I Think I’ll Plan To Be Sick Next Year

Thanks for all your kind comments on our going-out photo!  We were on our way to my husband’s company holiday party.  I would like to know who, exactly, enjoys these things?

The employees have to put up with each other day in and day out.  What do they want with spending their Saturday night together?  And then the poor spouses — we just sit around, smiling politely, trying not to look bored, and in my case trying not to fall asleep after two glasses of red wine on top of the Tylenol Cold tablets I took before we left the house.

And if your husband is like mine and has no sense of urgency or strategy about reserving a place at a table, you end up spending dinner with the mish-mash of people who were all left sitting at the last empty table in the room because they have no urgency or strategy either, or because they don’t have any friends.  Oh yeah, good times.

And did I mention how COLD it was in there?  I was prepared for this.  Last year I spent this event huddled under my husband’s sport coat, so this year I was determined to go prepared.  But in my typical fashion, I THOUGHT about going to the mall and buying some sort of wrap to wear, but I never actually got around to doing it.  Instead, I spent all day Saturday calling around to friends and neighbors, trying to bum something off of them.  Which fortunately I was able to do, thus saving myself both a trip to the mall and the $30 I would have inevitably spent on such a thing.  And as a result, no one even saw my cute burgundy top because I was wrapped in a black sequinny scarf the whole night.  Yes, I KNOW it’s not a word, but it should be.

Any-WHO.  The food was good, so that redeemed the night somewhat.  And we were sent home with a box of gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels that we ripped into on our way home.  So all was not lost.  But I’m definitely contemplating a year off.  In ten years, I have only missed one holiday party, so I think I’ve paid my dues.