Hello from the Palmetto State!

I think I’ve found my state. If I could talk my husband into picking up and moving, I’d be here in a heartbeat. The pace is slow, the people are friendly, the hushpuppies are divine, and the weather is a slice of heaven on earth.

Of course I realize that it’s October, but I really don’t think I’d feel any differently if it were August. I don’t mind heat in the least. I’ve loved the Palmetto State since my first visit here 10 ears ago. I think this is my fifth trip to South Carolina, and I love it more every time I come. But since my husband is Philly born and bred and plans to live and die in eastern Pennsylvania, I guess I’ll have to be content with the occasional trip down south.

Our trip has been a comedy of errors, but fortunately we can laugh at our mishaps. Most of them aren’t really worth retelling. The important things have gone well. We arrived swiftly and safely, and the children did well, although we made our second plane by the hairs of our chiny-chin-chins. We ran through the Atlanta airport with only 30 minutes between flights. They held the plane as I ran the kids in and out of the bathroom in record time and were threatening my husband to close the doors as I approached with my little ducklings waddling along behind me.

On the plane, the children were generally cooperative and in good humor, and I’m sure they were a delight to the other passengers as they played musical seats, fiddled with the seatback trays, and talked to one another at 50 decibels. I can say unequivocally that traveling alone is much more pleasant than traveling with three young’uns, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I can also state unequivocally that flying with three young’uns is preferable to driving 14 hours with said young’uns.

Our resort is located about 30 miles south of Myrtle Beach. We arrived Wednesday night and went out to dinner where I got my fill of shrimp and grits. Then yesterday my mom and I drove down to Charleston for a final dress fitting (I am THE most high maintenance bridesmaid – mine was the only dress that didn’t fit quite right) so we decided to make a day of it. We took a carriage tour of the city, drove down to the Battery, and had a nice lunch at a cute little place appropriately called Magnolia’s. I even bought a sea grass basket from a lady at the Market. It was the quintessential day trip to Charleston, marred only by the near-mishap as we went to board our carriage.

At the very moment that we were about to climb on, the horse decided to relieve himself. My mom jumped out of the way just in time to avoid splatter on her Ferragamos. It was quite comical, in a grotesque sort of way, and my 2-year-old found the whole thing curious. I guess she never realized that animals relieve themselves the same way she does.

Last night we feasted on seafood and hushpuppies at an oceanside restaurant, and today we have been hanging out and trying to rest up for the events of tonight and tomorrow.

I’m dying to see how my 5-year-old handles her flower girl duties. She is excited but anxious about the whole thing. She is definitely a flight risk. I hope she can get up the courage to walk down the aisle, and to do so without a scowl on her face, but only time will tell.

On that note, I must sign off. It’s almost time to leave for the rehearsal. Please excuse any typos. There is no time to proof. TTFN!

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  1. OH MY HECK, I am SOOOO JEALOUS! I love Charleston and MAGNOLIA’S! Did you have the sweet potato fries? They are to DIE for! Lucky you! Hushpuppies, shrimp, fresh seafood…oh my mouth is watering now!
    I am SO glad to hear that all is well and things are going as smoothly as possible!
    Thanks for checking in!
    I AM.DYING.FOR.YOU.TO.GET.BACK.HOME! If you have seen my page, you KNOW why!
    Enjoy your time. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear about the little flower girl! Hope she’s not a runaway flower girl!

  2. It sounds like your weekend is off to a great start. I love South Carolina too and hubby and I have said if we ever move south that would be where we would head. I haven’t visited Charleston though. It sounds like a great day. Good luck with the wedding tomorrow.

  3. I’m a North Carolina girl myself, but I would take S.C. just to be closer to N.C.!! Now why on EARTH I married a man from NORTH DAKOTA I will never know. Hades will freeze over before he would move even further away from his family. In my worst PMS moments when I just cannot *stand* Dh, I imagine moving off to N.C. But then two days later I’m in love with Dh all over again and we are stuck here. Enjoy your time there and I hope your clothes choices turned out right.

  4. I love Charleston! The grace and beauty of the old city is nothing less then fascinating! I, too, would move there in a heart beat. My hope is that it will be our retirement city. 🙂

    Have fun at the wedding!

  5. Sounds like a great time! I can’t wait to see pictures. Truth be told, your neighbors don’t want you to move to South Carolina, either. So looks like you’re stuck in good old PA.
    BTW, I have a swag bag for you from last night’s breast cancer benefit.

  6. My husband grew up in Myrtle Beach so I can picture (with some degree of certainty) where you might be. It is a beautiful part of the country and we can’t wait to get back there next summer! Wish I could have told you that the sweetgrass baskets are MUCH cheaper if you stop at one of the road-side stands than from the ladies in the market. Good luck to your little flower girl. Hope she realized how much fun it will be and loves every minute of it!

  7. Having grown up in Charleston, I totally agree that it is the best place on earth to live! I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂

  8. Charleston girl here! I’m usually a lurker but I had to comment ’cause you’re talking about my city! I must agree about everything you are saying! The weather is wonderful right now…but just stay away during the summer. Its way too hot for us, but northern tourists always look like they are about to pass out 🙂

  9. You got a Gullah basket??? I want one!!

    I’m from S.C., too. Near the Myrtle Beach area. Miss it and can’t wait to get back on a more permanent basis!

  10. Next time you’re in MB, you HAVE to let me know! When you blogged earlier about going to South Carolina for a wedding, I didn’t imagine that you would be in my neck of the woods!

    I realize that you were with your family, so grabbing a coffee together might not have worked out. But now you know where I call home. A former Pennsylvania gal transplanted to the beach. I love it here, but I do miss the fall colors.

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