Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 03.11.15

Welcome back to my weekly Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style post where I share what I wore this week and link up with other fabulous fashion bloggers around the web!

As I often say, I’m no fashionista. I’m just a mom trying to stay fabulous after 40, sharing how I translate the current trends to work for a typical suburban mom. I hope you find some fashion inspiration here.

Fashion Over 40: Wearable Outfits for Moms

The weather has changed dramatically this week! It’s so nice to leave the house without a parka and scarf and gloves!

I wore this first outfit last Wednesday. Even though I was spending most of the day at home, I wanted to come up with something cute for this post.

This is the J.Jill sweater and necklace that I showed you for Valentine’s Day with the red jeans. I decided to try them with blue jeans, and I like it. Simple and neutral, but I feel like it’s flattering, and it’s definitely easy to wear. I love the way the sweater falls, and I should have gotten a rear view because it has that high-low hemline that is so trendy right now.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

Pardon the over-exposure. I worked SO hard with these pictures, trying to make them look right. My daughter and I were trying to recreate my husband’s photography in this spot, but the light wasn’t working for us. The first batch were so dark they were unusable, so then I adjusted the ISO and then they were over exposed. Oh, bother!! I need a professional cameraman to follow me around, that’s all there is to it.

I thought the blue bag was nice with the necklace. I don’t think it even had anything in it. I just held it because it made the outfit cuter. I’m a dork like that.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

I pulled on my grey UGGs because I was at home for most of the day, and they’re warm and cozy, but I think my brown Frye riding boots would really turn the outfit up a notch. I’ll have to try them with it next time.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

Shop the look: sweater and necklace c/o J.Jill // DL1961 Florence Skinnies (Topeka wash) // grey suede UGGs (old) // R Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Convertible Crossbody Bag

I wore this on Thursday when we got our big snow and I knew I was going to be home all day. I tried leaving my vest unzipped for a change. I don’t really care for it that way. For one thing, it’s warmer with it zipped, but also, it hangs open in a funny way. I had to stand “just so” to get it to stay together enough for the picture. I guess vests are just destined to be one of those wardrobe items that I think look great on everyone but me.

Also, the scarf looks choky. A scarf is another article of clothing that I rarely like on myself but love on everyone else. As a result, I only have this one picture. Ugh.

fashion over 40: casual outfit ideas for moms

Shop the look: Athleta downalicious vest, running crew & metro skinny pants with cross stitch scarf and Saucony Guide 7 running shoes

This outfit, I love. I wanted to wear the olive green cargo pants because they’re the biggest pants I own, haha! Seriously, they are so comfy. I was looking around for something that I’ve never paired with them before, and my eyes landed on this pink sweater. I thought it might make a pleasing color combination, so I tried them on together. Score!

Fashion Over 40: How to Wear Pink with Olive Green

I wore this to go to play BINGO with my neighbors at a school fund raiser on a verrrrrrry cold Friday night last weekend. I would have preferred my black riding boots with the outfit, but I needed a boot that was more supportive b/c my feet were bugging me, so I wore these moto-style ankle boots instead.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

I have had requests for photos of the back of my outfits. It has occurred to me that it may be helpful to see the back of certain outfits, but I do feel odd displaying my rear view for all to see. Of course, I used to feel weird posting outfit pictures altogether, and I finally got used to that. The back of this outfit is relevant, I suppose. I love the patches on the elbows of the sweater.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

Shop the look: Banana Republic sweater (old) // cargo pants c/o Stitch Fix // Tara M. Tiffany Ankle Boot (similar) // Silpada Half Moon Earrings // Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Shopper in Putty (I bought mine on a mega clearance sale; it’s only available in black now)

I wore this next outfit on Saturday. I had a meeting with our women’s council at church, and I spent the rest of the day at home.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

It was still cold, and I actually wore my snow boots to and from the meeting, but I brought these boat shoes to wear inside the house.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

I really like this navy sweater. It came in a Stitch Fix. I like the relaxed styling and the detail on the shoulders. I wore my new Silpada chevron necklace along with my Stella & Dot engravable disc necklace, and I dug out this orange Tory Burch bracelet that was a gift from my mom a few Christmases ago. I love orange and navy together.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

Shop the look: navy sweater c/o Stitch Fix // tan moto skinnies (old) // Silpada chevron plunge necklace // Stella & Dot engravable disc necklace // Tory Burch Logo Leather Wrap Bracelet (current styles and colors) // Sperry Topsider Boat Shoes

Finally, the last outfit I photographed is the dress I wore on Sunday to church and then to my grand-nephew’s baptism. Yes, I have a grand-nephew. I am officially old.

Fashion Over 40: Geometric Print Dress

And yes, I do own a dress! LOL. I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of me in a dress all winter except the Boden Valentine’s Day post. I generally feel like dresses and tights need heels, and I am not able to wear heels right now, so I haven’t worn one in a while. Plus? It’s been so cold.

I really wanted to wear a dress to the baptism so I tried on a few and finally settled on this geometric print shift. A longer dress might look frumpy with the flat boots, but this one is short enough to work.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

I love this dress. It’s so easy to wear. I accessorized with gold earrings and bracelet, both from my Stella & Dot shop.

