It’s A List Kind Of Day

1.  I’ve really been dragging lately.  Feeling hormonal and grumpy.  Last night I was all ready to go out and run some kid-free errands, but opted for bed instead.  At 6:30PM.  Sheer heaven.  That is, when I wasn’t imagining bedbugs attacking me under the sheets.  Woke up around midnight with torturous itching.  Came downstairs for some cream and went back to bed.  Slept till 7AM when I was rudely awoken by persistent toddler.  See #3.

2.  Thinking the bug bites might be chiggers.  Found some pictures online that look exactly like what I’ve got.  Hoping that’s all it is.  At least they don’t live in my house or worse, my bed.  ::shudder::

3. The baby sleeps great in her new bed.  Until about 6:30AM.  At which point, all bets are off.  She was sleeping till 8 or 9 in her crib.  I like to get up before the kids, especially the high-maintenance ones.  I need a little me-time to start the day.  Not getting it.  Taking its toll on my sanity.

4. Leaving for Nashville tomorrow for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend.  On Sunday night I get to meet the fabulous Mrs. Fussypants and Meredith and my long-time cyber-friends Jordana and Nina.  Can’t wait!

5.  Getting a haircut this morning.  Also trying out a "gloss" treatment since my hair has never regained its pre-childbearing sheen.  Not sure what to tell hairdresser about the cut.  Not liking my hairstyle in recent weeks, but not sure what to do to get it back to the way it was when I liked it.  Oh the trials of a suburban housewife.

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  1. I’ve really been dragging lately, too. I think it may be from not being very good about taking my asthma Rx. Sigh. Will I ever learn?

    Also, when we switched Madeline to a toddler bed, she’d wake up extra early as well. I remember it being just a phase, though; she did eventually go back to her normalish sleeping pattern.

  2. I must start cleaning house, so that by Sunday there will be a path to the front door. 🙂

    Can’t wait to get together!

  3. Sorry your dragging. I think we all go through that. hugs!

    3 year olds. I believe I was more exhausted when my children were 3 than any other time. Good luck!

    Post pictures of your hair and let us know about the gloss treatment.

    Have fun in Nashville! I love that city.

  4. Oh yikes about 6:30am. You know, Lydia was sleeping LATER for the first few days in her new bed. But now we’re back to 7am. *sigh* I think it’s just transition time.

  5. let us know about the gloss treatment. I have been searching for a way to revitalize my hair for about five years now……..

  6. I LOVE LISTS! Thanks for starting my Friday out with a good one :} I am trying to put off the one thing on my list today. IRONING :{ I like your list better. Wanna switch??


  7. RE: Nashville. Have a great time! Praying for no family or airport stresses.

    RE: Your hair looks cute. Always.

    RE: R is cute. Always. Cuz she’s not mine and not wakin’ ME up at 6:30.

    RE: Hair. I still think it’s your diet. I’m sure the gloss treatment will be nice, but that’s still outside-in. I say it needs to be inside-out.

    RE: My bossiness. You know I’m not really like that 😉

  8. My kids think they’re sleeping in if they sleep till 7:00 AM! Once in awhile we’ll get really daring and sleep in till 8:00!

    Enjoy your time in Nashville. Hope your hair comes out great. Mine is curly and has been the same FOREVER…

  9. Hope you get a pick-up in the mood! I know how that ‘unplanned’ start to a day always gets me started off wrong, too. I NEED my shower before baby wakes up, or everything goes wrong.

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