Coffee Talk #OldSchoolBlogging Vol. 7

I’m up bright and early this morning to join Shout at The Color Run! Okay, when am I not up early, but I was up super early today. My alarm went off at 5:15. OUCH.

This should be so much fun. I’ve got my team of 10 ready to go. It’s a great mix. Some neighbors, some fellow bloggers, and some Musings of a Housewife readers and friends from my Facebook page! I love that I get to meet new friends, get messy, and have fun. I think so often we get bogged down in work and the drudgery of daily life and our identity becomes defined by being the responsible parent… The Color Run is the perfect excuse to let loose and live life out loud.

My packet came yesterday. I had so much fun seeing my other team members posting theirs too.

The Color Run packet

Oh yes, that’s a tutu! And oh, yes, I’m wearing it!!!

Be sure to follow the #ShoutItOut hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for fun pictures throughout the day. And if you want to find fun things to do in your area, check out the Fun Finder at ShoutItOut.com.

In other news, last night my son performed in his first rock band. He’s been attending Rock & Roll After School for day camp this week, and they wrap up the session by having the kids perform the songs they wrote and learned to perform during the week at camp. It was a scream. (Quite literally at times.) He’s the drummer in the back.

Rock & Roll After School

Other than that, I’m gearing up for our family vacation this week. Remember when we were all stealth on our blogs when we were going away? Like the boogieman was lurking, just waiting to rob us blind the second we left town. Now we announce our plans to the world and live blog the entire experience on every social media channel available. Ha!

So yeah, my neighbors are watching my house like hawks, so if you’re the boogieman, don’t get any ideas!!

Alrighty, this is a short one, but I’ve gotta go get my color on! Hope you follow #ShoutItOut and get inspired to go out and do something fun today!

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