Fashion Over 40: wearable outfits for moms

Shop the look: geometric print dress (from Banana Republic Outlet, old) //  Janelle Boots c/o Naturalizer // R Minknoff MAC Mini (current colors) // spanx tights

And that’s a wrap! I’ve only worn workout gear for the past two days — not because I’m being lazy, but because my foot still hurts, and I’m trying to wear sneakers as much as I can. Good times.

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29 thoughts on “Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 03.11.15

  1. The pink sweater with the elbow patches looks great – I like it! I got to wear my new Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Convertible Crossbody blue bag for the first time while on vacation, and I loved it. It is easy to wear, and I was able to carry all of my essentials without extra weight 🙂

  2. Really, you are very self critical (said in a nice way)(aren’t we all?)…1-so the pictures aren’t perfect (did I notice? no) 2-the cowl scarf & vest look great—so it hangs wonky when you stand, but in real life do we stand still that often? 3-standing so we can see those great elbow patches is fantastic (besides there is nothing wrong with your backside) 4-great pants & love the orange bracelet 5-this dress is the bomb!! You should absolutely wear it weekly (ok….maybe bi-weekly since it’s it will be recognized!)…it looks great with the boots…you could so wear a jacket or cardigan with it when it’s cold— i just LOVE it on you!!! Besides when you wear that dress, you definitely look like a fashionista!!! Nice week! Jodie

    1. Thanks, Jodie. You are so sweet. I wore that dress a TON last year. Not sure why I didn’t get it out more this year. And yes, that bracelet. LOVE. And again, not sure why I don’t wear it more. It’s a fave. LOL about the backside, and yeah, I am a bit persnickety about photo quality. haha. 🙂 Thanks for all the kind words!

  3. I love the dress, and I think it looks great with the boots. I love dresses and boots on others but it has taken some getting used to wearing them that way myself.

  4. Do you ever feel bad for buying things you thought would be great, and then you realize you just don’t like it but can’t return for one reason or another? I do. But, oh well, it happens. 🙂

    1. Not as guilty as I probably should! Ha. I donate anything I decide I don’t want to keep, and I always figure, I’m helping someone less fortunate, so I don’t feel so bad. That’s how I justify it, anyway. 😉

  5. PS- I can’t figure out how to change this silly cow avatar. Any suggestions on how to put my own picture there?

  6. I love your comment “I’m assuming it wouldn’t be as short on us mere mortals.” about the Easter dress on the model. 🙂

    I was wondering if you have any favorite sun hats? I have the same hair cut and color as you (Coincidence, I promise!). I am 49 and trying to look current without looking like I’m trying too hard!

    1. LOL, I’m always AMAZED at the difference in length of dresses when I try them on. I have never done the sunhat. Like you, I’m afraid it will look like I’m trying to hard, but I’ve thought I’d like to get one this year.

    2. Yes, how did Jennifer get her own photo on there?

      I agree that your skin glows. Beautiful!

      As far as sun hats go, we should all be wearing them, especially the melanin-challenged, blue-eyed types, and even more so if you grew up without sunscreen being an option. (Yes, me!)

      So what IS your foot saga, Jo-Lynne? I appreciate that there are comfy feet options for us! (I have ballet bunions, which make my feet extra wide and rather unsightly!) I don’t know it I will try Birks. It’s hard for me to except them coming back in style! Tom’s shoes have been a lifesaver! They all stretch perfectly and are so comfy!

      1. Hey Jeanie, this is how you do it. It’s a “gravatar.” So go to gravatar.com and register the email address you use to comment. Then upload tour picture of choice. 🙂

        My foot saga in a nutshell – I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis in my right foot for 2 or 3 years ago. I was in PT all last winter and spring for that, and I quit running. I tried to get back to running last summer, and then I developed a stress fracture in the left foot. I wasn’t running much at the time so they think it was due to over-compensating for my PF. I wore a boot for 6-8 weeks last fall. Thought I was doing better, then discovered a torn tendon in the left foot. Wore a medical brace for 8-10 weeks this winter. Weaning out of that, I got more pain, and they think I have sinus tarsitits in the same foot. I’m still having pain, and I’m in PT, and I’m HOPING I can finally get better now. Still have some nagging PF in the right foot. Basically, my feet are lemons. I got a bum deal. I’d love to trade them in for a new pair. 😉

  7. Thanks!

    I am so sorry about your feet! So hard!

    I miss running. It’s SO efficient for burning calories and getting cardio in with a short time commitment. I also got the bum deal for feet. I can NEVER wear heels. :-(. I also can’t do anything high impact. I found that all I need to do for plantar fasciitis is stretches, thankfully! I use the elliptical at the gym for cardio and get my “Love It or List It” fix there at the same time. I also do workout videos at home. I am not an exerciser by nature, so I am far from being consistent. Kathy Smith is my favorite. I miss Jazzercize too,and would love to find a class close to home at a time that works with my schedule. No dice so far. Exercise makes such a difference for my moods and energy level!

    Don’t give up and keep moving! You look so vibrant and healthy. 🙂
    I I I

    1. I miss running sooooo much but I’m not sure it’s for me. Right now I’m just hoping to get back to walking, hiking and wearing regular shoes. I do hope I can manage heels again. I LOVE HEELS. Almost as much as I love running, lol. Thanks for the encouragement.

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