Gratitude Journal Week 1

  1. The crow of a rooster on my early morning run.
  2. Clear blue skies.
  3. A surprise 55 degree morning in August.
  4. Angels watching over me.
  5. Orange kittens, soft and warm.
  6. The first cup of coffee in the morning.
  7. Silence.
  8. Orange kittens, soft and warm.
  9. Freckled faces.
  10. Satiny little hands, trustingly placed in mine.
  11. Blond highlights glistening in the sunshine.
  12. Tiny toenails painted seafoam green.
  13. Sturdy tanned legs, healthy and strong.
  14. Unexpected blessings.
  15. Mumford & Sons.
  16. Familiar places.
  17. 70th  birthdays.
  18. The sweet smell of baby.
  19. Soft summer rain.
  20. Cousins.

Family Vacation

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5 Responses

  1. Love it! I have kept a gratitude journal for a while now. This morning our Pastor encouraged everyone to keep one for just this week and to take notice of how their focus changes. Focusing on the blessings is so very encouraging.

  2. Love your list! The topic of a gratitude journal came up during a Bible study discussion tonight as well. I shared about what you had posted on your blog and keeping the list on your phone. One lady mentioned she was afraid to do that because she has had notes just disappear from her phone (I have too!). I started looking around on the app store and there are several “Gratitude Journal” apps. 🙂

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