It always has a way of sucking me back in.

idol-talkI wasn’t going to post American Idol recaps this year.  I’ve done them for three or thirty years, and it’s kinda getting old, and not just for me, judging by the dwindling number of comments on my AI posts last year.  But of course I’m watching the show because I’m nothing if not loyal.  I mean, I still watch Survivor, for goodness sake.

So last week when the first round of auditions began, I made sure to have my DVR set to record, and finally on Thursday night I had time to sit down and watch the Boston show.  I was completely blown away when the second contestant that they featured was the daughter of a blogger that I’ve been stalking reading regularly for years — Mommy Life.  I feel like I know their family, being the stalker that I am, and I sat there on my couch with a silly grin on my face and tears in my eyes when Maddy sang Hallelujah with a soulfulness that belies her mere 16 years.  She was so poised and lovely, and the judges LOVED her of course.

So now I HAVE to live blog American Idol this year because I’m so excited for this season.

And do you think I begin enough paragraphs with so?

I thought I would call out a few of my early favorites as I watch the prelims, even though I don’t usually start blogging the show until the top 20.

Boston Auditions

Maddy Curtis (OF COURSE!) singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Mike Davis singing Yesterday

Leah Laurenti singing Blue Skies

Justin Williams singing Feeling Good

I haven’t watched the Atlanta show yet.  Hopefully tonight…

Are you watching AI this year?  Who are your early faves?