Coffee Talk 11.14.21

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Greetings, friends! I hope you’re having a good weekend. I’m happy to report that I survived axe throwing… and I learned how to spell it. Ha!

Survival was really my only goal, and that was about the extent of my success. I was by far the worst in our group, but the guy who runs the place was great. He tried his best to help me, bless his heart.

I only stuck it two or three times the whole night, and I threw it a lot, but I did make the bullseye once, so there’s that! Here I am after my score, looking a tad manic.

My bigger issue was what to wear. As you can see, I went very casual with a thermal tee, high rise grey jeans, and my P448 sneakers. I threw my faux leather puffer on top because it was a cold night. We also went out for drinks afterwards, so it made my outfit a little more leveled up for that.

I considered wearing the shacket outfit from the featured image at the top of this post, but it seemed a little too literal. Plus, the henley that I would have worn under the shirt jacket has an exaggerated curved hemline, and the sides are quite short, so I decided I wouldn’t be comfortable in that.

I actually tried on a few different tops and stood in front of my mirror and lifted my arms up as if to throw an axe, to make sure I wouldn’t be exposing my entire midsection… thank goodness for high rise jeans!

Men really have it easy. They never have to consider such things. Paul walked through the room while I was engaged in this experiment, glanced over at me for a second, shook his head, and kept walking. Smart man.

So yeah, a fun time was had by all, and I would definitely recommend trying axe throwing if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends.

I spent much of the rest of the day at the mall with R. We had a blast spending her birthday gift cards and Christmas shopping. Once we tired of that, we stopped into the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch. She’s a great shopping companion. It reminds me of the days when I used to go shopping with my mom. We haven’t done that in a long time.

Today is D’s birthday, so I’ll be making him a cake this afternoon. I always use this Hershey’s recipe. I usually cook one of his favorite meals, but he hasn’t made any requests this year, so I may do a stir-fry. I’ve been making this stir-fry recipe for 20 years, and it’s always a hit. The original recipe had walnuts in it, but D’s allergic, so now I use water chestnuts for a bit of crunch.

His other favorite is Tilapia Parmesan. Wow, those are horrible pictures. You can see why I chose the fashion angle when I decided to niche down and drop the other topics from my blog. Although, my fashion pictures at the time weren’t much better. We’ve come a long way, baby!

One more random thing I want to mention: I’ve heard from a few people who are no longer getting my emails. I did change email newsletter providers, so if you’re signed up and aren’t receiving them, first check your junk or spam folder. If you find it in there, mark it “not spam” and move it to your inbox. You can also add my email ([email protected]) to your contacts. Both of these actions signal to your email provider that you want to get my emails.

If you can’t find my latest emails anywhere, they are probably bouncing. Try unsubscribing and subscribing again using this link. If you still don’t get tomorrow’s email, let me know and I’ll see what I can do on my end.

On that note, I better wrap this up because it’s time for me to get ready for church. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 11.14.21

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on making a bulls eye! It doesn’t matter how many bad throws you had. That’s a fun picture. I cracked up laughing while reading about Paul’s reaction when you were going thru the top trying session. Men just don’t get all of the considerations we have to make regarding our attire. Happy Birthday to David! I’ve added your information to my contacts to see if that will help me get your replies, since I do get your emails.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Your shopping sounded like what I use to do with my mom and my daughters. We always stopped into Nordstrom cafe’ for lunch and later for coffee and dessert. We shopped until we dropped. I miss those days. I had to laugh at Paul’s reaction to your trying out different tops while trying out an axe throw. Lol. Men do have it easy. Happy Birthday to David. What is David’s major in school? He is almost done. Hard to believe. The recipes all look great. :). Enjoy your day.

    1. He’s a history major but he doesn’t know what he will do with it. He’s floundering a bit at the moment, trying to figure out next steps. He will probably graduate spring of 2023.

      1. It’s a hard age… trying to figure out what you want to do for a career. To bad he doesn’t want to teach. They always need good teachers in the high schools.

  3. What a great pic of you and your bull’s-eye! Thanks for the recipes, especially the chocolate cake. Enjoy your day celebrating David’s birthday.

  4. What a fun activity, the axe throwing!!! Yes, and happy birthday to David. Thanks for the Tilapia recipe! I pinned it to try soon.
    I was frustrated to find your emails in my SPAM folder a couple weeks ago. At first I thought I was dropped from your list, so I would go directly to your website to read the daily blogs. But, there it was in SPAM. It has probably happened to my many subscribers.

  5. That reminds me of growing up in Memphis and shopping and lunch at Goldsmiths Dept Store. I miss all those department stores. It was a treat instead of out usual shopping at Sears. Good times . . .

  6. Where does Becca like to shop at the mall? Looking to branch out a bit with A and M. They each are developing their own style but I want to guide them a bit…. Thank goodness for school uniforms! I took M to the mall a few weeks ago and we were a bit overwhelmed and lost for cut things for the middle school set…

    1. Oh, it’s a wasteland for sure. She likes American Eagle and Aerie most. We usually stop into Tilly’s, and she likes the Nordstrom BP. dept. Most recently, she has discovered Altar’d State. Oh and Francesca’s.

  7. Looks so fun!! Thank you for sharing the tilapia and stir fry recipes. We love seafood and am anxious to try this out!! Have a great Sunday!! 🙂

  8. Love the fun picture of you with your ax in the “bullseye”! Not sure if we have that in my area (I’ll have to research) it sounds like it’d be a hilarious group activity!
    FYI- Tilapia is not a healthy fish to eat because it contains a high amount of omega 6 fats and a low amount of Omega 3. It can actually contribute to inflammation in the body.
    Fashion related question: I need some comfortable but stylish shoe suggestions for work that go with black pants, white jeans, midi skirts (my weekly go-to choices). I still wear sandals a lot right now because our fall weather is mild, but it’s starting to change now with daytime temps in the low 70s. I used to wear ballet flats a lot, but now they’re not as on trend anymore so I don’t know what to wear on my feet that will also be comfortable while teaching. The young teachers are all wearing booties with everything (even short mini skirts) but they make my feet hot wearing them all day and moving around with 9 year olds for six hours.
    Any ideas??

    1. I know but it’s easy and my kids like it – I figure it’s better than the crappy fast food they eat when left to their own devices. 😂

      As for the shoes, I like mules – are they comfy for you?

      1. Well I have to agree with on that one (better than the crappy fast food!” ✔️🤪
        Mules: I just haven’t found any that are comfortable enough to wear all day. Was thinking of trying the pair of suede looking miles I’ve seen you wear. Are those Sam Edelman? Can’t remember which blog post of yours that was.

          1. Do you wear your clogs much? I bought a pair but contemplating returning them- not sure how or what to wear with them .

          2. I haven’t worn them as much as I thought I would, to be honest. Every time I go to wear them, I end up switching to something else. I’ll play around with them some this week. I already wore them out, so I am keeping them. I think I have too many choices right now, so I’m not getting good cost per wear out of everything, even if I like them all.

  9. Axe throwing is fun, I am not very good either. Lol I am one that can’t get your emails, I will try and unsubscribe and subscribe again. Happy birthday too both your children. They are growing up fast!

  10. I saved the stir fry recipe from your blog many years ago. It’s still on rotation! It’s quick and easy and we both love it. And I usually have some leftovers to take to work for lunch the next day. 🙂

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