I had admired Robin’s blog design long before I started chatting with her on Twitter.  Then when she found herself without lodging for the She Speaks conference back in June, Sarah and I invited her to join us.  The three of us became fast friends.  It was like we had known each other forever.  She pulled this post from her archives when I asked if she could guest post for me while I’m in Maine.

Clichés aside, my children are growing up too fast!

I stumbled across a memory that nearly broke my heart (again) and gave
me reason to savor a moment secured in time.  Thanks to Jo-Lynne for
giving me reason to share it with you while she’s a temporary New
Englander :).

Yesterday was a hectic day, mainly because I was on the road all day. I was secretly pleased my daughter’s
horseback instructor canceled her lesson, which allowed me time to run
to the grocery store to get something for dinner (I cooked maybe once
last week?) and to begin the week by working out :).

I was cooking, my almost 12 year old son walked in the kitchen. I smiled at him but
inwardly I was thinking just how fast he was growing up and how I
wanted to slow it down. I think he read something in my smile because
he said “You look pretty, Mom.”

The truth was, I felt anything BUT
pretty after my drive through Atlanta earlier in the day, little sleep the previous night,
“glowing” from my earlier work out ;)…. His words instantly changed
the way I felt. He walked over to hug me, and a great song was playing on CD,
“What If by Nichole Nordeman. I just held onto him and we started dancing. He didn’t even seem to mind; he didn’t let go either.

of those sweet mom-moments to hide in my heart for the rest of time.

I’ve already forgotten what we had for
dinner but I hope I’ll always remember to take time to dance.

Robin blogs regularly at Pensieve, and she’s an editor for Blog Nosh.

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  1. I love this! My kids will all be in school (in some form) for the first time this fall. I never thought I’d be here but now…I want to slow things down. They’re growing up too fast.

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