I Suppose I Should Be Composing a Sentimental Father’s Day Post

Sometimes life is just too mundane to be blogged.  Lately I have absolutely no humor whatsoever.  I have sat down at this computer multiple times over the past couple of days, opened a New Post screen, stared at the empty white space, and shut it down without typing a word.  I did manage my fashion post, for which I thank you for all of your thoughtful answers and suggestions.  (I ordered the papaya.  I’ll try them both on and decide.)  But the main reason I’m forcing myself to type is because I’m tired of seeing the same post at the top of my page.  As my friend said to me this morning, “I’m tired of the black dress.”

We had a nice Father’s Day, did you?  I feel badly that I didn’t think ahead and plan anything for my husband, who doesn’t really care about Hallmark holidays, but who I appreciate as a father too much to ignore on the day that is set aside to honor him, even if it is more about consumerism than celebrating fatherhood.  So after church we made spontaneous plans to go out to eat with another family.  We treated ourselves to a fun Japanese steakhouse, where the chef prepared the food on a huge iron griddle in front of us, complete with flipping vegetables into our mouths and creating a flaming onion volcano that frightened my poor 3-year-old to tears.

We rounded out the day with a long nap, which is the perfect way to round out a Sunday (or any day) if you ask me.

Last night Sarah and I made last minute plans to go see The Proposal, which was cute and entertaining, but a tad far-fetched, even for a rather undiscerning movie-goer such as myself.  Still, it was the perfect light movie to get me out of the house after a long, dreary day at home.

Otherwise it’s been a fairly uneventful weekend.  We’re still waiting for summer to arrive here in eastern Pennsylvania, and it’s getting pretty discouraging.  I have a few events planned this week that I’m hoping will break up the monotony of our summer days, despite the uncooperative weather.  I long to turn on the air conditioner and take the kids to the pool and complain about the heat, but that doesn’t seem to be in the stars for us anytime soon.  Maybe by the time school starts, summer will arrive.

I also want to give a big shout-out to Graco and PBS Kids Sprout for sponsoring and hosting the Philadelphia Moms Blog launch party last Thursday night.  I wish I had pictures to post, but I forgot my camera and never bothered to use my Blackberry.  I keep hoping to grab some from other attendees, but so far I haven’t seen any.  We had a nice time, once we finally arrived.

I left my house at 4:30, picked up girlymama, and drove in heavy rush-hour traffic into Philadelphia.  Once we exited the expressway, it took us another 15 minutes to drive 4 blocks.  We did manage to find street parking right in front of our destination, but we had to trot across the street in our fancy silk tops and high heels to get change for the parking meter at the Wine and Spirits store, which added more time to our already lengthy commute.  And then to top it off, when we checked in at the front desk, the concierge couldn’t find my name on the guest list.  But all’s well that ends well, and we finally arrived on the 45th floor of the Comcast Building at 7:00.  The party started at 6:00.  Yeah.  Nice.

But fortunately there was still plenty of time to enjoy the company, and what’s a blogger get-together without swag?  We each took home a goodie bag filled with products from Sharpie, Goody, Rubbermaid, and Calphalon.  Yes, Calphalon — in each bag was an omlet pan (something I’ve always wanted and never made a priority to buy) — and one lucky winner won an entire Calphalon cookware set.

I don’t have photos, but I can embed this video footage that Sarah took of the event.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I can come up with to say when I feel like I have nothing to say.  I suppose I should see that as a gift of some sort.

Happy Father’s Day!

(And I love you, Dad!)

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  1. Jo-Lynne, thank you for being so transparent about your blogger’s block. It’s good to know that even experienced bloggers have a hard time creating posts out of thin air!

  2. I had blogger’s block this morning so I decided that I needed to lose 10lbs and wrote about that! LOL!! Talk about desperate.
    If you want some summer, you can have some of ours. It’s going to be 98 here today! Help yourself! Ha! Ha!

  3. The blog outing sounds great!

    And I will send you some of our Summer if you want, it’s already VERY hot and humid here…

    Happy belated Father’s Day to the Dads in your life. : )

  4. I love to hear of your bloggy meet-ups.

    I think I need to stop wishing someone else would organize something here in N Ireland and just get on with it…..maybe after the summer!

    Little something has not yet reached the post office to wing it’s way to you, but it will soon, I promise!

  5. I wish YouTube wasn’t so fidgety. I just watched the video again here on your blog and it was all choppy.

    Your black dress looks great – but now we need some summer fashion advice. I somehow missed the boat when God was handing out fashion sense.

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