Ground Hogs Day

Tonight I returned to the grocery store, list in hand this time, and actually bought food for several meals.  As surprising as it may sound, milk and Wheat Thins and Boursin didn’t exactly fill the pantry.  And while I was there, I decided to give Redbox another try.  (And I realized I spelled it wrong in my last post; it’s taking every ounce of self-control I have not to go back and fix them.  Well, that and I am trying to get off the computer so I can go hop into bed.)  This time the Redbox worked, but naturally it didn’t have the same movie selection as the Redbox that scorned me last night, so I had to settle for a drama instead of the chick flick I had in mind.  It really is trying to be me.

And of course now I’m contemplating skipping out on the movie because I am too tired to breathe, which makes absolutely no sense since I slept 12 hours last night.  My dear husband got up with the kids this morning while I slept in.  It was divine.  As I’ve said before, there is no place in the world I’d rather be than in bed.  I’d love to tell you that I woke up refreshed and inspired for a new day, but instead I woke up with a sore, swollen throat.  Joy.  I knew I was going to get sick right before Blissdom.  I just knew it.  Cause I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl.

I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today until my husband poked his head into my office around lunchtime and suggested that I go out and have some time to myself.  “And find something besides stretch pants,” he added.

Yes, you heard it here first.  I was practically ordered to go to the mall.

See, my husband has a thing about stretch pants.  He basically hates them.  And that’s about all I’ve been wearing since Christmas.  Here’s the thing about wearing stretch pants, though.  When you put on your regular clothes after living in sweatpants for weeks on end, the regular clothes feel rather restricting.  I’d like to think it’s because snaps and zippers don’t have as much give as spandex, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has more to do with that extra 5 pounds I’ve been clinging to.  Perhaps I would have more luck budging that 5 pounds if I retired the stretch pants.

At any rate, I threw on some jeans and a sweater and boots and high-tailed it out the door before my husband could change his mind.  But ironically, I found myself wandering the mall feeling as uninspired as I did last night at the grocery store.  Even the mall is depressing this time of year.  I left with nothing but 4 pair of tights — one for me and 3 for the girls.  Oh, and then there was that pit stop at the Girl Scout Cookie stand.  But that hardly counts because the cookies were gone before I got home.

Any-WHO.  (That one was for June.  Who loves me even though I say any-WHO.)

I actually made a homemade meal tonight — I tried Kim’s meatball hoagies recipe and I’ll forgive her for calling them subs instead of hoagies because they were SO DELISH.  They are pretty easy to whip up and don’t call for anything unusual unless sage is unusual.  (I surprised myself by actually having some in my pantry!)

And now I have a big decision to make — a date with my pillow or a Charlie Wilson’s War?  Which would you choose?

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15 thoughts on “Ground Hogs Day

  1. Pillow- most certainly pillow- it is a good movie, but I’d choose sleep over watching it if I were on the fence. And thanks for the reminder that it’s cookie time…mmmmm….thin mints!

  2. Definitly the pillow. I wish I could have a date with my pillow. I don’t know what is up with my kids being up before the alarm, but I am not a fan.

  3. Boy can I relate. Love these last two, very REAL posts, but then again you are yourself in all of your posts which is what keeps me coming back for more. Good Luck retiring those stretch pants!

  4. I was watching What Not to Wear this weekend where they called stretch pants “buffet pants.” You can wear them and eat all you want! Rest and take care. Enjoy the halftime show!

  5. I wasn’t a fan of Charlie Wilson’s War. Maybe it’s because I was about a gazillion months pregnant and my husband dragged me to the theater to see it? He liked it. Me? Notsomuch. I would choose my pillow over just about anything these days anyway!

  6. I’d opt for the pillow too. I had a hard time following Charlie Wilson’s War and even turning the captioning on didn’t help much.

    That said, let me share my best Redbox tip. Use their online reservation service. You can see where different Redbox machines are located and then you can view what movies they have available online. If you find one you like, you just reserve it and then pick it up at your leisure. Very nice. And if one Redbox is sold out of what you’d like to see, you can try another one. Saves you a LOT of running around. And remember, you can return any Redbox movie to any Redbox location. Even one in another state. I rented one in Massachusetts once to watch on my laptop in the car on the way home to New York. Awesome.

    Now, if they’d only expand their selection!

  7. I’d choose the pillow for sure! Movies are overrated – especially when they’re watched “solo.”

    Oh, and I LOVE stretch/yoga pants too. Especially now that I’m in my third trimester. I’m pretty much living in them right now, except when I go out…then I slide on my Chip & Pepper maternity jeans and my 3/4 sleeve shirt from Maggie Maternity (it’s my “go-to” outfit for this final month and a half).

  8. I don’t know what you decided. Charlie Wilson’s War was fine, but wasn’t a “can’t miss” for me.

    By the way, the true beauty of Redbox is reserving online!! Go to the website and see if your location offers it. You can see what’s available and then you just pick it up. The standing there scanning through titles and trying to decide is just brutal!

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