I Give Up!

No, no, no, I’m not going back to coffee.  Yet. 

But I think I’m giving up on tea.  I just don’t yike it.  Never have, never will.

I’ve tried several kinds now, and it just ain’t working for me.  Tea tastes like grass.

This morning, a dear, well-meaning friend tried to introduce me to Chai tea.  She even showed me how to doctor it up just right with milk and sugar.  It smelled like potpourri. 

Now, I like potpourri.  It smells nice. 

But, yall. 


So you know what I’m going to drink now? 


Cause I like water.  I feel good when I drink water.  Water does not aggravate GERD.  Water does not put on a gymnastics exhibition in my gastrointestinal region.  And best of all, water does not smell like potpourri.  Or taste like grass.  So there you have it.  No more tea.

Drinking tea, for me, is like trying to be someone I’m not.  You might as well ask me to put out a red light and stand on a street corner.  It just ain’t happening. 

I mean, who grows up south of the Mason-Dixon Line and hates tea?  No one.  Except me.  I’m definitely a lost cause.

I tried.  I really did.  I wanted to like tea.  But I don’t.  End of story.

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18 thoughts on “I Give Up!

  1. Did ya’ ever think that I chose a nasty tea choice to lure you back to the underground world of coffee drinking? My word, I’m a junkie!

  2. How funny! I was born & raised in Georgia and I HATE tea! UGH. Iced tea tastes like watered down coke. Warm tea tastes like a twig.

    So glad to find a tea-hating-soul-mate!

  3. Amanda – Cyber soul mates, that’s what we are! 🙂

    Megan – You’re a crack-up! Sorry, gotta tell you, I’m not crazy about them. But I did have some cheese grits in SC last spring that were delish!!! So I guess I should say, I like them if they’re prepared right. 🙂

    Holly, thanks, I feel right at home in the java society, thankyouverymuch. Even if I’m not consuming, I’m with you in spirit. 🙂

    Lisa – Takes one to know one! 😉

    Girlymama – I wouldn’t say cold turkey, exactly. Lisa is a verrrrry bad influence. Right now I’m on track to having one every other day. That’s certainly an improvement over 2 a day, wouldn’t you say???

  4. Oh no! Genteel Southern ladies sre rolling over in their graves right now. Well, at least you tried tea. Welcome back to the java society though!

  5. It can’t MAAAAKE you love it… If you doooooooooon’t. Sorry, Bonnie Raitt moment. Hey, you DO like GRITS don’t you? Grits surely don’t upset your tummy. They don’t taste like grass. They don’t smell like potpourri. Say you like GRITS and you get to keep your South’na card, e’em though you don’t like tea. Deal?

  6. ….but have you tried Earl Grey???? hahaha

    I’m not a huge tea drinker either. There is NO replacement for coffee. I will say Earl Grey has no potpurri taste. It is what the brits drink at tea time. Very neutral tasting. But I don’t want to a “tea pusher.”

  7. Of course you are giving up because TEA IS DISGUSTING AND COFFEE IS THE BOMB.

    Have you seen the coffee by Folgers that is gentle on the stomach? (Simply Smooth) I’m sure you have but I thought I would ask.

    Water is good, too. Water and coffee, that’s all I drink!

  8. Are you killing me? “You might as well ask me to put out a red light and ask me to stand on a street corner.”

    You poor thing. You do not have to like tea. You will find your drink, I promise.

  9. Born and raised in Texas and can’t even stand Sweet Tea. Don’t even ask me to drink hot tea. ick.

    But then I’m not much of a coffee drinker, either. I love to smell it, and I love it all doctored up Starbucks style, but don’t drink it very often at home.

    Diet Cherry Vanilla DP is my poison.

  10. Georgia Mom, unfortunately I am lactose intolerant, so milk is out of the question. Lactaid is too sweet. Bleh.

    I don’t mind drinking water. Plus, I have an occasional Coke, and I also enjoy an alcoholic drink fairly regularly. I probably should not have either of those either, but coffee seems to be the biggest threat to all my issues, so I’m starting with that. I can’t give up all my vices at once. 🙂

  11. I so feel your pain. I have all kinds of stomach problems, but I did just finish my morning coffee! I can’t give it up. I’ve totally changed my eating habits over the past year, I’ve really cleaned up my act, but the one thing I can’t give up is my coffee! I will say I got it down to 2 cups in the morning, if I drink it in the afternoon, my stomach does back flips. But, in the morning I’m okay. Can you drink or like milk? I’m all about the drinking (the non-alcohol variety), I will sometimes base where I want to eat out by who has the best ice or the best drink choices. It would be hard to only drink water! Let us know how it goes!
    Georgia Mom

  12. I grew up in Texas with a mom who was from Iowa. We *never* had this mythical jar of liquid called “sweet tea.” Once at a friends house I broke down and tried it and just GAGGED. I’ve tried it various other times since then and just cannot drink the stuff. This past month I have tried to track my tummy troubles and I am coming to the conclusion that most of the bad days are around “that time of the month.” hmmmm

  13. Hello! ~ I am trying to give up diet pop. I’ve been drinking some tea with splenda, but in reality, it may not be any better. My goal is to drink water, and lots of it.

    I’ve had acid reflux so bad times, and I believe it’s from the diet pop.

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