I Resolve…

I know, New Years Resolutions are so yesterday. But these are some ongoing goals I have, and what better day to list them than New Years Day. Feel free to play along. You know the drill. Tell me if you play, and I’ll try to stop by. The key word here is try. 🙂

I resolve to say yes more.

I resolve to smile more (particularly when the video camera is in my face.)

I resolve to manage my time more responsibly.

I resolve to drink more water and less Coke. Notice that I didn’t say less coffee or wine. Just trying to keep it real.

I resolve to start exercising again. Just as soon as the kids are in school full time. By my calculations, that will be in September 2111. I may as well start preparing myself now.

I resolve to talk less and listen more.

I resolve to attend at least two blogging conferences. Hey, no one ever said every resolution has to be a chore.

I resolve to be a better blog reader and commenter.

I resolve to cooperate with Hub on our new household budget and stick to it every month.  (More on our budgeting in another post.)

I resolve to shop less and keep a cleaner house. Okay, let’s not get carried away here.

How about YOU?  Any resolutions you’re willing to share?