Accessorizing Tips: How to Mix Metals


One question I get a lot is how to mix metals.

I’ll be honest, this is a trend I avoided for a long time. I was never a big fan of mixing metals until I saw this Michael Kors chronograph watch with the dual-tone wristband.


I fell in love with it and asked for it for Christmas, and ever since I have felt thoroughly liberated to mix metals because I figure I’ve got ’em both covered in my watch band.

And really, it’s as simple as that.

Wear one piece of jewelry that combines silver and gold, and then you’re free to wear silver or gold in the rest of your accessories. In the image above, I have pictured a two-tone bracelet, gold earrings, and silver sandals. It totally works, right? The bracelet pulls it all together.

Here’s another example, this time with a necklace that mixes metals.


Check out the quick video I put together. Warning: it ends rather abruptly, lol. I actually split this one off of another so I didn’t say good-bye. I’m still trying to get comfortable with this video thing! And also, yes, my last three videos were all done in a row and I never thought to change my shirt. D’oh. Anyway, here it is.

In the video and in the top outfit in this post, I featured the Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet.

Luna Wrap Bracelet

In the second outfit, I pictured the Together Forever Necklace.

together forever stella and dot

With a piece like this (or the tri-tone bangles from C. Wonder, unfortunately no longer available), you can feel confident wearing any metal you like anywhere else on your person.

Here are some shopping suggestions at all price points.

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