I Resolve…

I know, New Years Resolutions are so yesterday. But these are some ongoing goals I have, and what better day to list them than New Years Day. Feel free to play along. You know the drill. Tell me if you play, and I’ll try to stop by. The key word here is try. 🙂

I resolve to say yes more.

I resolve to smile more (particularly when the video camera is in my face.)

I resolve to manage my time more responsibly.

I resolve to drink more water and less Coke. Notice that I didn’t say less coffee or wine. Just trying to keep it real.

I resolve to start exercising again. Just as soon as the kids are in school full time. By my calculations, that will be in September 2111. I may as well start preparing myself now.

I resolve to talk less and listen more.

I resolve to attend at least two blogging conferences. Hey, no one ever said every resolution has to be a chore.

I resolve to be a better blog reader and commenter.

I resolve to cooperate with Hub on our new household budget and stick to it every month.  (More on our budgeting in another post.)

I resolve to shop less and keep a cleaner house. Okay, let’s not get carried away here.

How about YOU?  Any resolutions you’re willing to share?

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28 thoughts on “I Resolve…

  1. Those are some ambitious resolutions. Maybe I’ll put a few up tomorrow – my only resolution for today is to sit me arse on this couch and do nothing today. So far, so good! Happy New Year and good luck with those.

  2. I have a list up that will definitely require me to take it one day at a time! It’s okay to aim high and hit somewhere in the middle, right? :0)

  3. Hmmm…Well, I didn’t make a list of what you’d call resolutions, exactly, but I did post today a list of blogging prayers for 2009. C’mon over an’ take a look.

  4. Great resolutions! I have a post up from today w/ a few goals of my own. One of them is being a better commenter as well.. So here I am hehe! I am not sure if you saw my reply on twitter but Im digging the new colors!

  5. Great list,

    I hate to set resolutions or goals, as I never manage them.

    Maybe I should set a goal of reading more blogs and spending more time online…not THAT would be easily achievable!

    Feel free to read, visit and comment at any time…I want to encourage you with specifically with that goal 🙂

  6. OMG- wait till you see my post on Mile High Mamas tomorrow – it was written and scheduled as a guest blog about 2 weeks ago…you are going to die!!! Great minds think alike I guess!

  7. Can’t wait o hear more about budgeting!
    And btw, Maggie LOVES the backpack from Little Jet Set that I won from your blog. It’s so nice and WAY too cute!!

  8. I realized I’m clearly having commitment issues when I decided to resolve to breathe every day. Hopefully your list will inspire much more productive plans!

  9. Great list. I love the resolutions that aren’t necessarily a chore. I’m hitting up BlissDom and Blogher this year, so I’m with you on the blogging conferences this year. And I too want to be a better reader and commenter… see how I commented here!

  10. I am “resolving” to try to get off the baby weight. I am going to try to cut back on coffee to do that because I use so much cream in my coffee it is ridiculous! I can get my caffeine with hot tea.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I want to start cooking with my kids more. They love to cook with me and I’ll be teaching them something they really need to know.

  12. Just wanted to drop a quick note and say that ever since I caught your blog on CNN I haven’t gone many days without reading it. Great job. As a father of three daughters, I can relate to many of the things you write about and it’s comforting to know that some things are universal.

    As for New Years Resolutions, well – I suppose you can read my blog to see what my thoughts are on that topic. ;o)


  13. Mine are still in the works. Perhaps that should tell me that numero uno should be to procrastinate less.

    I loved yours though. I could adopt one or two of them as my own.

  14. You crack me up! Especially your last line. 🙂

    I hope one day we’ll get the chance to meet “in real life” – perhaps at a blogging conference in 2010.

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