If I Had A Genie

If I had a genie who could grant me three completely frivolous wishes, I would wish for…

1) A super cute green handbag.  Like perhaps this in pear.  My Garnet Hill catalog came this week.  They have THE BEST shoes and handbags.

Or there’s this one.  I found it a few months ago at the mall, and I haven’t forgotten about it.

These are totally fun, but I think I actually like the blue better than the green.  And I fear I would tire of them too quickly.

2) A stylish pair of mid-rise jeans.  I found these in the Modbe catalog, and I’m dying to give them a try.  They’re supposed sit up higher on the waist but have the style of low-rise jeans.  This is what they say:  Love the look of low-rise denim but hate the consequences?
Meet True Rise Denim Jeans, Modbe’s latest way to keep you covered. Bending,
stretching, reaching, playing. No worries. 

3) And these earrings that I’ve been drooling over for months.  Don’t you just love a silver hoop?

What would YOU wish for?