New Year Fun

Before I start, can I just say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new colors? What do you think? Doesn’t it just scream SNOW DAY!? I could stare at it all day long. But there are memes calling my name. So here we go.

I did this meme last year, and it was so much fun I thought I’d do it again.  So on the last day of 2008, I give you the first line of the first post of every month!

The end of this year marks a significant milestone for me.
This is one of those posts that I should re-read at least once a month to keep things in perspective.

I’m going to She Speaks!!
I smiled when I re-read this post. I would have never imagined last year when I made plans to go to She Speaks 08 that I would be asked to teach a session at She Speaks 09. YES! That’s right! I’ll be speaking this year. I can hardly believe it. More info will be available very soon, and I hope to see some of you there.

My parents are in town this weekend, and my kids know that means homemade waffles for breakfast! (A recipe with photos!)
And another ironic post. For Christmas (and I feel badly that I forgot to mention this on my Christmas wrap-up post) my brother and SIL gave me an amazing Waring stainless steel Belgian waffle maker. As soon as I finish compiling this post, I’m going to give it a whirl.

Today would be my grandmother’s birthday.
I love this post in memory of my grandmother.

You may think, by the title of this post, that I’m going to talk about potty training.
The title of the post was, “The Bane of Motherhood”.  Does that hook you in? 😉

And the World Didn’t Even Come to an End.
Okay, so I cheated.  It’s my blog and I can do what I want.  I took some license with the rules and gave you the title of June’s first post rather than the first sentence.  Oh it’s good to be the queen.

Most of you know that in addition to my thoughtful and reflective musings (cough, choke, ahem) at my little home-away-from-home here on the Web…
There is a really good Bridezilla story tucked in here; it’s worth a read.

So it seems from the comments on this post that most of us are still favoring the bootcut style. (With a poll!)
Although I actually think I have changed my mind since this post. I am very slowly becoming a convert to the straight leg jean. It’s more versatile in that it looks good with flats AND heels.  AND also can be tucked into boots — my new favorite look!

MIRLING — Last night I met Nina, Jordana, Malia, Meredith, and Shauna.
Fun times!!  (I put the link to the post in the title so I could keep the links to the bloggers I met in the first sentence.)

When this posts, we will hopefully be on our way to South Carolina.
This post isn’t particularly interesting, but some of the resulting posts sure are. If you have time this morning and want a good laugh at someone else’s expense, namely mine, read one of these!  Traveling with kids is always sure to provide sufficient blog fodder.

I hate controversy.
So who knows WHY I wrote this post, lol.

I have a confession to make. It’s a little piece of my sordid past that very few people know about.
You will have to finish this post on Chic Critique, but if you missed it the first time around, you don’t want to miss it again!

Happy New Year from our home to yours!


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21 thoughts on “New Year Fun

  1. I love the new colors too. Maybe I’ll get another design for Mother’s Day, if I can wait that long.

    I just said I want to go to a blogging conference and my husband said “What?!” I told him I just wanted to meet all the famous bloggers. I guess if my blog was actually read or if I made a smidgen of money from it it wouldn’t be so strange. Maybe someday.

  2. I love the new colors too!! And that family photo is just toooo funny.. And what a great way to close out 2008!! Here is to an amazing 2009!

  3. Oh, wow! I’m gonna have to come back and park here for awhile, after my military son, who is home on leave, returns to his base (on Thursday 🙁 Lots of good hooks here!

  4. I like the new colors a lot! What a great recap! I am enjoying going through all the posts.

    Congrats on your speaking engagement. I am trying to figure out how I can attend blissdom (yike early bird ends today), SheSpeaks, and Blogher. Fiscally speaking ~ somethings got to give or maybe two… any advice on which conferences would be best to attend this year?? I am a rookie blogger, but a Christian woman, always wanting to connect!

  5. Oh, I played along today, too. Great idea – but then you are full of great ideas!

    Love the colors!

    Congrats on She Speaks – what are you speaking on?
    I am pretty sure I will be there again but on the Women’s Leadership Ministry track this year.

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