of fresh veggies, and then we took a walk last night and came upon an unexpected fireworks show that we could see from our neighborhood.

This morning, it’s warm and humid and overcast, and I’m debating a run. It’s my day for it, and I’ve been pretty consistent lately, but I’m so tempted to have another cup of coffee and visit with my mom for a bit longer before we have to get ready for church. We shall see…

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet so I’m not still sitting at the computer when everyone gets up. I hope you all have a relaxing and blessed Sunday and a very happy Father’s Day!