Introducing Hallmark Card Rewards + Giveaway

I’m not one to save a lot of momentos for sentimental reasons, but growing up, I had hatbox full of cards — mostly birthday cards from grandparents and friends through the years. I wonder what happened to that hatbox. It’s probably stashed somewhere in the recesses of my attic.

Many were from my grandmother. She used to send cards for every occasion — not just birthdays. Every major holiday would deliver a card from my grandmother in my mailbox. And inside the card was always a pack of Trident chewing gum — because it was flat and easy to mail. I would recognize her handwriting, a classic script that is all but extinct in this day of digital everything.

I wish I could put my hands on that box of cards. I would love to go through it today and see what treasures lie inside.

As an adult, I have a few very special cards floating around in a drawer in my desk. I know, I need to find a better spot for them. Most are from my grandfather — my only living grandparent. He is 96.


My grandmother passed away when I was in college, and he continued sending cards every Christmas. They usually contain a check instead of Trident, and each one is signed by his own hand — a painful scrawl that I’m sure takes him an inordinate amount of time and energy to compose due to arthritis and old age.


These cards are treasures. Long after he is gone from the earth, I will have these cards from his own hands.

It’s hard to overestimate the value of a simple card, and yet, the giving of cards is growing more and more uncommon in this digital age.

Hallmark is out to change that with their new Hallmark Rewards program, which is launching TODAY!

With the new Hallmark Card Rewards, for every five Hallmark cards you buy, you earn a reward that you can redeem for gift cards and discounts from some really awesome rewards partners! You gotta love that.

Personally I’ve always preferred Hallmark cards to other brands so I was thrilled to be invited to participate in this campaign. When I need a card, I go out of my way to find a Hallmark store, or more conveniently, a CVS drugstore. Our local CVS always has a great selection of Hallmark cards. Whether you want something sentimental or silly, they just seem to get it right.

Thanks to Hallmark for sponsoring this post.

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  1. My father passed away this summer. I treasure the cards and notes he sent to me and now wish I’d saved them all! This weekend we were packing his home, and I found a note in a book he’d not yet sent … Truly, a gift from Heaven.

    1. No, but if you are a Gold Crown member, then your points will automatically be tracked through that card, rather than having to enter them manually or scanning your cards on your smart phone.

  2. I have a box of special cards as well. Love that your grandpa still sends them (my grandma just turned 96!). I used to be so good about sending cards to people but have gotten away from it. Signed up for the program and will work on getting back to sending them. I think people still like getting something in the mail!

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