If I Had A Genie

If I had a genie who could grant me three completely frivolous wishes, I would wish for…

1) A super cute green handbag.  Like perhaps this in pear.  My Garnet Hill catalog came this week.  They have THE BEST shoes and handbags.

Or there’s this one.  I found it a few months ago at the mall, and I haven’t forgotten about it.

These are totally fun, but I think I actually like the blue better than the green.  And I fear I would tire of them too quickly.

2) A stylish pair of mid-rise jeans.  I found these in the Modbe catalog, and I’m dying to give them a try.  They’re supposed sit up higher on the waist but have the style of low-rise jeans.  This is what they say:  Love the look of low-rise denim but hate the consequences?
Meet True Rise Denim Jeans, Modbe’s latest way to keep you covered. Bending,
stretching, reaching, playing. No worries. 

3) And these earrings that I’ve been drooling over for months.  Don’t you just love a silver hoop?

What would YOU wish for?

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  1. I am wishing so hard that my head hurts for these things right now;
    Tiffany’s charm bracelet
    new haven’t decided which purse
    harley davidson boots (not that i want them but need them. In order to be a nice wife, I ride the stupid bike with him)!

  2. i *heart* garnet hill! i received a gift of crib sheets that was bought through them and they were my (and baby boy’s!) favorites…

    now then – my three wishes would be 1) a personal trainer. 2) strappy high heeled sandals that are actually COMFY. 3) a self-cleaning toilet – or a 5 year old with better aim.

  3. ooo this is fun!

    My 3 wishes would be:
    1. new carpet in my house
    2. A magic bathing suit that makes me skinny
    3. a puppy 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I’d have to say:

    Black strappy sandals that can be dressed up or down.

    A new watch.

    And, I’ll have to agree with Megan’s comment–a cup of coffee I didn’t have to make.

    Off to teach my three-year-old how to make coffee.

  5. Hmmmm…

    1) A new wardrobe
    2) Disney Vacation Club membership at what is expected to be the newest location at the Contemporary
    3) Diamond earrings. Big ‘ol studs. Princess cut. One carat would suffice.

    What? You said frivolous didn’t ya?

  6. Oooooh wishes…

    First off I would like a body you could bounce quarters off that took no exercise or dieting to maintain.

    Then a pair of Christian Laboutian shoes (the red on the sole is unbearably sexy).

    And then sound house staff – make up artist, hair stylist, nail techs, cleaner, gardener, sous chef…

    Oh and I love love love love love all Orla Kiely’s bags (the second bag photo) My husband bought me one after the first commercial I properly produced on my own went national – I was SO excited!

  7. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a fun new bag for summer. Color, I want color!
    A new Land’s End swimsuit(tankini and skirt to be exact).
    I’d borrow that house cleaning genie too!

  8. My three would be:
    1) a house that stays clean (including laundry)
    2) a weekly pedi
    3) someone to wash and style my hair daily

  9. Oh, I LOVE those jeans!

    Genie…this is what I wish for:
    1) a nanny…even just for a short while.
    2) a miracle pill which makes me deaf to whining but can still hear other sounds.
    3) a robot who loves to clean and do laundry

    I think if I get those three wishes I would be set!

  10. I would only wish for time. Time for myself and my growing list of things I want to do. Time with my kids and time with my husband.

  11. Bought the jeans, thanks to your shout out. I am so excited to try them! I will let you know how they fit.

    I just love that 1st lime green one.. LOVE IT.. never spend that much money on it but I LOVE IT… you know only my dd can afford bags like that SNORT…

  13. Completely frivolous? Well then I wish for:

    1. A new ring for my upcoming 10 year anniversary
    2. A kick butt computer system
    3. A pair of Laboutain’s

  14. The Anthropologie catalog came today. Pretty much anything in there would fit the bill. There’s one shirt in particular that is to die for, but at $78, I’d be terrified to wear it around the kids! 🙂

  15. Right about now my frivolous wish would be for the $400 furnace bill the nice man just handed me would be paid. Sigh. But other than that I do like me a nice summer purse, or little diamond stud earrings would be awful nice.

  16. Oh don’t worry! I totally gave you a shout out too when ordering my jeans 🙂 Hopefully they will “thank you” properly 😉

  17. 1. A sky-high pair of Jimmy Choos.
    2. A nice hard flat tummy, and throw in no stretch marks on it either.
    3. I suppose a sexy little minidress to go with the flat tummy would be in order…

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